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    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    hi this is my first post I can not insert the test I did so I do think after this post ---------- Post added at 11:17 ---------- Previous post was at 11:15 ---------- hi For my part I have no problem I made ​​my test to help you find the solution, I just take the test to modify the file actually quite map_altis_data.pbox error is the fps see below http://mavriks.free.fr/photo/ARMA3/modifpbox.jpg (224 kB) after submitting the file map_altis_data.pbo see the result http://mavriks.free.fr/photo/ARMA3/sansmodif.jpg (183 kB) so for me it makes no difference whether or rather a lot of error and one more fps without changing the file Boitier Antec Nine Hundred-Carte Mère MSI Z87-G43- Ram 8GO Corsair Vengeance-Video MSI R7870 HAWK 2GB-Intel Core Haswell I5-4670K-Plextor SSD 128Go M5 Pro SATA III Only Boot x3 interne-x2 externe USB - Ecran ACER P223W 23p - Windows 8 Pro 64b