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  1. you gotta be kidding me. this hasn't been implemented yet? this easy thing that would save performance twofold and improve visual quality all around hasn't been implemented but useless crap like this get priority?:

    Fixed some discrepancies between vest models and their capacities.

    Introduced some diversity amongst vest types in their weight and capacity.

    btw the new hdr effect is fucking terrible.

  2. It strikes me that you are all talking about the symptom rather than the cause.

    Economics is just another form of ecosystem, with it's own form of predation. Once you're old enough to begin gathering an income you start predating on others - and being fodder. From a simple wage earner and on up to your average mega multi-millionaire, it's all about competing against others for a niche in the system.

    Take human competition as a simile. Here in Oz, children compete in "Little Athletics" and at first look only towards gaining "Personal Bests" and are rewarded for improvement above actually winning the competition. This is soon replaced by simply "Who won" and the athlete begins the climb towards "World Champion". As adults, we are indoctrinated to believe that the fastest kid is the best, as parents we admire the little kid who improves the most - we take pride in their development.

    Until we come up with something similar, some way of replacing "Richest Person in the world", then we will remain stuck in the cycle.

    What's worse, is that more and more we see companies chasing growth in profit rather than just profit. The snowball is growing exponentially.

    the solution is to transcend the circular mill, which is impossible, so it's best to be good little worker bees and continue the cycle. soon we'll be in the grave and it'll all be over.

  3. "Why? Because no modern nation wishes to be seen as either potentially a victim or an aggressor. Look at the furor over the Greek island setting that ArmA3 used to have, to the extent that the game has been changed."

    and we should care about their furor, why?

    they'll quit arma because they're tired of it and quite frankly, not that good at it. i see zombies and mars exploration in their future. arma4? if it does come out, it better be on a new engine otherwise i don't see many people bothering with it.

  4. If by "game" you mean specifically single-player story, then I'm afraid you just have to wait for the campaign to become available.

    This part is really my only concern with the release - people who just want to play a story-led game are not catered for.

    or people who just want a game that's fully released and not a wip for 59.99

  5. IDK, seems like they'd at least give the AAF the same camo that's on their vehicles, or something. Just seems weird that the AAF (what I assume was going to be the HAF before the whole Greek fiasco last year) would see a texture change (albeit, a slight change) from their planned camo to the current one that's Russian. I mean, I just noticed that originally they had a modified version of the one they have now (with the dark green color being a blue-ish, purple-ish color that I guess is supposed to be black).

    possibly the aaf were originally going to be russians.

  6. why would anyone want to pay for addons when they can get it for free? if you want to support them so much, go to their website and click the donate button. the whole idea of selling mods is an atrocious concept obviously conceived for the benefit of the game developers. basically, they get people to make expansions/addons for them and maintain the consumer base while they get a percentage of the revenue or simply keeping the consumers engaged in the franchise. completely self serving compared to free mods which benefits both parties, consumer and developer.

  7. Not sure what it is but i spent £1500 on a new desktop with one of the key things being so I could play ARMA 3. Although the graphics are immense I still feel it's missing something (and i don't mean content or campaign)

    I am however a big fan of ARMA 2 and the story and units there are fantastic, consequently I am not that annoyed after shelling out that cash as it means i can have bigger battle on ARMA 2.

    i think what's missing is basically the satisfied expectation that this was going to be something special. after all those years in development and especially with the marketing direction and presentation suggestion something more than just another sanbox with new toys. basically, where are the core improvements to performance? the core improvements to mechanics(weapon resting still not in, but we have barely useful stance adjustment with no leg movement)? which is the ik still so primitive. why are ancient things like stencil shadow still in the game, etc, etc.

    it just didn't seem like an evolution of the series.

  8. no, it's accurate. america is basically the hammer of nato. any large to intermediate conflict is handle mainly by america with support from its allies so it makes sense the larger presence is american. also, the uniform and geat is cleared modeled after those preferred and manufactured by americans. for brits, you'll have to make a unit replacer mod using stalker's british unit. for others, you're out of luck.

  9. microsoft flight simulator, x plane, and dcs have better physics, so does rise of flight(but that has different era planes) even world of warplanes has better physics and that's an arcade game.

    what a stupid way to start off a topic.

    most flight sim dont have such detailed maps like in arma so flying looks much more realistic even if a flight sim is more accurate,

    arma 2 and 3 look really good when it comes to flying, but i like arma in general

    thanks AUS_Twisted

    the terrain area is also very tiny and stutters like crazy near cities while ms flight simulator basically modeled the entire planet and has no stuttering because it has multithreading.

  10. Hmm, more evidence of content that will come in a "later patch" im sure. The steam distribution system seems suited to unfinished and half arsed productions where they can update their game widely and instantly without people even knowing steam is patching in the background. This can only lead to more and more premature and lazy releases across the board from all game producers.

    i hope they don't pull an oa and sell this content back to us

  11. Well it's possible if you search for it:

    Department of Defense Base Structure Report Fiscal Year 2012 Baseline


    They hadn't left Iraq in 2009 - all those were closed down and handed over. There are no bases in Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Pakistan. Many of the others are single buildings either owned or leased. It simply isn't true. It's another Iranian propaganda myth that many came to believe.

    its origin is actually not iranian propaganda, but liberal propaganda invented inside our own university systems.

  12. everytime something like this happens, we get militarized and security becomes heightened, then years pass and things go back to normal. that's why the whole "bring out troops home and secure the border" argument is a joke. that's why launching a few cruise missiles at medicine factories after the first wtc attack was proof of clinton's(ie the savior of the left) idiocy and ineptitude. you cannot maintained heightened security indefinitely. the enemy will attack only once we leave our guard down. the best solution is to rout the enemy and remove their ability to stage further attacks.

    after the tablian was defeated, we had no further attacks form them. zero.