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  1. that doesn't really make sense. why would there be police items with no actual police? i think there'll be police, but they'll probably be reskinned civilians.
  2. suprememodder

    Reality Check

    faith, belief, and blind loyalty do not get you anywhere. speaking out does. interesting point you raise about bis listening. no point is listening if everyone just sits on their hands and praises dear leader like they can do no wrong.
  3. suprememodder

    where is grass helmet !

    wip probably ditched. too bad
  4. suprememodder

    Relax... just breath...

    way to overreact. no one here has been rude. if you can't handle opinions expressed in any other way than in a soft motherly tone, maybe you shouldn't be on the internet.
  5. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    if you have to join a clan to enjoy a game, then the multiplayer for that game has failed.
  6. suprememodder

    Reality Check

    i appreciated the humor. "shitlords" hehe
  7. suprememodder

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    if it does away with shadow lods, that alone is worth it for me. shadow lods look like ass and they always product artifacts at the joints.
  8. suprememodder

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    oh look the original and clever "make your own game" argument. everyone here is entitled to request whatever they want. if you don't like these discussions, feel free to not read them. as long as this forum is open to discussion, you'll be seeing plenty more topics like these. deal with it.
  9. suprememodder

    Disapointed with the full release content

    so is your complete lack of meaningful things to say in any topic you've ever "contributed" to.
  10. the ugly? animations deform constantly due to how character's feet are glued to the ground. also, no turning animation for intermediate stances.
  11. suprememodder

    No women at all

    not relax. it's using male bones and animations. though the mk1 dbdu does make me relax a bit.
  12. suprememodder

    Disapointed with the full release content

    it's unreasonable to believe what the devs say? i guess we should all just live in wishful thinking land and disregard the most reliable source of information on the matter. it's not even an assumption at this point.
  13. suprememodder

    Are there going to be more guns in final release?

    because of technical issue, same as all other removed issues. this engine is starting to annoy me with how old and piss poor it is.
  14. suprememodder

    No women at all

    well then his logic is flawed because they aren't mutually exclusive. having one is always going to be better than not having either, and in practical terms as well, since you now have female skeletons and animations which can be used to mod in the other half.
  15. suprememodder

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    more vehicles= more generic vehicles. i want less vehicles, but better simulated.
  16. great effort. but this also highlights the need for official female skeleton+animation set. because the skeleton is for male, so the only females you can make for these are tall supermodels
  17. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    agreed in general. simply screaming "sandbox omg pwnzorz" doesn't make your game good. with this much content being released, i'm still gett bored with it. well, back to modding the game...
  18. there's no trick to smoother transitions. you just need to make the first 3 lods similar, but arma 3 can't really do this since the first lod is really complex. the second and third naturally take a drastic dip in quality. in games that use engines like ue 3, the first lod is already optimized so the changes aren't noticeable. i wish arma 3 objects were more optimized. i mean i saw some lamp post with individually modeled nuts and bolts on the base. not really necessary tbh.
  19. suprememodder

    A.I. Supermen

    enemy that runs like hell into cover when you shoot at them also adds feedback.
  20. suprememodder

    Weapon switching need some love

    all the people saying this is okay...they're the same ones saying moving while reloading wasn't necessary. more ships/planes isn't going to improve core mechanics one bit.
  21. suprememodder

    Magazines should be a proxy

    not if they put effort into it and do a major overhaul
  22. suprememodder

    Less gunning and more puzzle solving

    that does look quite clever. wonder if it's possible to make the clothes jiggle while free falling
  23. suprememodder

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    reference point is really damn important in immersion. glad someone brought this up. it's true for medieval games. so many crappy rpgs just design armors off the top of their heads. they don't base armors on things found in history books and manuscripts. suspension of disbelief goes right out the window.
  24. suprememodder

    manned mission to mars

    with appropriate environment and other hazards an inspiration:
  25. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    if that were the case, threads like this wouldn't exist. there is a way to do anything better, it's just not practical for non-developers. time, resource, budget. and the fact that officially developed mechanics have native and inherent support. mods go dead and they lack qa.