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  1. Hey guys,


    I'm currently trying to get a weapon I modelled ingame and only have one problem left...When ingame it seems to be a bit transparent. I can see everything behind the weapon outlined with black and gray pixels like in this picture (see arm of the soldier): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/389920012493959517/8D6CC4C42D35B642AF8B20CCE73D5931D878A231/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|1024:576&composite-to=*,*|1024:576&background-color=black


    I have no idea what to change because I checked everything that came to my mind (wrong faces, triangles,....)

    It would be nice if someone could help me :D




  2. Hello guys,


    inside my community someone asked me to change the values of a certain ammo used by a weapon. How do I do this? I think I'll do this with a replacement config but how do I write one? In this case I want to change the values of the ammunition for the RHSUSF M2010. It's classname is "rhsusf_B_300winmag".

    It would be nice if you could help me :)


    Thanks in advance


  3. Hello guys,

    We are using your scripts in our community to deliver resources to establish an FOB by helicopter. To do this we load some objects (sandbagbarriers, H-Barriers, ...) into the Containers for the big BLUFOR Transport Helicopter and slingload them to their destination. But we do have one problem: We think that the space those containers have is too low for our needs but we don't seem to be able to find out what we have to change in the scripts in order to make the space bigger. Can you tell me how I can achieve this?


    Thanks in advance,


  4. Hello guys,

    I am building a small test terrain and everything works....at least for me. But when I try to load the map on another computer it says:

    Cannot load material file c:\users\max\appdata\local\temp\data\layers\p_000-000_l00.rvmat
    This path seems to be a path on my computer to my appdata...but why does it do that? I can't use the map on any other computer than mine...What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance


  5. Hey RedPhoenix,

    It would be really cool if you could send me the texture files and the smoke trail Script because I'm having serious problems with doing the airshow texture for the L-39 as I'm more of a modeller and configger than a texturer.

    Thanks in advance