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  1. What exactly is your issue? I've heard nothing but good things about it. If it's regarding the VTOL, that simply isn't happening.
  2. To add on to this, the idea of the UNSC using multiple, completely different sets of armor wouldnt make very much sense in terms of logistics.
  3. I won't discuss that in this thread, seeing as it would be off-topic, but keep your eyes on the addon discussion forums for more information.
  4. Okay, that doesn't really have anything to do with what I said. I'm not trying to sway you, I'm asking you to not be so rude to others posting on this thread.
  5. Wow, there's really no need to be so hostile and disrespectful.
  6. I assume you are operating under the APL-SA license. If so, I believe Section 2/a/5 prohibits this, however, I'm not 100% sure. http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike
  7. Pulling what little original content I did provide: HEV and HUD scripts Most of my other contributions were via the configuration, which I can not reasonably request for you to stop using. Also, to everyone telling us all how foolish, stupid, and childish we all are, please be a little more open-minded. Nothing is ever as black-and-white as it may seem. There were long-existing issues that only escalated and intensified as time progressed. The fault for these issues culminating into recent events lies on both parties. It could have been identified and eliminated initially, but instead it was allowed to continue, damaging both the mod and its contributors. I hope that SpaceNavy has learned as much from this ordeal as I have, and I genuinely wish the absolute best for TEI.
  8. The RHS incompatibility may have some correlation with the CTD caused by outdated versions of ASDG_JR. We will look into it in the future.
  9. Not entirely sure how we can implement the Gravity Hammer. I guarantee it'll be entertaining though.
  10. This has been resolved. How do you bring up the fullscreen cam btw?
  11. Its technically usable as-is. But, we're never going to make an Altis Life if that's what you're asking.
  12. Why does everyone keep talking like Reach is set years before H:CE. Reach is literally set like a month before the beginning of H:CE, if even that.
  13. Thats a cool design, but the helmet interface is specifically designed not to limit the user's FOV. Pretty sure its even addressed in the lore.
  14. The ODST armor is stronger, ODST's AI is higher skilled, and ArmA AI is unpredictable. Run that scenario again and you might get the opposite. But, yes, the ODSTs are basically special forces. Also, to Tripod27, and Theronnett: I appreciate you alls' enthusiasm and interest, but, you have to stop. This is just devolving into shit-flinging, which we really don't need. Understand all things are being tweaked and changed as we go. We are considering some of your input, but if we deny some of your ideas, please don't hold it against us. We are putting Halo things into the ArmA gameplay, not the other way around.
  15. "armored" uniforms now provide actual protection. no more getting one-shotted in the legs.
  16. Oh yeah woops, didnt mean to show the HUD yet but w/e. Prolly for the best, we try to keep the dev process pretty transparent. ayyyyy
  17. NVGs fixed http://i.imgur.com/lzuGQ7t.png
  18. halo 3 pilot helmet was always the best looking one imo. Dont know how well it would mesh with Reach-style armor tho.
  19. You can, but it is an EXTREMELY bad idea. Editing base classes in the game can break things, mess up dependencies, etc. Not to mention, I dont see why you would want to do that anyways considering the Pelican is an unarmed transport and the blackfoot is a heavy attack helicopter.
  20. No, there was an issue where this mod broke the AH-99 Blackfoot. That has been resolved.
  21. Sounds have been added to the pelican ramps and the blackfoot issue has been fixed.
  22. Yeah its having some issues unfortunately. I'm working to fix it.