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  1. Hi Chaps, In need of some help unfortunately. I've run into a spot of bother trying to have 2 units move at the same time. I followed the tutorial as per the video at the bottom. but I'm not getting the right results. The first bot seems to more or less work with the odd animation quirk. The second bot doesn't even move from where I've left him and it throws this error. '...= _this select 1; _totalFrames = )count |#|_capturedAnimData); _startedTime = time...'FileFunction\fn_inUnitPlayAnim.sqf [HLF_fnc_infUnitPlayAnim], line 353\missions\unitCaptureTest.provingGrounds_PMC\play2.sqf' line 3 Error Undefined variable in expression; _capturedanimdata I've had a look through the play2.sqf file in other example missions that work fine so I'm unsure where I have gone wrong. Any help is appreciated chaps. Max