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  1. I'm a special snowflake so i retextured myself some custom ODST armor. Everyone will be able to use it, but it is for me. :)
  2. Check the template mission. There is a pod you can copy that is already set at a certain height. I will work on an initial drop function for specific instances like yours though, I neglected to consider that during development.
  3. this setVariable ["TEI_HEV_CanCallInAI", true, true]; Use this on a unit's init to allow him to call in AI ODSTs. IIRC, it doesnt work correctly in the hotfix due to misdefined functions. Hotfix for the hotfix!
  4. You have to understand that at this stage we haven't really designed the mod with compatibility in mind. The same way people had issues with ASDG_JR, There could potentially be some incompatibilities with TEI and RHS. The ideal circumstance to play the mod would be running with just @TEI and @CBA_A3. We're not capable of checking compatibility with every other major mod atm. Maybe in the future, though. I understand that you, as well as some others, feel strongly about this topic. That said, we have all but made our decision regarding the flight model. We may reconsider this further down the road, but, as of now, we simply have too many other, more pressing, matters to attend to.
  5. Yeah its been fixed. Just waiting to push the update.
  6. What do you mean? In the current template mission, AI support comes in just like players, popping the chute, ejecting the door, and hopping out.
  7. No, its pretty much as is or disabled.
  8. The first error is caused by you missing a pbo found in the base game of ArmA 3. Best bet is to verify game cache. Second error is caused by you not moving the userconfig folder from the addon .rar file to you Arma 3 directory.
  9. If I could get a Teamspeak IP from every unit/group doing TEI stuff, that'd be great.
  10. Good work! We appreciate your work and will certainly use your findings in developing our own system.
  11. I'm fairly certain the profile issue was caused by the ArmA 3 1.40 Update, as I experienced the Thursday before alpha release.
  12. Could you be a little more specific with your issue? Are the AI just not getting in it when you order them to or they can't spawn it?
  13. Could you be a little more specific with your issue? Are the AI just not getting in it when you order them to or they can't spawn it?
  14. lol, dont worry mediafire link soon.
  15. This is very impressive, perhaps you'll be able to use more "authentic" assets soon. ;)
  16. Yes, atm there is a setup where you can call in drop pods one at a time. Also, I'm working on a system where you can call in a full squad at once.
  17. The goal is to have every helmet attachment be functional in some manner. So, the visor/goggles will hopefully be a functioning rangefinder, and the laser designator would actually function as a laser designator, etc. Also, all ODSTs helmets will have a functioning low-light mode, making NVGs pointless.
  18. Please vote up this feedback tracker so that we can get the ammo counter functioning. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22639
  19. In the mission "Blackfoot Down" Kerry gets a variant of the assault pack with his name and a us flag as well as some other minor details on it. I'm interested in retexturing this backpack, but I cant find the texture for the life of me. I've found the model in characters_f_epa.pbo, but no texture. http://i.imgur.com/DaYG1pI.png (1196 kB) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I haven't gotten to play around with the ropes yet but clearly something like this is possible.