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  1. Thanks, looks/sounds amazing!
  2. You guys are awesome. Hopefully having a manned aspect to the game will get you a few more well deserved sales.
  3. Fantastic update as usual. Thanks!
  4. I don't suppose we can get a graphics option to disable the vignette effect? I really dislike when games darken the edges of the screen.
  5. the-bean

    Small suggestion about persistency

    Something like this would be good. You're great at communicating but it's all over the place: here, Steam forums and the bug tracker. Small updates would be nice, maybe just weekly sticky post or something?
  6. the-bean

    Take On Mars - Soundtrack

    Just a thought: you should also add this into the next Steam update so everyone has it, just have a soundtrack folder in "steamapps\common\Take On Mars" like a bunch of other games. Thanks!
  7. the-bean

    No Vehicles in Victoria Crater

    I also have them. I think it's because I've already unlocked Gale Crater, even though I haven't got any technology I can use there yet. If this is the cause then maybe keeping Gale Crater locked until the player has the required tech level could be a simple solution.