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  1. Fantastic jezuro. Played it  and love the CTI sector capture you've created! Love how you made the modules and keep up the great work,

    How do you make larger Ai forces to defend and retake sectors? And how to change Ai difficulty level? 

    And how to spawn on our team mates?  :)

  2. I don't know if this is a bug report or feature request :)


    Player requested reinforcement arriving by paradrop are of course subject to wind.

    However this means that if we want to call in for example a squad to static defend a specific location, they are blown off position, and just stay where they land.

    It would be nice that paradropped units first go to the marked insertion point, and start their job (reinforce, static defence, whatever) from there.

    I have the same problem. They drift miles away and get killed before joining my squad. Alive team any chance ti improve this?

  3. Another question for our folks at alivemod. Im trying to build a mission where blufor has a foothold and takes over the entire map. Its a small map. Both opfor and blufor have all objectives sync'd and I have blufor set to occupy(tested with invasion but to easy for enemy to recap), opf set to asymm. I start with a custom obj with a few groups and the log mod (testing with dynamic group amount and infinite as well as packets vs constant). So about 2-3 hours into my mission blufor will have taken and held all local obj. and they stay there.


    As im going around to different cities and capturing them I expect 3 things which I'm not seeing. Perhaps it hasnt been featured yet, or we are supposed to do this on our own?

    1) I expect alive to spawn in more groups as more objectives are taken

    2) I expect alive to reinforce the objectives I've captured.

    3) I expect alive to attempt to occupy the objectives I've given it.


    At this point the opcom fortifies the first few objectives. Once it runs out of groups it sits idle. I dont know how to get it to spawn more groups to continue advance. Am I simply using alive incorrectly?

    Totally agree with you. I've been trying to do this but to no avail. But what i eventually did to make a constant flow of ai groups attack sectors, was make sectors then used the standard ai module spawn. Now i have continual ai groups attack my sectors.

    Alive can you please make this part of your development as it would really make it the best!