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  1. jjjayb3

    Arma 3 will not start

    I have the same problem when I try to use the 64bit executable. Try using the 32 bit and see if it starts.
  2. jjjayb3

    Arma 3 crashing

    Welcome to life after version 1.70. Since the lastest update I've been having the same issue. I've tried no mods, I've tried dev mode and official mode. I've tried verifying game content in steam. I've deleted the dll folder and reinstalled. I've been playing since early access without issue. Now, since the latest update, I can't go 20 minutes without it crashing. At least I don't have the same problem as my son though. Since the latest update, Arma 3 causes his computer to just reboot.
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The changes you've made are AMAZING! I've been very disappointed with the audio in this game. Frustrated that I couldn't tell where a shooter was based on the sound location of the gunshot. I could have someone shooting at me 50 feet away and I couldn't tell if they were beside me, behind me, or in front of me. Now I can finally here a gunshot and know where the enemy is based on were the sound of the gunshot came from. Not only have you fixed that, but now I can also here where enemies are by their chatter. If they're in the building across the street, it sounds like they're in the building across the stree because the sound is more muffled. If they're beside the building across the street, it sounds like they're beside the building. And the sounds of the weapons?!?! They sound like real weapons now! They actually have feeling! You can hear the echo of the gunshots too! You have restored my faith in you Bohemia! GREAT WORK!!!!
  4. I used to have my change stance up mapped to my mouse thumb plus up key and my change stance down mapped to mouse thumb button plus down key. It worked great until the marksman patch broke it. At some point it was fixed again. With the latest patch it seems to be broken again. When I go into my controls I can set it to mouse button + up/down, but in game it doesn't work. Can we get this fixed please?
  5. jjjayb3

    New Keybinding System Concerns

    I have always used my mouse thumb button as a modifier and movement keys to adjust stance as well. I hate this new change. Please put the modifier option back.
  6. Love the 3d voices. The radio bleeps are annoying as all heck though.
  7. jjjayb3

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Thanks for the update.
  8. jjjayb3

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Thank you thank you thank you! The mission as it is, is already awesome! Can't wait to see the changes!
  9. jjjayb3

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Thanks for making this mission Strongharm! It is amazing! Any plans to include any of the other attack helicopters?