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  1. Who we are: Black Fox Company is a new Arma group based on a public server, running a custom homebrewed COOP/Zeus mission called "Combat Patrol Operations". We're looking for "new to Arma" players and "veterans" alike to have some relaxed fun while running a semi-milsim game where teamplay, communication and real tactics matter. A few of our members have a long experience on Arma (1000+ hours), so we can easily show the ropes to newjoiners as well as undertake more complex missions with "grey wolves" ;) Our plan: Our intention, for a start, is to build a public community running platoon-sized COOP/Zeus operations (20-40 players). A long-term plan is to start also a private server for modded/more realistic missions and trainings. It's ideal if you want to give your contribution to start a new project! ;) How to join us: Server name: Black Fox Company - [EU] MILSIM COOP Server #1 Feel free to add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041220353/ :)
  2. whiteraven_t1

    Misc Suggestions

    Just checked again the game after some months... I find it awesome! I was really positively surprised to see some of these suggestions implemented in game. The game itself it's still not perfect, but it's now interesting and rewarding. As you mentioned in another thread, you guys are very busy and can't implement everything, while mods can. How about making some guides and suggestions on how mods can be made? Maybe some mod templates that show the ropes on how to modify certain things, on which people can start building. At least, this is the biggest need I've found while modding/scripting Arma 3: lack of documentation and no basis at all on which to build. Keep up the good work! ;) Edit: Thinking about it... The missions have become much better, but still feel a little "stiff". When you complete one, you immediately get the following one, provided that you have enough technology, otherwise you get the red message "insufficient technology for new missions". So: - How about a hint on what we should research to get those missions? Surely scientists know what they want to obtain from future missions, so having a little dialogue that tells you what technologies (or even better: what instruments) you're missing would be very useful. - Also, we could have a loading bar also for new missions: it takes time to analyze the collected data and identify new targets, evaluate mission feasibility etc. This could also open up the possibility of having another branch of the technology tree, in which you upgrade the available ground tools of the space agency: computational clusters, observatories (optical, x-ray, radio, ...), industry partnership programs, and such. Some of these technologies could be vital for making certain advanced objectives visible in the map, or to increase their value.
  3. whiteraven_t1

    Nice Concept, but Lack of Freedom

    I totally agree with EmissionGeneration. I'ave already expressed some suggestions in this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160545-Misc-Suggestions Basically, there's a big lack of freedom, lack of possible choices and kinda lack of drama. Yes, the game feels on rails and really needs major improvements, otherwise it's replayability will be very small.
  4. whiteraven_t1

    Misc Suggestions

    Having played TKOM for a while. Not a bad game, but it feels a bit "arcade-ish" and way too much straightforward. So, I'd like to give some personal suggestions on what I'd really like to see featured in game. Please don't take these as critics, I'm just trying to be useful :) 1 - More locations. I imagine that the available locations are only a fraction of what will be released in the end, but I'd like to write this anyway just to underline its importance. 2 - Locations shouldn't be *unlocked* "Unlocked" doesn't exist in research. You find the place among all the others for some specific reasons, after you have painfully collected an enormous amount of data about the planet itself. This leads to the next suggestion. 3 - Feature orbiters in game We should be able to launch not only landers and rovers, but also the first orbiting satellites that provide us all the information needed to identify the most interesting areas for research. To use a shortcut, you can think of a "interesting location found" achievement in game, but unlocking places just by clicking on it and paying a certain fee is something you see in a flash game to buy a power-up, not in a research-oriented game. 4 - Design your own mission Who is deciding them? Why can't be player in the committee deciding which place is useful and which not? We should be able to go through the satellite data (which is not only visual mapping, but also radar data of the soil and below it and so much more) to find our own objectives. 5 - Don't force the player to follow a specific order in using the instruments Why should we use the radiation monitor system only in a specific spot of the surface which is 10 meters wide? What does that even mean? And why do I have to take photos first, then go back to that meaningless spot to measure radiations which will be exactly the same where I already am and where I previously landed? This feels like a point-click adventure, not research, less than ever exploration. 6 - Research is not an unlock! No it's not. Really... it's not. You can't say "you unlocked this and this technology". Space agencies spend billions in research and testing of systems and components. It would be great if we could spend part of our budget to finance the research we're interested into. Am I interested in orbiters, maybe? Then research satellite technology and long range instruments? Rovers and collecting soil? Whatever? 7 - Vectors to reach Mars! It's so important! How comes that nobody is talking about the *vector* used to reach the planet. How about time windows? Are we really teleporting those rovers directly on Mars? That's also another totally new area where lots of features can be implemented: research new vectors, new engine systems, new payload systems, new landing systems. Are we using a moon base to launch it? The ISS? A new station? We need to know it and manage it! 8 - Competitors! There are always competitors. How about news talking about the endeavour of some other space agency which we should ideally beat in research production and achievements? That would give some challenge. 9 - Manage your colleagues Who are they? Am I alone in this space agency? Competence of the personnel is of capital importance. Also, a good and famous space agency will have great applicants, so their quality in game will be bound to our successes. Also, particularly complex research and solutions could be bound to our personnel's experience and capabilities. A vital layer of complexity, totally ignored by the game. I hope I've been useful with these suggestions. If I'll come up with new ones, I will post them if judged useful :)