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    Radial Menu

    ahh i got it to work, turns out i wasn't moving the mouse out far enough to activate anything... very un-intuitive system. thank you for the help :D
  2. exelsiar

    Radial Menu

    thank you for the quick reply, the problem is simply that when i open the radial menu, there is no way to select any options. the menu appears correctly, greying out the correct options, and such.
  3. Hello all, I just recently bought the game, not sure how i feel about it thus far, would probably be better if i can get this issue fixed. anyway, my problem is that the Radial menu refuses to work right for me, it'll open up and display all the proper details, but i can't select anything at all. Am on the latest steam version, 1.6.0011, using keyboard and mouse. any thought would be welcome as my searches have found nothing :(