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  1. Limp-wristed girly runs and effeminate walks? I'd rather not see that, to be honest. The male animations should do fine were females to be released, what with female humans having the same muscles around the same bones as their male human counterparts... :rolleyes:

    I do hope we get more civillian stuff in general, though. Busses, civilian aircraft, tour boats, tractors, a couple of car variants and clothing changes. If they don't get official attention, though, I'm sure the modders will take it upon themselves to work on it. After all, I'd hate to see actual useful content and improvements cut so that BIS could announce their coach tours DLC!

    ever hear the phrase you run like a girl? there are clear differences in cadence and pattern that cannot be reflected by just using a smaller female bone. this is more important than cars and clothing which can be easily modded in. no one here owns a mo-cap studio.

  2. modders doing the work of devs is fine, but not when it's essential things that everyone wants but the devs chose not to implement. hence the argument to push back so it can be implemented officially by the devs. hopefully custom content can be co-opted by the devs, because i see many of them as essential and i don't want to have to download 50 mods just to play on a server.

  3. If I'm honest I'm not interested in players VS A.I, I've always thought that was a lame thing for Care Bears. What I wanted is to have proper structured online PVP missions where you need actual team work to attack or defend, maybe a survival mode like Dayz but without Zombies... just something! Instead it's 99.9% nothing. I have no idea why people love fighting the A.I so much, every single server I've joined that has done that has been boring as hell. The A.I are really dumb for one thing, I've not been killed by them once, just so easy to out smart, half the time I end up just waiting for them to all run out of the same door like idiots.... eurgh.

    except in pvp, people behave even more dumbly than ai. at least with ai there is realism and consistency, and believable levels of unpredictability.

  4. it would be useful if they added the ability to scooch around. and the one where you roll onto your side is the urban prone, it lowers your profile. they're all useful and should affect shooting accuracy and stability, they just need movement animations for turning, because right now you just spin around like a glass bottle.

  5. so the game is getting close to release now. are you going to add movement animations to the intermediate stances?

    also, some of the animations aren't very believable. for example, when kneeling with the pistol lowered, when you turn, even a little, your leg moves, which is realistic. but i don't see this for any other stances or weapons. and it makes it look like the character is spinning in place.

    also, what happened to the supine shooting position? will that come back or is that scraped?

  6. would shadow maps negate the need for shadow lods? also, i'm not too keen on the arguments for keeping stencil shadows. even on a sunny day, i don't cast super sharp angular shadows on myself. they're still a bit diffuse. the work offload to gpu would definitely be welcome as well. my gpu is barely being challenged by the game at the moment. very cpu heavy.

  7. that's like saying there are too many bases, guard towers, buildings, etc, etc and the whole map should remain neutral by being bare.

    the environment is being designed around a certain context, that of an agrarian war torn country. the various dumps, chapels, wrecks, etc are all part of the atmosphere. the devs can't listen to everyone who requests a new layer for wrecked cars, guard posts, bases, chapels, etc, etc.

  8. for me, it's anything but random. i can pinpoint some things that cause it, i'm sure there are other factors but hopefully we can narrow it down gradually.

    the game usually takes awhile to load the terrain textures right after you enter the level. you have to spin around slowly to make the game load the surrounding areas as well. this causes some stuttering as each quadrant is loaded. i find i can improve it a little bit by going into map right after entering the game zooming out and letting the white squares load for awhile.

    but if you reach a new area, maybe traveled for a bit and a new quadrant gets streamed in, then it starts stuttering again. terrain, not so much, but buildings, definitely.

    so i think maybe building lods aren't optimized? maybe the game needs an even lower lod level with an even more basic mesh? because the objects/buildings in the game is a definite stutter causer in my experience. i'm on low object detail btw.

  9. I heard a developer say that Arma is not a simulation in the sense it teaches you about how to figt a real war but a sandbox simulation of various vehicles, weapons and other assets,

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    Some did, many others enjoy the gameplay of rescuing people and trying to get them back to base before they died.

    sim is relative. dcs might be a sim, but compared to something used by the military, it's still a game.

    besides, sim or not isn't the point. realistic violence and game are not mutually exclusive. plenty of games have far more realistic visual damage and injuring systems than arma 3, ro2 for example. but considering that ro2 has weapon resting and proper cover system, it might be even more of a sim than arma 3.