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  1. Ok I have looked in every tutorial and watched every video and I still can't get any of the custom textures my clan want to use in the game. I'm failing somewhere. So I wanted to ask if one of the fine people here could try and see if they could recreate our skin and get it to work. I know working on someone else's skins isn't great but we would be very grateful as it is driving the only 2 designers we have around the bend Thanks CC
  2. captainclaw

    Re-Texturing Help

    was indeed. All sorted now :) Life saver Surpher
  3. captainclaw

    Arma3 Characters Modding Tutorial

    your absolutely right surpher thank you so much Can't believe i never noticed that My Clan will sacrifice opfor in your name CC
  4. captainclaw

    Arma3 Characters Modding Tutorial

    yeah the texture paths are right Thats what I have and the paa is in the folder called data
  5. captainclaw

    Arma3 Characters Modding Tutorial

    Hey guys... I have, like UNSC LEADER, managed to get the item into the game. However I do not get "Cannot Load Texture" but an invisible man. Any Ideas. P.s. sorry if this has been answered before but I could not spot anything Thank CC
  6. captainclaw

    Re-Texturing Help

    Update-- Made some progress over night. Managed to get the Item to show in game but the texture isn't showing. Something wrong with the PAA or the CFG. Here is my config.ccp just in case anyone can see where I've made the mistake before I do Thanks Again CC
  7. captainclaw

    Re-Texturing Help

    So far I've tried all the methods in the tutorials on this page Link. So i'm definitely doing something wrong haha. I even tried overwriting the existing skin with mine to check if it would work that way but no luck. I don't think I'm cut out for this kind of editing of Arma :). And since I don't think there is an easier way We'll probably move on to our other projects, which is a shame because we would have loved to use units with our own design and logo. If all else fails we'll just have to recruit someone who knows how to do it in the future :)
  8. captainclaw

    =BTC= Revive

    Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you for the script... we love it as a community. I have been editing it (slightly) to suit our needs and I have ran into a wall Would it be possible to have 2 types of medic I.E. Recon paramedic can stabilize (halt the countdown till death timer) while Combat life saver can revive If not its fine but if I didn't at least ask I know it wouldn't happen :)