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    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    you gotta be kidding me. this hasn't been implemented yet? this easy thing that would save performance twofold and improve visual quality all around hasn't been implemented but useless crap like this get priority?: btw the new hdr effect is fucking terrible.
  2. i've seen this work in user made tools for other games. basically, you can copy the weight of another model and paste it onto a different one. for best results you'll need to position the two objects in identical positions. this is good for modders who lack proper rigging software like 3dstudios or maya, because rigging in-editor is a load of work and produces terrible results. with auto weight, we can at least get rid of the most difficult part and work on small adjustments to perfect the rigging.
  3. suprememodder

    All this buzz about the performence issue

    actually, the performance issues are everywhere, single player, mp. it's to do with poor optimization of the altis map and ai. i remember they did something to improve the stuttering on altis but then removed it at launch.
  4. suprememodder

    Basic Income, a new human right

    the solution is to transcend the circular mill, which is impossible, so it's best to be good little worker bees and continue the cycle. soon we'll be in the grave and it'll all be over.
  5. suprememodder

    would dayz come on arma 3

    hope so. the dayz devs are superior to the arma 3 devs. we could use their help
  6. suprememodder

    Grand Theft Auto V

    yeah either his parents are utter morons or they have no idea that the game contains strip clubs, people getting killed brutally and profanity laiden dialog everywhere.
  7. 2 games few people have heard about is hardly a comeback for the genre. and it looks like one of the game already screwed up judging by the above video.
  8. suprememodder

    Sword Of The Stars: Ground Pounders

    sorry their vehicle designs look juvenile. looks like i'm viewing box art for some habro toy line.
  9. suprememodder

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    "Why? Because no modern nation wishes to be seen as either potentially a victim or an aggressor. Look at the furor over the Greek island setting that ArmA3 used to have, to the extent that the game has been changed." and we should care about their furor, why? they'll quit arma because they're tired of it and quite frankly, not that good at it. i see zombies and mars exploration in their future. arma4? if it does come out, it better be on a new engine otherwise i don't see many people bothering with it.
  10. suprememodder

    Iron Clash [MMO]

    that looks amazing. doesn't remind me of arma 2 mainly because it looks good and character models/animations aren't crap, but it does remind me of crysis though.
  11. suprememodder

    campain not available ?

    or people who just want a game that's fully released and not a wip for 59.99
  12. suprememodder

    Development Blog & Reveals

    possibly the aaf were originally going to be russians.
  13. suprememodder

    Poorly Optimized in Official Release?

    tried capping it at 40 using in game cap. doesn't work that well when it drops to 10 fps sometimes. also if you're playing other games 60+ fps, this definitely feels awful by comparison.
  14. we lost a skilled and talented modder who has contributed high quality, free, and open sourced models, but at least we still have you, who has contributed exactly nothing to the community nor to the betterment of the game.
  15. suprememodder

    Reality Check

    why would anyone want to pay for addons when they can get it for free? if you want to support them so much, go to their website and click the donate button. the whole idea of selling mods is an atrocious concept obviously conceived for the benefit of the game developers. basically, they get people to make expansions/addons for them and maintain the consumer base while they get a percentage of the revenue or simply keeping the consumers engaged in the franchise. completely self serving compared to free mods which benefits both parties, consumer and developer.
  16. suprememodder

    A List of Questionably Empty Promises

    they even have their fictional in-game names. definitely bis endorsed. the least they could do is not sell them back up us as pdlcs.
  17. suprememodder

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    how are you going to script the enemy to react to something dynamic, like characters being killed in-game, in real time? and how are you going to make such a routine simple and unobtrusive. that's right, you can't. you have no idea what you're talking about.
  18. suprememodder

    ARMA 3 - Somethings missing

    i think what's missing is basically the satisfied expectation that this was going to be something special. after all those years in development and especially with the marketing direction and presentation suggestion something more than just another sanbox with new toys. basically, where are the core improvements to performance? the core improvements to mechanics(weapon resting still not in, but we have barely useful stance adjustment with no leg movement)? which is the ik still so primitive. why are ancient things like stencil shadow still in the game, etc, etc. it just didn't seem like an evolution of the series.
  19. suprememodder

    NATO uniforms

    no, it's accurate. america is basically the hammer of nato. any large to intermediate conflict is handle mainly by america with support from its allies so it makes sense the larger presence is american. also, the uniform and geat is cleared modeled after those preferred and manufactured by americans. for brits, you'll have to make a unit replacer mod using stalker's british unit. for others, you're out of luck.
  20. microsoft flight simulator, x plane, and dcs have better physics, so does rise of flight(but that has different era planes) even world of warplanes has better physics and that's an arcade game. what a stupid way to start off a topic. the terrain area is also very tiny and stutters like crazy near cities while ms flight simulator basically modeled the entire planet and has no stuttering because it has multithreading.
  21. suprememodder

    Easter Egg: Females

    i hope they don't pull an oa and sell this content back to us
  22. suprememodder

    Grand Theft Auto V

    woo a console port with shitty graphics. no thanks
  23. suprememodder

    Basic Income, a new human right

    and you'll find plenty who attest to the opposite. same with canadian/us ex expatriates. these subjective testimonies are beyond laughable as any standard of proof which system is better.
  24. suprememodder

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    its origin is actually not iranian propaganda, but liberal propaganda invented inside our own university systems.