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  1. Hey there I am looking for an easy going clan/unit that are looking for EU members. I am 16, and I consider myself to be mature. My preferable size for a unit would be 20-30 guys. I will most definately not be able to attend ALL events and trainings, nor will I not be able to stay for more than an hour, maybe more on weekends. I would like either infantry or aircraft. Realism units are preferable. I use Steam a lot, so one that uses Steam would be nice. I am fairly active, although I have many other things going on both in my gaming and real life. I have experience with many clans, and am currently leading my own for a different game. I am not new to ArmA 2/3, but I am very much a noob when it comes to multiplayer. I will need help with setting up mods and stuff. If you think you can fit me in, then add me on Steam or PM here. I am aware that I am very picky :P My Steam: