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  1. Hello, I've recently purchased Take on Mars and I'm having a fantastic time with it. It satisfies my gamer and science nerd facets along with relaxing but thoughtful gameplay. After dinking around with it for a few days now I have some suggestions that might make power management a bit more engaging. Certainly they could all be optional. - Powering down cameras or subsystems not in use could be a way to help conserve power consumption and perhaps improve recharge rate. - Are Thermal Generators affected in their power generation based on the ambient temperature? I've not tested this yet but it might be something to consider for more hardcore gameplay that the generator isn't as efficient at -55.1C as it would be at -1C. - I know that presently Solar Panels do not charge batteries and Solar Batteries are not yet in, but it occurred to me that Solar Panels may be able to charge both, but the benefit of using Solar Batteries would be that they can charge more quickly as they would be specifically built to interface more efficiently with solar power than a more involved capacitor system needed to provide a trickle charge to chemical batteries. - One UI featured I'd like to see available regarding Power would be an option to display capacity as a percentage rather than just bar indicators. Some percentage with a decimal place or two (ex. 87.12%) in order to help the player better see at a glance both power use, recharge and storage. - Lastly, I think it would be great if at some point rovers could link up to stationary landers that may have quite a lot of power stored and use them as a sort of recharging station if such couplers could be implemented. This would make landers a bit more optimal to keep around rather than just abandoning them because they served the basics of a mission and now just sit there as a landmark with little to no other use. Thanks again for making a great simulator and I really look forward to the continued development of such a wonderful and engaging game.
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    Power Management and UI Suggestions

    Thanks for the response. Just to clarify, Solar Panels at present will indeed charge chemical batteries or did I misunderstand your reply? edit: Nevermind, I think I misunderstood the reply. Testing for a few hours shows that Solar Panels don't recharge Chemical Batteries.