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    Tier1 Silencer Fix

    I do own rifle and pistol suppressors by a variety of companies including AAC, YHM, & silencerco and I have never noticed any substantial change in velocity or point of impact from a properly mounted can. By far the only perceptible difference you should see will be from different loads of ammunition, be it subsonic, standard, or "hot" loads. I also agree that the older technology of suppressors/silencers that used "wipes" will change ballistics to some degree. (not as much after the first two or three rounds). My understanding is that the military utilized this style quite often, so that the can could be a "throw away" during combat with less of a financial burden. My opinion based on my experiences.
  2. I'm dusting off a mission and have a "picky" problem. In a nutshell, someone from my squad signals an AI chopper from our side. I have enemy AI that shoots the heli down just as it gets near the LZ. The "picky" thing is that the explosion of the missiles hitting the chopper make no "explosion" sound and when the heli hits the ground (in a fiery blaze of glory) there is also no "explosion" sound. The chopper is only about 100 meters away when its hit, I was hoping for an earth shaking explosion sound. I got nothing. btw, I can here the enemy AA whistle the whole way, but no contact explosion. I tried modifying an IED script to trigger on the heli when it died (!alive), but got no results. Any thoughts to get some explosion sound? Thank you
  3. I've been using this in the init line of the jet, without issues.: this animate ["l_wingfold",1]; this animate ["r_wingfold",1];
  4. Strange. I have not updated the mod in a day or two, but last night the red spheres were showing up. I'll update and see what happens. Not a big deal, just wondering where they were originating from. Thank you
  5. Is there anything in your mod that can create red spheres on the ground around friendly units?
  6. Please do not handicap this jet by trying to "balance it". It flies fast and has the near 1:1 power to weight ratio, as it should have. It can be called from base and get to its destination in a timely manner. In combat and ground engagements it handles and reacts fantastically around 300, as it should. Please do not second guess yourself about its power or speed. Thank you.
  7. FireWalker

    =BTC= Revive

    I'm having a respawn problem. When I respawn, I can not raise the gun I'm carrying or hip fire. I have to switch guns first, then I can shoot or ADS as normal. I feel like somewhere on these forums I read a similar problem once, but I can't find the thread now. Anyone have any insight on this? Thank you Edit: I've tried these mods every which way, and I can get everything to work until I try to respawn using the independent/guer faction. I don't believe its mod issues. BluFor works perfect.
  8. FireWalker

    =BTC= Revive

    Firearm attachments fixed on my end with respawn. May have another glitch, seemed to always ask if I wanted to respawn at mobile_west_0 when I was near any other mobile respawns. I really need to check to make sure I entered everything correctly and eliminate any typo's before determining if it was really in your script. At any rate, for future ref, exactly what part of the rpt file do you want, seems like there is a lot of server info in there that should not be publicly shown. There was a paragraph worth of errors at the bottom... ---------- Post added at 02:09 ---------- Previous post was at 01:57 ---------- duh, the mobile_west_0 respawn problem was on my end, total copy/paste screw up. So ignore it.
  9. FireWalker

    =BTC= Revive

    I can cuncur with Hajimoto. I did a quick test of the new release last night, and my main firearm lost all its attachments upon respawn. I only played with the Recon Scout, and I did plat it online MP. Although my test was short and sweet, everything else performed flawless.
  10. FireWalker

    Triggers and getMarkerColor

    Cool. I'll play around with that condition, and do some research on the module. Thank you
  11. I'm wondering if there is a simple way to get a trigger to activate by checking to see when a marker changes color. Lets say that the original marker (mrk1) is default "black". At this marker there is a trigger (trg1) that changes the color of the marker to blue if blufor is in the area. Also, there is an additional trigger (trg2) that changes the color to "red" if opfor is in the area. So, is there a way to create a third (trg3) and fourth trigger(trg4) (one for blufor, one for opfor) that are "mission end" triggers that check to see what color the marker is? My hope would be that I can somehow utilize the "getMarkerColor" command within the "conitions field" to perform this. Ultimately there would be several capture areas, and the trg3 and trg4 would be looking for several markers to become either blue or red, as the case may be. I have the color changing working properly, just can't get a mission end trigger to work. Apologies if this is confusing, having a little bit of trouble getting this into words...