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  1. best they share everything. because if not, then wow, we're stuck with this silly copy and paste bullshit. the dayz stuff actually have better quality as well. clearly the best bis artists have been assigned to the priority project leaving arma 3 in the hands of some intern

  2. if it's well done and realistic. the current campaign humor is forced and unfunny. i guess they were trying to recapture the ofp magic, but it just didn't work.

    i think in ofp's case, it was chit chat during downtime, whereas in the survive episode, you were always in life and death situations so the humor was just off and annoying.

  3. day z uses a lot of stuff from arma 3, most obvious being the new head and bodies. therefore can arma 3 use day z things, like body armor, civilian clothes, and women?

    also, please release arma 2 oa models to community modders. we need good bases to work off of. i especially desire a rigged interceptor model.

    thank you.

  4. it's called mainstreaming. basically, the only people who were interested in games used to be nerds and geeks, aka the smart guys. then games became popular and "cool" and companies began finding ways to make games appeal to not just nerds, but normal people as well. but this wasn't enough, so now they've gone "full retard" so to speak, and are targeting the clinically braindead like the call of duty and battlefield types.

    with all this dumbing down going on, collateral damage was bound to be inflicted upon games like red orchestra 2 and arma 3. afterall, if you aren't able to "broaden your user base" ie dumb your game down to moron levels, you cannot make a decent profit.

  5. the bis' textures are even worse in the new episode release. is this some type of hardware controlled rendering? please change it back. we can't have this awesoe system, but at least we don't have to look at blurry mess.

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    One foolish/entitled person is doing that.

    to that person who shall remain unnamed:

    it's not really nord's fault that the game is so flawed and lazily put together that he no longer has any desire to waste his time on it.

    i can sympathize because i planned to do a full set of historical soldiers with right equipment, armor, baked normals from high poly, etc. but then i saw the lazy animations, the shallow "sim" aspects of the game and thought, what's the point. i won't be able to enjoy my units when they're flopping around spinning 180 while hovering on the ground.

    oh and the optimization is still terrible.

  6. SPOILERS......so ignore this post if you haven't played the campaign yet:

    I started the campaign over and now I'm nit-picking the little stuff so the Dev's can maybe fix it by Oct., 31.

    1) Take Staff Sgt. Adam's voice out of the beginning news broadcasts as a TV announcer....his voice is over used (he was one of my favorite characters....hated to see him go so early....it would have been fun to go all the way through the story with his leadership and humor.).

    2) Give Cpl. Kerry a headset with a Microphone and earpiece (like what S. Sgt. Adam's has on his head). We are suppose to be playing Cpl. Kerry, but while in the Helo we can hear Adam's and Lacey talking on the other side of the chopper while in flight and Kerry doesn't have Com's on ... or.... when we are in the truck leaving Rogain and when we are running for the forest, we can hear the Com's....but Kerry doesn't have a headset.

    3) One enlisted man calling another enlisted man "SIR" is a "no-no". You only call Officer's "Sir."

    4) Enlisted men don't salute other enlisted men. Also, when you first get to Rogain, the Lieutenant salutes you (Kerry). In a Combat Zone, you don't salute each other because of snipers and such....it gives away the leaders of the outfit.

    I'll keep playing the campaign again and when I see something that is out-of-sorts, I will report back in. Sure, I realize that the voice acting probably won't be changed because that part is done and the actors are gone, but the saluting and putting a voice com / headset on Kerry shouldn't be too tough to fix. The Campaign is SOLID, but being ex-military, I'm trying to make things perfect before release. :p

    Carry on.

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    I agree with you. It's not like BIS has a 5 story building in downtown Stockholm with 500 Dev's and a 1/2 Billion surplus of money. :cool: Considering the shoe-string budget they have with only 70 Dev's, they have done an amazing job.

    to be fair, 70 devs is A LOT. there exists single digit manned studios that have done amazing things, so the expectations should really be higher when the devs teams are large.

    my impression of the episode. fairly decent, has coherent narrative structure and a decent storyline so far, why the "greenbacks" have betrayed their nato allies is a gripping sub plot i would like to unravel, though gameplay is a little less impressive. basically, go here, shoot these guys, go back here. some missions have more interesting objectives like calling artillery or setting up a bounding mine field.

    also, what's with the constant cussing and the americans always displaying a haughty attitude? and the americans dialog seem way too relaxed and jokey considering they're essentially trapped in a seemingly unwinnable situation. the brit characters delivery a much more sane and sensible attitude without the constant sarcasm and interjections. we are adults, we can handle grim and realistic dialog.

  7. I do believe over time, this Arma engine is going to be one of the best out there. Tough, it is a guaranteed long run. But once it gets polished, man oh man i cannot wait. Things i dream of like the atmosphere. Having low level clouds like these.

    This would add so much to Altis and Stratis.

    arma 3 isn't even close to the best or most realistic in any category. it's old and it's quite sad how entrenched developers are these days they won't upgrade.

  8. Apart from the fact that it still runs like shit on high-end computers.

    And gets boring after a few days because it lacks enough distinctive vehicles.

    Get back to work.

    harsh, but true. optimization is still quite simply pre-alpha stage at this point no matter what the official word is on that. as for the vehicle argument. all we want is distinct vehicles for each faction, not the strawman argument of "20 variations of bmps".

  9. confirmed red flags:

    crossbow-trendy game weapon. only unoriginal, cookie cutter games follow trends.

    voice actor replacement-every single time the voice actor gets canned, the series suffers. hitman absolution most recent example.

    "cant see shit" levels of darkness. hard to say as some games genuinely need darkness. in this case, it looks like it's meant to cover up bland textures and appeal to hipsters who think black everything is edgy and cool.

  10. any modern open world military game that wants to be taken seriously needs fast roping. being that this was implemented in takeon already, i would say this is a conscious decision to once again do the least amount of work possible at the cost of some really interesting and innovative features.

  11. Surely your own head would block the sun.


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    See, here is the problem with mistaking realism and immersion with difficulty. Here you are advocating a gameplay mechanic that makes the game more difficult, but that actually isn't realistic. Same with A2's aiming deadzone.

    For glare, you wouldn't see a bright shining light on your sight. You'd see a reflection of yourself most likely, and that would make a reflection because there's light all around you anyway. But the implementation of having this shining sphere reflecting off of your scope isn't really realistic.

    aiming deadzone in any other game makes them easier, but is more difficult to use in arma2/3 due to the horrendous implementation. and it actually is realistic. your arm can move independent of your center line direction. minute, quick adjustments to where you're aiming without changing the position of your feet is actually critical in cqb and mid-range engagements. right now there is a link between gun direction and feet direction, which is the height of stupidity and something that is actually a "gamey" thing as people like to ignore its perfect incarnation in red orchestra 2 and claim that a proper implementation of deadzone aiming is "impossible"

  12. That was just me commenting on how much "Dwarden's urging" actually helped during pre-September 12th development (the answer is "no"), in the context of "lack of weapon resting is something that the other devs were fully aware of but it got omitted anyway -- meaning that even if it was because of time and resources, Dwarden's urging wasn't enough to get it take precedence in the development hierarchy presumably according to DnA" (by 'virtue' of DnA being project lead).

    so they implemented this for that old ass unreal 3 engine but somehow bis, government contract receiving expert on realism and authenticity cannot do this?

    if realism, tactics inducing features like this are ignored, i'd like to know what exactly is higher on the bis priority list. light shafts? tweaking the arm patches over and over again? fiddling with vest weight values?

  13. 99.5% percent of people who post anything about RV are haven't the foggiest idea what they're talking about. It's like a conspiracy theory for complainers. I've thought about dubbing them (not just in an ArmA context) the engine sluts, but that might get me banned,

    you don't have to know anything about how the engine functions to know that it performs terribly, looks poor in low light and overcast conditions and uses technology that was defunct since the late 90s(stencil shadows). from there, you can use common sense to deduce the other failings of the engine even if they are not explicitly disclosed.

    This engine is the best thing we have for this market right now

    the poor performance, doesn't fully utilize gpu or latest pc technology market? if so, bis has got that corned. to be honest, i wouldn't be so quick to criticize other engines, even if they aren't capable of "zomg huge google map terrain! that lags like hell and will barely be used", at least those other engines have working multicore.

  14. why is everyone up in arms about this? i get that you're a fan of the series, but please, they released arma 3 is an awful state. games are judged on their retail state, not on hypothetical "what happens a year from now?" state. i'd say they were actually generous with arma 3 as it deserves a far lower score.

    no movement animation when rotating on a turret. same as for intermediate stances. you can do a 180 while prone in .001 second. the dead aim is terrible. standard current gen tech like shadow maps for characters is missing and we have this late 90s stencil shadow tech instead. the multithreading is the worst implementation, performance wise, i have ever seen on a studio developed game, possibly even worse than dcs. a bunch of clipping issues and low quality work like the green shemagh which looks like crumpled christmas wrapping paper where it meets the neck(poor visual effect aggravated by the terrible stencil shadows). characters still sliding around when you move right after performing an action involving animations, poor ik system that simply shortens the leg rather than bend it at the ankle and knees. copy and pasted vehicles across factions that don't even make any logical or political sense(why is nato and csat using exact same model of uavs, ugvs, and light recon drones?). nearly identical level of interaction as the past series, general lack of improvement or progress. poor attention to detail, such as the ghillie suit simply being a bunch of grass foliage meshes stuck to the normal bdu of the soldier rather than it being an actual suit with a burlap front. a "3d scope" system that simply zooms in the whole screen rather simulate what a scope actual does, something 2004's red orchestra already did. again arma 3 seemingly has not progressed beyond 2005, in terms of gameplay mechanics and innovations.

    and i don't expect to see any of this changed because many of these issues would require massive engine rewrites, complete overhauls and other things too difficult for bis, so i don't expect the customers at those review sites to believe that these issues will be fixed. they won't. and anyone sitting around waiting for them to be fixed is, i think, going to be disappointed.