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  1. oh maybe thats the problem.i'm using the game vision 1.00.i will update and try again,thanks for help!:):):)
  2. really awesome work! but dont know why after i update the newest vesion of your mission,my game become no responding when i'm in the heli at the very beginning or just few seconds after landding. I tried dozens of times and the problem remain the same.
  3. yeah I think about this way too.I will have a try. hope my 4G memory is enough. Thank you very much!
  4. oh I see.thanks! And how i suppose to fix that? It lost a lot of fun playing without armory.
  5. Great mission! I realy enjoy it very much! Only problem I have is that I cant get access to the Armory. It pops a window saying "VAS never initialized". I realize this is about the vistual ammobox system and I check the code in the .ext and its right. So I cant work out this problem. anybody help me.thanks a lot!