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  1. @haleks


    Had an idea for you. (kinda stealing from TWD a little) What would you think about adding the ability to double click on a blood bag in your inventory and it would give you the ability to "walk" among the zeds for a little while. It would help going into large towns at night. Maybe when you use it, it changes you're clothing to the clothing that looks like youre dead (real bloody and dirty). Was thinking it would either last a predetermined amount of time, or count how many zeds you come in contact with. Maybe on that second idea a 500ml bag would allow you to walk within 2 meters of about 25 zeds before its spent. So they would run to you until they get within 2 or 3 meters and "smell" you, then they would just start walking randomly again untiil they get like 20 meters away from you. And of course a heavy rain would also deactivate it. Maybe if you run it deactivates the use also. Make the blood bags really hard to find. Maybe about has hard as it is to find a tent. I know it goes against the theory because you'd be using "fresh blood", but I thought that would be easier than trying to collect blood from ded zeds. <--- you'd have to add an addaction to all of them, I presume. The blood bags would probably be all together easier to implement, if you decided to try it.




    And a second thing is something I've noticed about zeds. The "standing still" animation tends to kick in even after they've come in contact with you. So, they will run to you and attack, then sometimes all of sudden just stand there frozen. I remember that you're still messing with zed path finding, so maybe you already are aware of this. I do like how you see them just standing idle out in the middle of fields and such sometimes though. Very cool.



  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h3g3un0gzhgmn7d/ifa3_classnames.zip?dl=0





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  3. @lv1234


    Not great, but: 


    I have to do at least one more test with it. I run pretty high values on AI "hunters" and I have a suspicion that when they are hunting that they still come into the safezones. I want to reduce those values to zero and see what happens. I should be able to do that tonight.

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  4. Yes dedi.


    Hadn't noticed the magazines spawning on AI like that in the last version, and admittedly, I just really started playing this new version as sandbox. (I've been working with Ravage, but in a different style of mission)


    I don't think its from something on the server, because I haven't changed anything in that mission for several months (except that one script)  (I did place down new Rav Modules after the last update). I'll let you know after some more testing.



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  5. @haleks


    I played on the server quite a bit last night and saw a couple "issues" that I originally thought was from a sript that I had running. Other than that one script,  this mission has been my goto mission for quite a long time.


    I removed the script and ended up with the same things.


    Renegade and Bandit AI were loaded with magazines. Completely full. Originally I thought it was due to all the players yesterday, but it happened ladt night when I was playing alone also.


    And it seems like the indoor loot spawns have changed dramatically. I normally keep them around 7 to 10%, but that ended up with vitruallt no item spawns. Late last night I bumped it to 20%. I did see an improvement, but not what I expected from a number like that. I'm thinking at 30% would yield what used to be 10%.. Just some thoughts.


    I think Tourist and I are going to do some vanilla testing this week, so I'll see how it goes in there also.



  6. 17 minutes ago, UnDeaD. said:

    just I can't make it to work together with the vehicle module, it can save them, but the vehicle count gets higher every restart,


    Thats where the eventHandler  getOutMan  would come in handy.  You could set it up to call your save function only when a person exits a vehicle, and not every vehicle in the map.

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  7. @UnDeaD.


    That is pretty much the most difficult part to deal with. I use event handlers to limit what gets saved.


    Except for players themselves, I'm constantly working with the saves for everything else.


    If you look at ZKs Lost, you can see how much code he wrote to deal with the same issue. Its a lot.

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  8. I have a public Ravage server back up.  Its on Tanoa. Has player persistence.


    Only these mods (to keep it simple):

    1. Ravage v146

    2. CBA_A3  <--- newest version

    3. You can use enhanced movement (BB)

     (no password)



    Everybody is invited. If you see some foolish cheating, just PM me.








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