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  1. lemen23

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Whoa NFM smuggler?! Did NOT see that one coming! May i ask where that idea came from? It’s not exactly very well known outside the Norwegian SOF community.. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this awesome mod!
  2. I never get tired of making these loadouts, this game is basically just a tactical dress up simulator to me now. DEVGRU, Afghanistan, 2012 ish Addons: RH M4/M16 pack, RH Acc pack, Spec4gear, Roadrunner's LBT6094, SOCMOD, CUP, personal retextures.
  3. Too many pics of super secret tier one dudes standing around staring into the camera? I disagree. Here's a US Army ISA operator in some civilian hunting clothes. Because why not. Addons: TRYK, Spec 4 gear, RHARD MK18, Hawaiian's Rangers, IdentiZee, private addons
  4. lemen23

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Left is Emag, right is Pmag. The Emag is slightly narrower and fits perfectly in 416s and other weapons with tight magwells. But the plain old STANAG is still the most used mag, and would be nice to have :)
  5. lemen23

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Hey man, i LOVE your work. I use your old pack all the time when taking pics, and i'm really looking forward to the new stuff! I saw on your facebook page that you have modeled some open mag pouches with Pmags, but have you considered adding closed pouches? Or open pouches with regular STANAG mags? There are many weapons that can't fit Pmags in them, for instance the HK416. Just a suggestion :)
  6. Two badass pipe hitters from different branches posing for a picture before a joint MARSOC/DEVGRU night raid somewhere in Afghanistan, 2012. Addons: RHS, MilGearPack, RR's 6094s, Hawaiian's Rangers, RH M4/M16 pack, RHARD MK18, SOCMOD, Direone's animations, personal retextures
  7. Tier one dude doing secret stuff, in some forest, somewhere. Addons: MilGearPack, RHARD MK18, private stuff
  8. NSW operator on Malden, 2017 Addons: Road Runner's JSOC Uniforms and LBT 6094s, RHARD MK18, VSM, private stuff
  9. Happy 17th of May! (Consitution day and national day of Norway) Addons: RHS, MilGearPack, wsxcgy's RHS retextures, and european flag pack. Some personal retextures, and the flag pole is photoshopped in :)
  10. Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK) in Kabul, 2016. (I know, wrong NVGs and stock on the 416...) Addons: RHS, RR's Ops Cores, MilGearPack, personal retexture (flags)
  11. Norwegian Army TMBN. Modern vikings. Addons: RHS, MilGearPack and wsxcgy's RHS retextures with added flag and TMBN patch.
  12. Details Addons: RHARD MK18, RH Acc pack, TRYK, MilGearPack
  13. DEVGRU Red squadron, somewhere in Afghanistan, 2010 Addons: Spec4 gear, RH M4/M16, CUP, RR's LBT6094, personal retextures
  14. First rule of special operations: Always look cool. Addons: CUP, TRYK, Road runner's LBT 6094, Kunduz
  15. An ISOF soldier and two US Navy SEALs posing for a photo, outside Mosul, March 2017. Inspired by recent photos of US SOF wearing multicam black to blend in with iraqi forces. Addons: RHS, RHARD MK18, Aspis gear, Military gear pack, Roadrunner's LBT6094, Iraqi warfare mod, VSM
  16. US SOF outside Kunduz, November 2001 RHS, TRYK, CUP, Kunduz
  17. Mr. Claus and his personal security detail would like to wish everyone a merry christmas! Addons: Military Gear Pack by Adacas RHARD MK18 Santa Claus by hem Kiory's random hat madness Chernarus winter
  18. lemen23

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Thanks for the update Adacas, great work! But I found this. Now I don't mind carrying two Glocks like a total badass, but something tells me this wasn't intentional...
  19. Winter is here Addons: Chernarus Winter Military Gear Pack by Adacas RHARD MK18 RH acc pack VSM beanie
  20. This DEVGRU operator can finally show off his beautiful new fleece jacket, thanks to Adacas
  21. SEALs in Iraq, 2016 RHS, Ardvarkdb's Crye G3s, Road Runner's 6094a, RH HK416, CUP, personal retextures
  22. Welcome to the jungle RHS, Road Runner's LBT 6094a, Ardvarkdb's crye G3s, Direone animations
  23. Oh how I love mixing Road Runner and Cunico's gear, it just looks so fucking good.