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  1. eXpouk

    SOC WIP Thread

    Great work so far guys, looking awesome!! Wish people would just let them get on with it instead of requesting 1000s of variations of what they want, just leave them to it...
  2. Considering A3 is meant to have an "infantry focus" I'd rather have them fix being infantry first than add a load of jets..
  3. eXpouk

    BIS, I love you

    Maybe we are all just to used to all the content that we have in ArmA 2 now. I started up Vanilla ArmA2 yesterday (without OA) and by god its awful. :D
  4. eXpouk

    BIS, I love you

    I havent really noticed any major changes since Alpha was released apart from the addition of a few vehicles... Maybe its just me...
  5. eXpouk


    Policing how many missions use certain scripts is an impossible task to be honest... :/
  6. Hey. I'm looking for a group to play with thats casual but uses tactics seriously. I don't want any milsim groups where I have to call people sir or address them by their rank. I'm quite a busy person so I wont be online 24/7. I'm 22 years old and from the UK. I played A2 as part of TF86 so Im experienced with ACE/ACRE and other mods. I prefer infantry combat but also enjoy flying transport helis. I also enjoy making missions in the editor so can help with ideas/editing. If you have a group for me send a PM my way :D Thanks!
  7. eXpouk

    [COOP 06] Operation Liberation

    Revive version added on first page. Not tested but should work, please let me know if there are any issues!
  8. OPERATION LIBERATION A local journalist has been taken hostage and needs rescuing before they move him off the island. Features Customise your loadout/uniform/helmet Helicopter insertion Encourages small unit tactics Chance to use stealth in the foggy weather Good performance No revive or respawn Attempted to make it as immersive as possible Will work in SP as well (Not the revive version). Mods Required CBA Credits Massive thanks to BangaBob, Kylania and Varanon for the scripts used in this mission. Any feedback is welcome, it's only the second mission I've made for ArmA 3. DOWNLOAD V1.0 ArmaHolic Mirror DOWNLOAD Revive Version V1.0
  9. eXpouk

    [COOP 06] Operation Liberation

    Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I'm thinking about including a revive/respawn version separate to the current one so both sets of players can play it. Edit: Working on revive version.
  10. eXpouk

    B2 Scripts

    They look good, thanks for your work!