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  1. Very good post. It really does put things in perspective.

    One thing though, there were two unconfirmed shotguns that were seen in previous official footage: The M1014 and the KSG-12. If I find any pictures I'll post them.


    http://www.imfdb.org/images/c/c7/Arma3_ksg.jpg (591 kB)

    actually there were a few of little cool thing mia from the full release seemingly for no apparent reason.

    shotguns, as you mentioned. a shemagh(seen in a screenshot of a crewman), female civilian(s). the fact that they were shown very early on doesn't make sense either, you'd think they'd have been polished and completed. and these are just the things that were noticed.

  2. Problem here is that you are simply using wrong logic here. I am not sure how you exactly measure GPU usage and what does it technically mean but as I said before: the bottleneck most likely is the main thread on the CPU in any such scenario. You may try to lower settings heavy on the CPU main thread (view distance could be one of the most important here) and you can safely up some of the graphics settings that have not that big impact on your CPU usage (e.g. texture resolution, supersampling, post process quality etc.).

    In any case, I am running the game on three different nvidia GPU computers and I am getting performance that is quite good for me (generally better than Arma 2) so I am probably not suffering the way some other users may be, hard to tell.

    are you using a quad core cpu?

  3. you only need two cores since that's all the game uses. although every other game though there uses 4 cores now so you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot. but be advised using a 4 core to play this game means only 2 cores will be utilized, yielding less performance than if you simply had a dual core that was being fully utilized. actually, if you have a good sound card, you can play this game with one cor.e since the second core is only used for sound processing.

    welcome to 2013

  4. just goes to show no matter how much apparent demand there is, how much promise there is, and how much experience and dedigree there is. a much anticipated game can reveal itself to be dogturd just weeks before release. this may be the game that cures me of pre-ordering. seriously, can't trust any devs these days.