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  1. That's the thing I thought was meant for this action but it doesn't end up doing anything for me. It doesn't overwrite - in fact MCC can stop ACE from opening. There's a way to disable MCC interaction through modules in the editor, but it doesn't always work for some strange reason. I run a custom mod pack with MCC in it so I would be able to change files if I could find it here. I took a quick peek but I couldn't find anything obvious to me.
  2. Been using this mod for almost 3 years now mostly for the random mission generation. It's pretty important to our group, so thanks for making it. Just curious but are you planning on updating MCC in the near future? I've had a few questions recently: • I found that certain objectives bug out with certain factions. For example on Zargabad using Syndikat I tried to generate a mission twice using demo weapon cache as an objective alongside kill HVT and intel. My mission generator would just hang endlessly loading the mission, unable to generate the last objective and the loading bar still on my screen. Yet when I changed out that objective it had no problem. This seems to vary on maps (including vanilla ones) and locations. Is there any way to kill the mission generator and stop it where it is? • The Disable IED objective minigame does not complete the objective upon completion. If you succeed in disabling it and then try to disable it again, it will re-arm and explode if you fail. Meaning that you never actually disable the IED, ever. So there's no point in even doing the objective since nothing changes. • Is there a way to disable effects such as blizzards and sandstorms once they're on the map? • Is there a way to change the default keys for interaction so that players don't have to disable them in configuring? I don't like having to walk each new player through this process of rebinding those keys. In the cases that it interferes with default ACE keys. • Is there a way to delete a zone or disable units from spawning in it?