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  1. Hi, I'm working on a mission that uses a taser mod but the taser doesn't actually taser the person it just does no damage. Is there a way to edit the config of the taser or mission file to actually make the person who gets hit by taser go unconscious for a few seconds before returning to a normal state. To make the person go unconscious i want to use the "setUnconscious" script to do this something like: _unit setUnconscious true; sleep 10: _unit setUnconscious false; I tried this in the config but it makes the person holding the gun go unconscious: class BulletBase; class 26_taser: BulletBase { hit = player setUnconscious true; indirectHit = 0; indirectHitRange = 0; cartridge = "FxCartridge_65_caseless"; visibleFire = 5; I need the script to work in both multiplayer and singleplayer missions. thank you in advance.
  2. Bohemia is missing some important vehicles and weapons that need to be added. Here are the things that would be cool to add. New Faction/Units: Navy Seals New Helis: UH-60M Blackhawk,CH-47 Chinook New Plane: C-17 Globe-master New Weapon: M4 Colt/M4A1/M4 Carbine any of the M4 variants New Attachment: CCO/ACOG/AIM-POINT scope Note:Im aware there are mods of these things on armaholic Comment for other suggestions and if you think my suggestions should be added to the game