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  1. I think you missinterpreted the point behind his post. If I understood him correctly, he said that it's better to have no women at all, than to have women as civillians, yet not be able to see them as soldiers. Nontheless, the issue about female soldiers have been debated intensively in other threads, this one is about the general lack of women.

    well then his logic is flawed because they aren't mutually exclusive. having one is always going to be better than not having either, and in practical terms as well, since you now have female skeletons and animations which can be used to mod in the other half.

  2. there's no trick to smoother transitions. you just need to make the first 3 lods similar, but arma 3 can't really do this since the first lod is really complex. the second and third naturally take a drastic dip in quality. in games that use engines like ue 3, the first lod is already optimized so the changes aren't noticeable. i wish arma 3 objects were more optimized. i mean i saw some lamp post with individually modeled nuts and bolts on the base. not really necessary tbh.

  3. Basically this, Unless you have been employed in the army, most of the gear seems really unfamiliar.

    It also plays a big role in how people perceive the game. Its like generic coke vs Coca Cola, It can damage the immersion because a certain value is lost.

    I think switching from m16 to MX is more corroding then switching from m16 to m42 for example

    I also think when people are referring to Sci Fi they are referring to this. Having no reference point instead of having it built upon previous one.

    PS: I might just have finally figured out why Arma 2 feels more authentic then Arma 3.

    Its like walking into McDonalds one day and find out they have swapped burgers for hotdogs.

    reference point is really damn important in immersion. glad someone brought this up. it's true for medieval games. so many crappy rpgs just design armors off the top of their heads. they don't base armors on things found in history books and manuscripts. suspension of disbelief goes right out the window.

  4. Modders will always find a way to do something better.

    if that were the case, threads like this wouldn't exist. there is a way to do anything better, it's just not practical for non-developers. time, resource, budget. and the fact that officially developed mechanics have native and inherent support. mods go dead and they lack qa.