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    Static Animations

    I love creating pictures in Arma. But i have all the static animation packs. But I feel there needs to be more for the modern day mods and more variety. I've found a couple of video tutorials. But they were unclear, and there wasn't any audio to it. It was also for animations(loading) not a static animation. Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction to find the correct information I'll need to contribute to the community. Thanks in advance. PS. No I didn't search the thread.
  2. Alright I got it working. But for some reason now. One of the units seems to want to keep starring to his right. But there are no units on his right. And he's not grouped with any other blufor unit. But I didn't do anything to make him stop starring at unit 1. Any reason why this might be happening?
  3. I added the 2 for the second unit in the CaptureData. But didn't add it to the play.sqf. The tutorials didn't really cover that. Thanks, I'll give it a try and get back to you. Sounds like this should help out.
  4. So this is what I have going on.In my record trigger rec = [player1, 120, 35, true, 2] spawn HLF_fnc_infUnitCapture; And in my playback trigger I have this nul = [trooper_1] execVM "play.sqf"; nul = [trooper_2] execVM "play2.sqf"; I was told I have to add a new nul for every unit I have. In my mission files, in the init.sqf I have to lines of code. One for CaptureData and CaptureData2.... One for each unit for far. Both units have different names (Trooper_1 and Trooper_2) And they each have their own play.sqf file. But now they seem to merge into each other and both do the captured path of Trooper_1. This is frusterating, Am I overlooking something or did I miss something. I've watched a couple different tutorials on this. And still can't seem to get things working.
  5. So each unit will need it's own CaptureData.sqf, it's own play.sqf. But in each CaptureData file we'll have the code you have listed, but just add/change the number in the line of code per unit? Cause I just tried, after ripping my hair out. And eventually ended up with 2 units merging into one. Doing unit 2's movement. This is why I hate arma.
  6. igame360

    Controls Wont Save

    As the title says. My controls wont save. I'm not a fan of the layout of the ArmA 3 Apex controls. I've always used the default ArmA 3 controls. When I load up the game it sets me on Apex, so I switch it over to the other preset. And I click OK everytime. And I set up my keybinds. And I click ok. and I play. The next time I start the game up. It's back on Apex. And I have to redo the whole reset keybinds EVERY time. Help me the hell out. I reinstalled the game. I validated game cache. I made new profiles. Nothing. I'm the admin on my computer. My profile files keep reverting to "read only" After changing them. please help me.
  7. igame360

    Controls Wont Save

    I just gave up and edited the ArmA 3 Apex settings. Took me a bit. And I'm not sure. I've checked privileges and all that. And I have full control over everything. I'm the only person that uses this computer, so I'm admin. I've deleted the game completely and reinstalled it. Never had this problem until Apex came out.
  8. igame360


    I forgot about this mod. Could someone help me out. I'am looking for a radiation script. A guy on steam has posted this. But I can' get it working. _player = player; _RadiationZone = getMarkerPos "RadiationZone"; _Size = 500; _Delay = 2.5; while {true} do { waitUntil {Goggles _player != "YourGasMask" && _player distance _RadiationZone < _Size}; _damage = damage _player; _player setDamage (_damage + 0.02); playSound "YourSound"; sleep _Delay; }; And then he also posted this. Which was more confusing. you can also change while {true} do to while {alive _player} do but you'll need to execute the script each time the player respawns so in the end it would look like this. iGame_fnc_Radiation = { _player = player; _RadiationZone = getMarkerPos "RadiationZone"; _Size = 500; _Delay = 2.5; while {alive _player} do { waitUntil {Goggles _player != "YourGasMask" && _player distance _RadiationZone < _Size}; _damage = damage _player; _player setDamage (_damage + 0.02); playSound "YourSound"; sleep _Delay; }; }; [] spawn iGame_fnc_Radiation; player addEventHandler ["Respawn",{ [] spawn iGame_fnc_Radiation; }];
  9. igame360

    3CB BAF Equipment

    I really like being able to sling my helmet to my ruck. I believe someone released a mod enabling you to do that. Without having this mod. If someone knows what I'm talking about, can you link it to me?
  10. igame360


    Is this mod broken or something. Same thing with the original Ares mod. I have both enabled. And I keep gettings an error message like so. 'bin\config.bin/CfgGrops/Empty.Ares_MilitaryStructures'. I typed that into my computer search, hoping to have something in one of the files come up. But all I post was a posting on some website talking about some of the objects used not being purposely added to the editor. Is there any way to fix this? Because I really liked Ares, I get this error with Ares alone as well.
  11. igame360

    Eden Objects

    Can't find some of the things in the editor. Mainly the Portable GCS items.
  12. When is this releasing! :O
  13. igame360

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Do I have to set up anything in the mission editor to use this mod? Like I would have to for using Task Force Radio?
  14. I followed your tutorial, thanks for that one. But I'm looking to have an objective become assigned/created when I've completed that first task. How would I go about doing that?
  15. So are we close to release :D Excited to play around with these.
  16. Is there a reason why some of my objectives are being put really close to each other? Like within 50m - 120m. I complete one objective, and I turn around and BAM! The next one is right there. Meanwhile I select a HUGE area to operate in. And I dont have the "CQB" option turned to yes.
  17. Can we get an ETA on a release. Like come on!
  18. Was just wondering if it was possible to set Task Force Radio. So when I enter the server and complete loading in. It will move me down into a certain channel. I believe there is a setting on one of the radio moduels. Asking for the Teamspeak channel/password. I've done so. But I'm not sure it worked.
  19. igame360

    Organized Pelican Loading.

    Reply to here or on the video. Doesn't matter :D Thank you in advance!
  20. So I'm more then likely gonna have to do all this by script. I'm new to the mission making scene. But this is what I would like to do. *I'm using the Operation Trebuchet mod* I have 3 pelicans on the Altis runway. Each will carry about 12 ODST's. I also have 2 Falcons, 1 will carry a full load of ODST's and the other myself and another ODST. ODST troopers load into their Pelicans (About 12 ODST's per Pelican.) Players to load into their Falcon. Once players are loaded, all aircraft take off and head to objective. Once at objective aircraft land and unload troops and return to base. I can create the insertion and the pelicans returning to base. If the troops are already in the pelican. But not from this start point. I'm using waypoints right now. But I can't seem to figure it out. The troops load, thats as far as I get. Video attached for better understanding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfsFfBNdjBk&feature=youtu.be
  21. igame360

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    I should really take a look at this.
  22. If this thread was posted in the wrong section. Please let me know. I'm knew to the mission creating, well I've dicked with it before. But nothing made it across the finish line. But I'm trying to create an open world type mission like Far Cry 4, how all of your objectives were laid out. I got the strategic map modules laid out. But what I wanted to know is. Can I make it so there are no tasks on the map screen. But when you you enter the strategic map and click on a mission. All of your objectives and such are there. And once you've completed/failed. They disappear from the Strategic map. Hope this all makes sense.
  23. I'm looking for a template, to put onto all of my maps on ArmA 3. Consisting of ACE 3 moduels. And MCC moduels, aswell as a respawn module/system. I'm not really good at this kind of stuff. I'm not sure which modules to play and such. If someone can link me to a tutorial. Or something. Would be good.
  24. igame360

    Strategic Map with Tasks

    Bump, someone help me.
  25. Looking to get into creating cinematics. Mainly combat ones. But I was just wondering, its there any scripts or ways to get the AI to shoot if I'm using strictly AI. Cause I know theres scripts to get opfor to shoot Civ's like there executing them. Just looking to create some firefights.