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  1. Awesome dude I'm happy you where already thinking about adding them in. As for if you should port over the A2 kneepads. I would maybe look in to modeling a pair of new ones all together, so that the modle will fit on to the very nice looking pants you did. Just a side note would you be making the knee pads part of the pants modle or would you have the knee pads be removable. Like have the knee pads as a nvg slot or a sunglasses slot. Also one last thing, are you going to look in to making a new scuba suit? Cheers

    As he is willing to give his source files to everyone wanting to use them you could just make them fit into the nvg or goggles slot yourself if he doesn't

  2. Thanks for your feedback guys :)


    @arkhir the problem with using bullets from ACE Ballistics is that it would add dependencies to our addon which we would like to keep as few as possible. Maybe we'll do an optional config that replaces the current magazines with magazines that use ACE Bullets.

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  3. Thanks, reyhard.


    putting 1 as a value for inGunnerMayFire fixed the headbug (is this config entry more related to turret weapons and whether they can be used turned in or turned out?)


    For the scripting part: do you have any idea how I would script such a workaround? I basically have no knowledge about scripts unfortunately