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    you're welcome.
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    Salut, et merci, votre launcher est parfait, petit soucis par contre sur la dernière update. Si ont ne possède pas le dossier:" Arma 3 - Other Profile" , comme moi par exemple, le launcher plante à cause d'une exception non prévue. En effet, selon si on a download Arma 3 en version alpha, beta ou en version finale tout le monde n'a pas les mêmes dossiers aux mêmes endroits. La solution est de simplement créer le dossier manquant dans "Documents/Arma 3 - Other Profile" et le launcher re-fonctionne comme avant. Sinon jamais eu de problèmes avec, ni avec le launcher de serveur et je le recommande a toutes mes connaissances. Bon taf, continuez comme ça et encore merci a toute votre Team. Fast translation (sorry!): There is an issue since the last update, launcher don't work if you don't have the following folder :"Documents/Arma 3 - Other Profile". Just create this folder : "Arma 3 - Other Profile" in your "Documents" directory and run!!
  3. yeah, this is what i say... Thank's for my skills, i'm sorry, it's happened just one time. For confirm my skills ? ;-) Thank you for testing.
  4. Yes a parameter in game for set the number of units in zone is a great idea. Actually, you can set wich unit will spawn on the map in this file: initZones\createzone.sqf (edit with notepad). If your want more unit spawned, your can edit and copy/paste in this file.
  5. hi, i have a bug with the po7 pistol(something like that, the vanilla one) with suppressor, when i play solo, i can't kill the AI enemy without 2 magazines or more. And sometimes with 15 bullets (po7pistol silenced again)in his body,after the animations, the IA gets up and shoot me again like i didn't shoot him. With others weapons , it's 5 shots for killing, without the mod it's 3 max, that's normal? i don't think so. Sorry for my good english!
  6. Very good job kibot with this mission generator, i enjoy it and your constant updating is really good. I tried to put more unit in generating zone file, but it's too hard now!!;) settings for friendly AI is a good update. Sorry for my english, i'm french... Cheers mate, merci à toi.(je pense que tu es français, puisqu'il y a du français dans tes scripts :D)