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  1. An F15 has two vertical stabilizers and a long fuselage. So there is enough surface to guide the air downwards when the aircraft keeps a slight upward angle during knifeedge.


    The Sentinel drone as a flying wing does not have any larger vertical surfaces, so the only way it could perform a knifeedge loop which it currently can in Arma 3 is by really overpowered engines.

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  2. You have to connect to the Drone via script command, then you can fly it.


    I would say it has the worst flying behaviour of any of the planes in Arma. It does not have a vertical stabilizer/ controll surface. While in a real flying wing yaw controll is achieved by opening butterfly-like flaps on one side of the wing, there is no visual represenation of that on the Sentinel Drone.

    But you can still fly knifeedge without dropping the nose thanks yaw drift. It can even fly knifeedge loops.


    The flight model of all the new jets feels really bad with the unrealistic yaw drift and the missing turns when banking left or right.

  3. Yeah, somehow the ironsights are animated, but when you attach a scope it won't rotate.


    The scope rotation is achieved by animating the sight proxy. But it looks like that the animation source for that will stay at the value of the iron sight zeroing. So it doesn't matter how you set the zeroing of the scope, the animation will only see the last zeroing of the iron sight and won't change.


    A temporary solution would be to place the scopes into the launcher model, so that they are not removable.

    The SMAW would lose its syncronisation of the zeroing of the two muzzles then. But this is still better than non working zeroing.


    Edit: Ah, the indexing of the animation sources has changed. Then the fix should be easy to make.

  4. Hi,
    no, the M72 of RHS is not done by me, I think P1nga made it?
    Yeah, the Area Defense Ammo would be really cool, but I have not found a way to do it ingame. You cannot simply spawn a ton of bullets, something like the directional mine tech would be great, since it will only do damage in a certain cone and walls etc. will block it. But I was not able to use it as weapon ammo. Maybe someone with more config knowledge could achieve that.
    At the moment I am redoing the M3 UV map and textures. When I made the M3 I had very little knowledge about UVs and textures. So I used the Blender Auto Unwrapping, which is why there are some very visible seams on the M3. I also made 2 4K textures for the M3 itself and a 2K for the scope. Since 2K textures look better in Arma than 4K which will get downscaled to something like 1K anyway, I am now aiming to put the M3 on a 2K texture and the scope + ironsight on a 2K*1K, just like I did with the SMAW. This should lower the filesize aswell.
    Hopefully the M3 will look better in the end. When I am happy with it I will send it to RHS and CUP.
    Just a little WIP shot

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  5. The textures only looked better on ultra settings, on every other setting it was washed out because of the mip maps. With the current texture size the mip maps will only appear on lower settings, so that now the textures should look sharper most of the times.


    I noticed that the airburst cfg menu sometimes disapear. I will try to fix that tomorrow by moving it from a script into the config as a useraction.

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  6. Huhu,
    sorry for the huge delay. Here is a small update which should fix the currentMuzzle error. All the scripts were remade aswell and should make it easier to implement new launchers in the future. The SMAW spotting rifle is now less dangerous when used with ACE3. Thanks to Joko's effort the backblast configuration in ACE3 is more flexible and allows for a backblast-free spotting rifle.

    I also decreased the texture sizes of the SMAW and the AT4 from 4K to 2K (which is the standard for Arma 3 weapons). They should look better now on lower video settings and the filesize is decreased as well.
    TF47 Launchers Update Version 1.4.1
    Dropbox-Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vu5m40jlii7e7ul/%40tf47_launchers.rar?dl=0
    The RHS compatibility patch remains unchanged, but since on PlayWithSix it is somehow just a copy of TF47 Launchers instead of the small patch I better post it here again:

    TF47 Launchers RHS Patch Update Version 1.3​​
    Have fun!
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  7. Even at high FPS the input lag is so huge that hovering is very hard and annoying. In DCS I can hover the helicopters extremely precise, because there is no artificial delay to the control inputs.


    I wonder if that ever gets fixed? It is not only a problem to AFM, it is a problem with every vehicle in Arma 3. They all have input lag of 250-500ms.  The only vehicle that works free of input delay is the modded F18.

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  8. Hi,


    could anyone explain how the 1PN93-1 scope works? The reticle Looks like a mix of PSO-1 and 1P78 . Using the vertical lines for range meassurement works fine. But I don't know how to aim properly. The zeroing is set for 200m, shouldn't it be 400m if it is a fixed optic, so that the two other chevrons point at the 600m and 800m Impact points? Or is it possible that it should be a scope with manual zeroing like the PSO, and that the two additional chevrons are used for ranges beyond the maximum zeroing?


    I could not find much Information about that scope..

  9. Thank you for the report + reproduction.


    I also had this error, it looks like currentmuzzle isn't always working, using this command in a vehicle would result in an error as well (not in the mod).

    I am not sure how to prevent it, but I will try to find a solution. For now I think it does not happen very often, and it will still work.

  10. Found a fairly major problem, once I equip the SMAW via Virtual Arsenal I cannot switch back to my rifle only to the spotting scope or a sidearm. Is that something to do with the spotting rifle being renamed or something?

    Also regarding the backblast and deafness, I'm not a pro at ARMA scripting but surely that counts as a different muzzle type or is it to do with ARMA not being able to differentiate launcher and another muzzle alongside it?

    Thanks for the info, I didn't notice that because I always use the 'F' - key or the hotkeys to switch back to the primary. I had to tell Arma that the SMAW is a primary in a way so that it would hide some other action menu entries. Not sure if there is another solution. But the temporary fix is to switch back to the weapon using 'F' or one of the weapon hotkeys you can use.


    The backblast and deafness is more a problem of ACE. They just look into the config of the weapon that was fired, which is in both cases the SMAW. So it uses its values, instead of looking for the muzzle that was fired. This could be changed by the ACE-team or someone else, so it may work in the future.

  11. Hi,

    here is the next update, which includes the SMAW. It comes with HEDP and HEAA ammunition. Its spotting rifles fires from 5 round 9mm tracer magazines and is used to correctly adjust the scope. You can select it in the actionmenu.

    Be aware that the spotting rifles has backblast & ear ringing when using ACE3, whis is something I cannot change. Maybe this will be fixed in the future.

    The case where you could reload the AT4 with a certain trick should not work anymore. I also made a slight change to the M3 scope, so that it uses the new collominator-technology. The swoosh-sound of the rocket is now much more quiet, as well as the explosions which were very loud. The absurd damage of the M3 HEDP round when using the RHS patch is fixed, and it got updated for the SMAW.


    In case you don't know which launcher you should take:

    Pro's of the SMAW:

    +more damage against armor / higher Penetration (600mm vs 550mm)

    +more precise zeroing (increments of 50m vs 100m)

    +spotting rifle for increased hit-chance

    Pro's of M3 MAAWS:

    +higher rocket velocity

    +higher zeroing range (900m vs 500m)

    +lighter ammunition


    TF47 Launchers Update Version 1.4.0

    Dropbox-Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vu5m40jlii7e7ul/%40tf47_launchers.rar?dl=0


    TF47 Launchers RHS Patch Update Version 1.3​​

    Dropbox-Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmx0xgaojwxisc1/%40tf47_launchers_rhs.rar?dl=0



  12. Thank you for the info!


    Now it would be interresting to know, if the CPU was the only reason for the performance improvement, or also the new DDR4 RAM. The best test would be to compare a 4790k to a 6700, which have nearly the same performance. But I guess nobody in the world would upgrade from a fourth-gen to a sixth-gen Intel with such a small performance gain.

  13. Hi,


    I have a problem with a weapon mod. I would like to remove the action menu entrys for switching to this specific weapon, but I have no idea how to do it. I thought I could just modify conditions for the menu in the cfgAction or userAction - classes, but I cannot find the config-file where the classes are defined.


    It would be great if someone could give me a hint.


    Thanks alot for your help,






    Using 'Primary=true;' and 'showSwitchAction=0;' solved it, after I found a thread on Armaholic. Looks like the launcher class is somewhat broken here.