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  1. No, you're probably thinking of Ghost Recon which had limping animations. In previous games you were forced prone when injured in the legs. Now you are forced to walk when badly injured.

    VBS has limping anims though, maybe you're thinking of that.

    oh right, i was conflating the two. didn't know vbs had injure animations. another thing arma 3 could use.

  2. Why the hell is this called "Guerrilla smocks 1"? http://i.imgur.com/eMw7k74.jpg It should be worn by civilians.

    yep, would add more variety to the civilian population. give the guerrilla smock user something that actually looks like a smock. i've seen many instances of weird clothing choices, like scientists and criminals wearing helicopter jumpsuits. i'm hoping it's some kind of placeholder, but the quality of that clothing is pretty high.

    also, is it just me or is day z clothing much higher quality than arma 3 clothing? their pants actually look like pants, not a formless sack(talking about the pants of the iranians)

  3. When is this game going to be good?

    Right now Never.

    This is the worst Arma because the brothers are sick with wargames. They prefer Dayz and probably make much money with it. Unfortunately Suma is the only one that can really improve Arma3.

    yep a damn shame. those guys work wonders when they really put their effort into something, unfortunately arma 3 won't be that something.

    and dayz sa is looking real good, and i hate the zombie genre.

  4. reality is that thing which hits you in the forehead because you're too busy not paying attention and heaping praise like it's going out of style.

    seriously, all i see is "bis, i want your baby" and its equivalents. it's ridiculous. collectively, we've paid them millions and continue to do so and will do so in the foreseeable future, and we deserve a quality product. it's not self entitlement, it's called getting what we paid for. oh and those who pay taxes, well you're paying double since the government contracts bis.

    this might piss some hardcore fans off, but i'm going to say it anyway because it's the truth: bis has never gone above and beyond their obligation, it's always reskins this, port that, lazy animation, lazy programming, late 90s engine with modern tech stuck on it. maybe it's good every once in awhile we malcontents come out of the woodwork and say something so bis can get an earful of something other than "blah blah, you're gods, blah blah" to knock some sense into them. for that purpose, this thread is brilliant, end of story.

    if bis comes out with female civilians, finishes up things like the wip scrim for the marksman class, i think i'll be satisfied. yes, it's gotten that bad. this is how low my expectations are at this point

  5. obama's clearly doing this to distract from his incompetence in domestic affairs. nothing draws media attention away from the president's poor economic policies faster than another war or conflict overseas.

    as for what i think should be done...leave them. there are no "good guys" in a conflict where both sides are intentionally killing innocents.

  6. So why didn't you ask that in the first place?

    As soon as people give you though out answers you decide to just change the subject or sweep it under the carpet.

    Have you thought that maybe mainstream has come more to the authentic or simulator side of things, tired with bullshit arcadey representations of what war should be and want to get a taste of the real deal.

    Say Arma never changes but mainstream does?

    have battlefield and call of duty games become more tacticla and complex? no, they've not, so i'm not sure where you base your assumption on. in the late 90s and early ought the simulation genre was the most successful in the game industry but it has all but disappeared due to being financially unfeasible. so once again, where's your evidence that the marketing trend is moving towards more authenticity and realism when it's clearly the opposite?

  7. All I can say to the no fixed wing crowed is in the arma sample models folder lies an A10 and an Su34 "stop your jibba jabba and get some nuts", or sample models that can be used as fixed wing for A3 with a config.

    I have said before Toh got the rearmed in a patch it merged a2/oa into toh with the hinds dlc, so just wait and i'm sure we will get the same for A3 in time till then if your not happy start to learn modding and all of its necessity's to get it in game.

    first of all, it isn't a simple port job to get things working properly in arma 3, secondly the quality of arma 2 models are absolutely terrible, sorry. but the leap in quality between arma 3 models and arma 2 models is simply huge. you port them over, and they'll look right out of place and ugly.

  8. Hi with all due respect , please do not suggest you know what i am thinking or offer to others that you know , be polite and Ask what i mean or in truth what i am thinking and i shall reply respectively.

    this is how forum works

    he's saying you're wrong but without belittling tone you want everyone to say it(because you want everyone to show fake respect at all times, and as your own tone suggests, you have little respect for those of differing opinion anyway). as for his suggestion that dayz standalone ruined arma 3, i think there's some truth in that just based on that fact that any time resources are split, you're bound to get less quality in two products than you would if the same resources went into one. i mean we're seeing a new level of reskin jobs and porting jobs that didn't exist in arma franchise before. something a lot of people have noted. and it really doesn't even make sense that the iranians would have the exact same western gear without modifications such as the same uavs and apc turrets.

    as for those who think bis will come out with content down the line, i'm sorry, but where's the precedence in that? the only time bis provided new content after release was through paid dlcs. and it was unrelated to the main game.

    i'm still hoping the whole "all sandbox content released" is a mistake or improper translation, or some type of ploy.