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  1. Yes, im sorry. Im referring to IF3 of arma 3.
  2. hi! I have tried both the manual install och PWS and I can't get the voices to work. With play with six i get no errors but no voices. and the manual install includes alot of errors and another layout in editor?
  3. its a wonderful script i must say. Its seems to disable the setcaptive function though..
  4. PWS works for me aswell! I'm using the Beta-build and i have no error-messages whatsoever! :)
  5. ahh! allright! many thanks! Once again! you guys made a wonderful job with this!!
  6. Hi! I wondering if it is just me or is there no sound for the wheelbased US vehicles? You hear that the engine starts but when it is moving it is total silence. The russian & german wheelbased vehicles has sound.. BUT! I have to say this mod is so amazing! Thank you so much for working with this!
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    Hi! I need your help.. I'm going crazy here.. I have installed the script like it says in the installation videos. When im about try the script out in multiplayer i just get CARRY , DRAG in the scroll menu. So I don't get the First Aid option in the scroll menu. Why is that? please help!