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  1. Hi everyone, here is a small script snippet from a coop mission I created to play with some friends. Maybe someone finds this usefull... Because I thought downloading intel data from a Laptop by just adding a simple addaction to the Laptop is a bit boring I added a small downloading GUI window to it which has some changing texts. The download is only useable by one player at a time, you can abort the download / close the window by hitting ESC or clicking the X. When the download is finished a public var is updated that triggers the task to succeed. Here is how the GUI looks like: http://hummelhummel-ag.de/downloads/Showcase_DownloadData.Altis.png (897 kB) ---- Updated on 01.02.2014 ---- support for multiple laptops / objects you can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished by using the following var: T8_pubVarDataTask_MyObjectsName and with the var T8_pubVarInUse_MyObjectsName you can check if someone uses this object. compare with the triggers placed in the demo mission! ---- Updated on 24.06.2014 ---- fixed the bug that was posted in April ... lazy me added the percentage part cuel posted down below. thanks! added WTFPL licence to script files, because licenses everywhere :x ---- updated script on 30.01.2015 - V004 ---- updated the script to better work with objects created on-the-fly incompatible to previous versions, so you are not done by replacing files! You can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished and/or if someone uses the object by checking the following variables saved to the object: _laptopInUse = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", false ]; _downloadComplete = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", false ]; Download the sample mission (V004) V003 V002
  2. Hey all, I wanted to share my script, I use to spawn units in coop missions, with you. I first started developing this somewhere during the A3 beta. Playing around with BIN_taskPatrol by Binesi, BangaBobs EOS and similar things somehow caught my interrest in scripting and I started to create a script that would fit my needs. In the past months I finally motivated myself to create some english documentation for this, what took ages for me, so I can release the script here. I designed this script for the CO-OP missions I play with friends and the 1PARA. It is mostly based around Infantry combat, but you can spawn vehicles with it, too. The script is based on groups and adding waypoints to those groups, and "FiredNear"/"Killed" eventhandlers added to the group leaders. If you have other scripts messing around with groups oder using these eventhandlers, my script will probably not work correct. V.070 changes / enhancements for the script user: CHANGELOG: 27-JAN-2017 | update to V.070 moved all CONFIG things to A3 config type definitions and syntax T8U_fnc_loadConfig parse the new config T8U_fnc_handleGroups all groups are now controlled from one single handle / loop! now only one spawned function controlls all groups, and not a spawned function for each group. T8U_fnc_teleportGroupToCurrentWaypoint teleport group to first waypoint id desired T8U_fnc_createUnitContainer create randomized unit selection based on config FIXES and CHANGHES EVERYWHERE ... 25-JAN-2016 | update to V.061 new Task: OCCUPY multi-marker support for PATROL type tasks fixes in wp-positon finding 10-DEC-2015 | update to V.060 cfgFunctions file structure param / params includes basic macros auto post init better waypoint creation ... 17-OCT-2014 | update to V.052 pushback/count errors fixed added possibility to define a custom function for each group which will be called for each unit communication var array now consists of 3 parts in CONFIG: T8U_var_ZeusModul -> T8U_var_ZeusModules (now is an array where you can add multiple zeus modules) other small fixes / undfined var stuff / ... 15-SEP-2014 | update to V.051 How this thing works: 1. You create "Zone" markes in the editor where you want your Units to spawn. 2. You define the Groups you want to spawn and give them a tasks they should execute in a script file. 3. Start your mission and have fun. Ok, maybe not that easy... :) For a quick overview of how the script works in your mission you should check the First Steps Guide I prepared. Units are defined in groups with a task assigned to them: ATTACK: The group will "attack" given marker (move from A to B and do SAD at B) PATROL: The group patrols in the marker area PATROL_AROUND: The group patrols mostly around the marker area PATROL_MARKER: The group is spawned at a marker and then patrols a set off markers (the center positions / no area). PATROL_URBAN: The group will patrol in the marker area, the waypoints are placed on streets PATROL_GARRISON: The group will patrol the area and garrison buildings at it's waypoints for some time. GARRISON: The group will garrison houses in the marker area. OCCUPY: The group will occupy houses in the marker area. DEFEND: The group will man static weapons and empty vehicle with turrets in the area. DEFEND_BASE: The group will man static weapons and get in military cargo type buildings LOITER: The group will loiter near the markers center OVERWATCH: The group will search for a good overwatch position for the given marker poistion. In the past I used the garrison script that Zorilya made for GARRISON and PATROL_GARRISON. Thank you Zorilya for letting me use it in my scripts! But with Zeus I encountered some problems with waypoint creation for garrisoning groups, which would create so much waypoints that your zeus players game would slow down or even freeze in MP. So I created my own very simple garrisoning script to replace Zorilyas script. In addition the group leaders can call for help if they are attacked. If there is a unit that can respond, a flanking waypoint is generated and a SAD waypoint. Also the group leaders will share their contacts with friendly units in a short range. If the helping unit is to late to help, or all enemies are already dead, they will return to their origin task after some time. DAC: If you like using DAC in your missions, you can allow the group leaders to send a additional call for help to DAC. This will then result in whatever the DAC decides to do. :) Headless Client: I don't have a HC so this has not been tested, but there is a untested "switch" for HC in the main script files. Other AI mods / scripts: In the past I only used bCombat without any problems along with my script. Download / Documentation: ( documentation not updated - 27.01.2017) T8U - Inroduction - First Steps PDF: First steps guide to the T8 Units script (pictures used maybe a bit outdated, they were made with a previous version of the script). The mission you can create following the first steps guide. T8U - CONFIG PDF: Explenation of all the config settings. T8U - FUNCTIONS PDF: Explenation of the functions you can use to spawn units. T8U - UNIT DEFINITIONS PDF: Explenation of the different tasks you can spawn groups with. SavageCDN prepared some group compilations to copy-paste on his GitHub (Thank you): Group Configs @ GitHub T8 Units Showcase Mission (V.070) T8 Units Script V.070 T8 Units x DAC - Demo Mission (V.061) or download as bundle @armaholic.com: T8 Units - a less dynamic AI creator V.061 GitHub T8_Units - current V.070 T8_Units - development Special Thanks: Silola - because he is awesome! MCPXXL, Lester, MemphisBelle, Darcy, SKH|Flip, SKH|Cyborg, SKH|Hydra and the 1PARA for playing and testing my stuff KillzoneKid - for the debug console extension which helped me a lot in the past fabrizio_T - for helping me finding cover positions Zorilya - for the garriosn script that was a great inspiration in the past and BIS who made me waste so much time in my text editor Big thanks to the great arma community and have fun with my script. If you find any bugs, have a great idea to further enhance this script let me know. I don't know how or even if I will update this on a regular basis, but when I find my self in a scripting mood it is possible that I will further improve this script. Disclaimer and License: This script is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. The author is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage of any kind, without limitation. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA. You are free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms. Under the following terms: Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. Greetings from Germany T-800a
  3. Sorry, I haven't really played arma in a long time, so this is a bit abandoned. :/ If I remember correctly you neer to add a empty array prior to your "mkr_spawn_away". like this: [[ _QRF_ARRAY, "mkr_patrol_zone", WEST, false ], ["PATROL_URBAN"] [false, false, false], [], "mkr_spawn_away"]
  4. SmallMilitaryEncounter Generator A dynamic mission for ARMA3 that generates small military encounters. The intent of the mission is to have something similiar to an Domination / Invade & Annex type COOP missions, but in a smaler and more infantry focused scope. And have a mission that is easily customize able, at least in my opinion. Most things you may want to change can be found in the files under config/. Also the mission is build from scratch and not a derivative of some other mission existing. I hope that most of the stuff works quite stable, but the mission didn't have very much "stress-testing" or balancing. This is also a reason why I relase it here, gather some feedback/criticism. You can follow further development via GitHub. Missions: _SMEGen_.Altis - default Enemy Faction: CSAT - default Player Faction: NATO _SMEGen_CUP.Chernarus - default Enemy Faction: CUP NAPA - default Player Faction: CUP USMC _SMEGen_CUP.Takistan - default Enemy Faction: CUP Takistan Army - default Player Faction: CUP US Army SMEGen_IFA3.Staszow - default Enemy Faction: IFA3 Soviet Forces - default Player Faction: IFA3 Wehrmacht DOWNLOAD from GitHub DOWNLOAD the PBOs DOWNLOAD from Armaholic FIND in my Workshop Changelog V.050 Mission Parameters select the enemy faction select a reward set select the amount of simultaneous mission sites select the AI skill level ( militia / regular / special forces ( for details check T8/config.hpp )) select if you want to keep your gear after respawning select if you want vehicle patrols between objectives Available tasks Currently there are 4 types of mission-sites with different tasks available. There is always a set of tasks available. If those tasks are finished a cleanup will happen and a new set of tasks will be generated. All sites on which tasks are spawned are currated in the config files! Towns clear occupied town destroy 2 mortars destroy 2 resupply vehicles kill HVT and his Guards gather INTEL from HVT Military Bases clear occupied base destroy 2 mortars destroy 2 resupply vehicles kill HVT and his Guards collect INTEL from HVT Road-Positions destroy broken down convoy clear road block / checkpoint IED site: clear IEDs or gather INTEL Installations destroy communication base (radiotower) recover UGV and return it to base (stomper) download INTEL in a compound Rewards Player Gear A player ranks up with every succesfully completed task. With every new rank the player will get acces to more, better gear in the virtual arsenal. Vehicles for completing a set of missions: mobile HQ / mobile respawn armed light APC armed light helicopter After completing two mission one vehicle will be spawned, starting with the MHQ. If one vehichle gets destoryed it will be respawned instead of spawning the next tiers vehicle. There won't be multiple iterations of the same vehicle. The reward vehicles can be found outside the base in the hangars. Also vehicles can be reapired in a service station in the main base. Vanilla Systems The missions uses various vanilla systems: BIS tasks BIS dynamic groups BIS virtual arsenal BIS respawn menu Time Acceleration: the time is accelerated: 4h IRL = 24h in game. If you want to change this, there is a module placed in the mission. Additional Scrips And the mission uses some other scripts: T8-Units Script FAR Revive (but in my own 'flavour' with some of the later sqf improvments) download data script (a bit updated version of my script) Singleplayer I use the singleplayer mostly for debugging. There are also some keys preset to help with porting the mission to a new map. You will need the following extension for SP debugging: KillzoneKids MakeFile extension KillzoneKids DebugConsole extension Keys: F5: log current player position as 'town' F6: log current player position as 'military base' F7: log current player position as 'road' (direction of the player matters! look down the road) F8: log current player position as 'compound' (use open, even space approx. 75m x 75m ) F9: exports the logged positions to a file with arma-config formating. http://imgur.com/a/hD6mM License # SME.Gen - SmallMilitaryEncounter Generator # A dynamic mission for ARMA3 that generates small military encounters. # Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Hauke Sven "T-800a" Fischbach # full License: https://github.com/T-800a/SME.Gen/blob/master/LICENSE This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA. When publishing a derivative of this product you may not use a name that might create the impression that your version is an official release. Some folders of this project may contain a seperate LICENSE file. Should that be the case, everything in that folder and all subfolders is subject to that license instead.
  5. Sorry, no idea, have never tried MCC
  6. in ../@SMEGen/snc_srv/fn_createRecoverUGV.sqf at line ~55 add: _return lock false; I think that should unlock the UGV for the next time you try this.
  7. sth like this maybe? // [ _unitsArray, _marker, _distance, _condition, _actSide, _actType, _actRepeat, _onAct, _onDeAct ] call T8U_fnc_TriggerSpawn; [ "SpawnThisUnits", "Marker", 1000, "({ getPosATL _x select 2 < 100.0 } count thisList ) > 0", "WEST", "PRESENT", false, "", "" ] call T8U_fnc_TriggerSpawn;
  8. Hi, open the file ".../T8/fnc/fn_spawn.sqf" and search in line 380 to 400 for: // Add a HIT event to all Units _tmpUnit addEventHandler [ "Hit", { _this call T8U_fnc_HitEvent; } ]; you should be able to add your "killed" event there.
  9. // correct [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "ANY", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "WEST", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; // wrong: doesn't work because its a additional argument ("GUER") passed to the function [ "SpawnMuaceba", "markerMuaceba", "EAST", "WEST", "GUER", 300 ] spawn T8U_fnc_Zone; You could try "ANYPLAYER" instead of "ANY" !? Also check https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setTriggerActivation Because the arguments passed are those required by triggers.
  10. You should be able to use anything that works with BIS_fnc_ambientFlyby. But you would need to edit that directly in the fn_HALO.sqf. (around line 75-80) switch ( _side ) do { case WEST: { _jetType = "B_Plane_CAS_01_F"; }; case EAST: { _jetType = "O_Plane_CAS_02_F"; }; case RESISTANCE: { _jetType = "I_Plane_Fighter_03_AA_F"; }; };
  11. The script is not added to the mission, it's just some basic variables defined in the init which I personally use. Dunno about the Alt Key, never had any issues with that, but then i dont drive with the mouse.
  12. open the onPlayerRespawn.sqf, then in line 42 to 52, thats the delete bullets in base stuff
  13. Another Community member is workin on bringin SME to Taunus, so maybe. :D
  14. You can create favourite lists: http://arma-sim.de/xcam/contents/pages/part.html#Part13
  15. Hi, I hope I havent missverstanden you (bad pun sorry). 1) wearing underwear is a copy paste error I made. you should be wearing your uniform ... but not much else. That is intended. In the starting params you can select your player factions with and without full arsenal access. If you choose to use the full arsenal then you hava access to everything. If not it only shows restricted things. For the A3 vanilla Bluefor selection you will unlock more gear if you rank up, and you rank up by completing missions. I may make a optional Param entry to "force" full arcenal, and clear up the entries a bit. 2) honestly I am not a server guru myself, but at least the altis version should show up without any mods laoded, because it does for me on a local dedicated server and a hosted gameserver. Cant give much help there :/
  16. not directly, it will respawn if players are more then 2km away or if it is out of fuel / unable to drive and players are 1km away. (or destroyed) Are you playing alone? maybe i should add a small additional delay for the respawning ... while testing everything worked fine.
  17. Version V.050 available, updated first post. Steam Workshop updates asap. ## Version V.050 - 09.02.2017 # added IFA3 variant: _SMEGen_IFA3.Staszow - IFA3 specific Tasks - IFA3 specific Factions # main changes - moved cfgRandomMissions.hpp to mission root (easier to sync after changes) - moved initParams.sqf to fn_params.sqf (easier to sync after changes) - missionFactions.hpp and missionPlayerFactions.hpp overhaul - player side affected by selected player faction - spawned vehicles can now be defined in playerFaction (new class missionVehicles) - vehicles in player faction can also be defined to be mobile arsenal - spawn positions based on markers defined in the config (make sure NO! objects are near those positons (10m radius)) - added RHS configs by Bek & Mashroom - added CUP US Army Faction - added / changed Params accroding # minor changes - vehicle patrols are spawned in a central location - JIP task publish (hopefully) - fixed BIS revive params include error (WTFBISOMG) - small positioning impro. in fn_createConvoy.sqf - added simpe addon check - removed 'scrippted' mainbases in missions (all in 3DEN now) - basic respawn system for the defined vehicles
  18. I updated the git a bit and vehicles used in the mission can now be defined in playerFaction (new class missionVehicles) -> basic respawn system for the defined vehicles (dead, can not move, fuel empty, left behind) -> spawn positions based on markers defined in the config -> make sure NO! objects are near those positons (10m radius) If someone wants to test ;) Example of the new class in the player faction: I may change the reward vehicle to sth similar. maybe even make them more variable ... not fixed to three vehicles
  19. t-800a

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    @skruis If you check this picture: all of the cobblestone are objects with the propperty road, that were manually placed via xcam. various types of those objects were used all over the map. That should be the source of so many unconnected objects.
  20. updated those files for you, tell me if it works, did only try local
  21. UPDATED FIRST POST - V.070 Released What changes / enhancements can the script user expect: S C R I P T I N I T C H A N G E S + no changes on how to spawn groups + in the description.ext: #include <T8\CONFIG.hpp> class cfgFunctions { #include <T8\FUNCTIONS.hpp> }; C O N F I G C H A N G E S + everything is now class based according to A3 configs main Config: cfgT8Units class debug: debug settings class main: main settings (time delays, zeus, etc.) class dac: D.A.C. settings class behaviorAndSkills: base AI skill settings class groupSettings: predefined AI skill settings, can be applied to a single group individually (e.g. if a group should have different skill) class groupCompilations: predefined group compilations to use in definitions class groupRandomCompilations: predefined unit selections to use with T8U_fnc_createUnitContainer G R O U P C O N T A I N E R C H A N G E S MY_EXAMPE_CONTAINER = [ [[ BASIC SETTINGS ], [ TASK SETTINGS ], ( COMMUNICATION SETTINGS ), (GROUP SETTINGS), ( SPAWN POS )], [...] ]; BASIC SETTINGS [ UNITS, SPAWN MARKER, (SIDE), (VEHICLE GROUP), (FUNCTION) ] + SIDE, VEHICLE GROUP, FUNCTION are optinal an don't need to be in this order UNITS can be ARRAY, STRING, OR CONFIG: + [ "O_soldier_TL_F", "O_medic_F", "O_soldier_F", "O_soldier_AR_F" ] + ( configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfTeam" ) + "fireteam" - this points to group compilations defined in "class groupCompilations" + ([ "infantry", 5, 3 ] call T8U_fnc_createUnitContainer ) - this function can be used to create a randomized unit selection based on "class groupRandomCompilations" Parameters: TYPE: optional, "infantry" - type of units, check "class groupRandomCompilations" MIN UNITS: optional, 4 - min. spawned units RANDOM UNITS: optional, 4, [123]], - additional random units FACTION: optional, T8U_var_EnemySide - spawn side, check "class groupRandomCompilations" MOD SET: optional, T8U_var_modSet - modset to select from, check "class groupRandomCompilations" SPAWN MARKER can be ARRAY or STRING + "my_marker" + [ "my_first_marker", "my_second_marker" ] - patrol tasks will work over various markers SIDE - unchanged - + optional, spawn side of units -> east, west, independent, civilian VEHICLE GROUP - unchanged - + optional, BOOL, true if vehicle group (e.g. units should not disembark on waypoints) FUNCTION - unchanged - + optional, STRING, function to call after units are spawned, called for each unit once TASK SETTINGS - unchanged - COMMUNICATION SETTINGS - unchanged - GROUP SETTINGS optional, can be ARRAY, STRING, BOOL + BOOL: - true, teleport unit to first waypoint + STRING - points to the config "class groupSettings" and a special AI skill setting + teleport setting (may be extended) + ARRAY - [ true ], teleport unit to first waypoint (maybe more options in the array later on) SPAWN POS optional, can be ARRAY or STRING, custom spawn position, if you don't want the units to spawn at the task marker + ARRAY: - regular position array > [0,0,0] + STRING: - a marker SOME EXAMPLES A_EXAMPE_CONTAINER = [ [[ ( configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfTeam" ), "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ]], [[ [ "O_soldier_TL_F", "O_medic_F", "O_soldier_F", "O_soldier_AR_F" ], "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ]], [[ ([ "infantry", 5, 3 ] call T8U_fnc_createUnitContainer ), "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ]], [[ "squad", "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ]], [[ "squad", [ "marker_01", "marker_02" ], true, "TMP_fnc_someFunction", WEST ], [ "PATROL" ]], [[ "squad", "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ], [], "base_militia", "spawn_marker" ], [[ "squad", "marker" ], [ "PATROL" ], [], true, ( getPos someObject )], [ "fireteam", [ "marker_01", "marker_02" ], "TMP_fnc_someFunction", RESISTANCE, false ], [ "PATROL_MARKER", [ "ip1", "ip2", "ip3" ]], , [ false, false, false ], "base_militia", "spawn_marker" ]] ];
  22. oh and I am hunting for this one .... Dunno why the BIS function doesnt do the JIP. thought it was set up to do so, and afaik did it in the past.
  23. Lovely ... I tried it myself locally and ... yes ... its fuuuucked ... no idea why. Not that I included these params the way BIS suggested in the BIKI. For now I'll just copy&paste the params from their .hpp ...
  24. @Muecke to the rescue ... cr.cti would work to some extend?
  25. Thanks @bek and @Mashroom ! I am adding both of your RHS configs to the mission right now. I also added a small change for the player rewards: Player side will be affected by the rewards set (new entry playerSide = BLUFOR ...), that way you would not need to change the editor placed playable units. Also rearanged the enemy factions and rewards a bit while adding them to the parameters.