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    2nd Bn, 7th Marines

    USMC 2nd Battalion 7th Marines The 2nd Battalion 7th Marines [2-7] is a realism unit based in ArmA 3, as a realism unit we aim to play ArmA 3 using teamwork, real world tactics, and weapon systems employed by the United States Marine Corps. We do this by utilizing the experience and knowledge of our many active members including prior and active military service members and available Marine Corps knowledge. Training Pipeline All our members are trained to the highest standards through our School of Infantry Course that is composed on hands on drills to prepare for infantry based marine billets. Additionally, we offer MOS Courses for specialized billets within the Marine Platoons. We offer flexible days and times to get you through our training pipeline. We strive to bring you up a to a standard that is enforced throughout the unit to ensure the best gameplay. Our Instruction staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to making you the best you can be. Our Roles Much like in the corps, our unit has a variety of roles that enable us to complete dynamic missions across all terrains and situations. These roles include: - 0311 – Rifleman - 0311 – Auto Rifleman - 0311 – Assistant Auto Rifleman - 0311 – Fire Team Leader - 0331 – Machine Gunner - 0341 – Mortarman - 0352 – Antitank Missile Gunner - 8404 – Field Medical Service Technician - 8002 – Joint Terminal Attack Controller Advanced Courses We offer advanced courses to allow our members to challenge themselves and learn new skills enabling them to become even more capable marines. These include: - Basic Parachutist Course - Air Assault Course Requirements - Be at least 17 years or older - Write and Speak English at proficient level - Own ArmA III and and have ability to download mods - Not be a member of any realism/milsim unit - Attend operations Sundays at 8PM EST (2000 EST) How to Join - http://www.2ndbn-7thmarines.us - Make a forum account - Submit application in the “Recruitment” forum - Check us out and ask questions “ts3.2ndbn-7thmarines.us” https://youtu.be/BlzxcVdgiMQ
  2. Looking for mature milsim, unit. Not interested in units that have members in leadership positions that are there simply because they have been there longer, but have no leadership ability. Don't mind a little messing around, but would like a serious experience. Looking for a US based unit have experience in Marine milsim, but willing to learn about anything. Please contact if you think your unit would be a good match. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  3. Another question I am trying to make the helmets our group uses automatically work as CTAB camera, I found the config file and moved it to user config on the server and changed the lines to have our classname helmets but doesn't seem to work I'm guessing I'm doing it wrong This is how I changed the ctab_settings.hpp file, I changed this line cTab_helmetClass_has_HCam = {"rhsusf_opscore_paint_pelt_nsw_cam","rhsusf_opscore_paint_pelt","rhsusf_opscore_paint","rhsusf_opscore_fg_pelt_cam","rhsusf_opscore_fg_pelt","rhsusf_opscore_fg"}; I left everything else the same, and this is on the server not the client side
  4. Has anyone found a way to get the raven rq11 uav video feed to show on ctab. I believe it's feint rq11 mod but it appears it's in RHS mod now. Seen it asked a while back but no answers, thanks
  5. Thank you terox, I swear I looked at that several time but I overlooked the part about the mod keys. When you download an addon, typically the addon maker packs it into his own "named" mod folder, for example @CBA_A3 Apart from the Mod folder, there should also be a "Keys" folder in the download. The .bikey that is contained in the keys folder is for serverside use only, clients don't need or use it. (Some .bikeys come in the addons folder, they dont belong there but cause no harm residing there) So that answers some of my confusion on what file I should be putting in the servers Keys file, one last thing if you don't mind. When making a mission it appears as if it is putting the DLC content from Arma 3 as a mod on the mission. In turn if I'm not right its showing that its required on the server when I create it, because in the looking for server screen it shows the three mods as green and the DLC as red, even though I have the DLC. Does this mean when using V2 that those have to be verified somehow the reason I ask when looking at other servers it doesn't show those expansions in the required. I'm guessing that's where my problem is, not with the keys now. Once again thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I will continue attempting to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  6. Alright first off I have searched and searched and just cant seem to find a answer that works so please don't flame me for not searching. I have been put in a situation where I am learning the server side of ARMA for a unit that I play with and have a question about a public server that we are trying to get up. The server is going to run the mods, MCC Sandbox 4, CBA_A3, and Task Force Radio and we use TADST for our server program. This server has a lot more mods as we use them for our units missions but do not require a verified signature for those. On this public server I have created a profile in the TADST and put the mission and the 3 Mods listed, and set up all the other stuff that needed, and put verification on V2. In the server folder I have tried this both ways, I have but the bikey files out of the three mods and also seperatly have tried the bisign keys from each mod and some had several. These were both the ideas I was able to find on the internet searching. Server starts up just fine and the mission file shows those three mods, but when I try to join with only those three mods active, in the server selection screen there is the arma DLC showing in the expansions with a red dot and the three mods with green. When I try to connect it just says session lost. I launched my arma with regular arma launcher and it gives me a error box saying I don't have the correct keys for not only the three mods, but also the dlc stuff seems to show also, think I remember one being A3_currator or something like that. All the mods on server and client side come from the same repo that we maintain. Almost forgot if I take the verification off the mission works as intended have several members join and no issues but all the mods that they had running obviously worked which would be a issue for a pubic server. So the question is, on the server do I put the bikey, or bisign files in the KEYS folder and if so do I put all of the keys from each mod in the mission in there.(example TFAR has 2 bisign keys, and CBA had a lot) Secondly am I doing something making the mission that is requiring the DLC expansions to be able to join the server and if so do I have to find keys for them. Lastly I have seen that you can make keys for mods that are individualized to your server so they have to have that exact mod downloaded from you with that key. I don't want to go this way as this is a recruitment style public server, and don't want to make people have to download files from us, we just want them to be able to play around and get to know us. Any help is appreciated, I have been enjoying messing with this new side of arma for myself but I also have members waiting for me to find a solution to the issue. I'm more than willing to learn but just havn't been able to find the right info yet.
  7. The 3rd 'Lava Dogs' is activly recruiting new members, if you are interested in a milsim experience that offers you the chance to grow with a unit, then you should check us out. We recently have gone thru the process of restructuring our unit and making changes to set us up for a strong future. We operate as the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines a light infantry unit. No previous experience is required with milsim as we have a solid group of Drill Instructors with a excellent program to teach all the basics up to more advanced tactics to all of our members. We have a dedicated mission builder that strives to offer us a new experience with every deployment and a command staff that works tirelessly to maintain unit matters as they arise. If this sounds interesting feel free to stop by our teamspeak (Ts.tfdamocles.com) and talk with a recruiter or discuss the unit with some of our members. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the unit as we are looking for long term members. TeamSpeak : Ts.tfdamocles.com Website : http://tfdamocles.enjin.com/ Arma3 Clans : http://armaclans.com/details/TaskForceDamocles/ Some of these addresses will be changing in the near future due to restructuring and I will update as soon as possible. Previous name for the unit was Task Force Damocles, name change was due to restructuring, and looking for a fresh start for all of our members.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to look at our small Arma III based unit, we try to simulate the United States Marine Corp using military knowledge and tactics but also trying to remember that not all real methods can be implemented into the game. Our unit is currently comprised of two detachments that we try to maintain a level of realism towards, using available documents and personnel information and adapting it towards our gameplay. We try to focus on realistic operations with minimum casualties and knowing when to fall back when the enemy has the upper hand. Using ALiVE, ACE and ZEUS, and several other mods we are able to provide a realistic experience with AI that actually make the members rethink about their operation planning techniques. Our unit is currently looking for new members who are dedicated towards ArmA III, who are wanting to help provide a realistic experience. We are needing positions filled on all of our branches, which will hopefully expand in the future if we are capable. We provide a training process that will provide important information regarding basic milsim for those who are new or familiar to the Milsim side of Arma. We issue loadouts that are flexible for small changes to suit the member and we allow the opportunity for members to rise through the ranks if they are willing to take on roles involving leadership and training. We have medical and engineering slots available within our infantry battalion and aviation slots available for members who are interested on the rotary side of Arma. Our Bootcamp has been completely remastered thanks to the amazing work and dedication of SSgt J. Smith, who has maintained the quality of the unit members who have since went through the course to the highest standard. All new members to Task Force Damocles are required to go through our bootcamp process to make sure all members receive the same training, our training process however allows members to schedule a training date with a fellow drill instructor to a day that suits the member. This isn't a unit that grandfathers members into ranks because of personal relationships, previous history or military experience - All members are treated the same. Our age limit has been enforced to 16 and above. Task Force Damocles Operations are currently held on Wednesday's, Friday's and Saturday's - Though this is subject to change, We provide numerous team vs. team events and other game modes to keep members interested on Arma and try to keep track of members who are currently apart of the unit. We hope you choose our small but slowly growing unit for your Arma Milsim experience and hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions, please connect to our Teamspeak: Ts.tfdamocles.com Website: http://tfdamocles.enjin.com Captain J. Doddsy & 1st Lieutenant G. Greg, or any of the recruiters