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  1. I was under the impression that things were going to be this way from the get-go. But, yeah I think some sort of Gear Select option should be available.
  2. scorch_052

    A List of Questionably Empty Promises

    There are game files for everything you listed minus the F-35 (which has been confirmed as a placeholder). ArmA 3 "releasing" was pretty bs since it really wasnt done yet, but I'm confident that all the things listed will be in the game at some point. Just be patient...
  3. scorch_052

    Clothing Event Handler

    Yeah I tried to make a script of this earlier today and was actually stumped. Mind you i'm only an amateur scripter, but still. Some sort of system does need to be put in place. Personally, I think a description.ext entry, such as "changinguniforms = 1/0". However, they'd need to make this in a way that uniforms could only be changed via scripting and nothing else.
  4. scorch_052

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Sorry to hear about -E3-, hopefully ARC does well. I'm gonna try to look at the config and see if I can get the units working on 1.0 if thats alright.
  5. scorch_052

    Clothing Event Handler

    I'm almost positive this is possible via scripting. Try a mixture of commands like waituntil and while do {}.
  6. scorch_052

    A relaistic Modern OPFOR

    There were hidden russian textures supposedly in the alpha, but I doubt theyll be changing anything.
  7. I'd send these to the Invasion 1944 team if you really want to see them implemented in any mods.
  8. scorch_052

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Looks like a Mk48 rather than an M249. If so it'd be best with 7.62.
  9. scorch_052

    Retexture Issue - Weapons

    Be careful with retexturing and releasing weapons. I seem to remember some people being contacted by BIS about this.
  10. scorch_052

    Multi Session Operations for ARMA 3?

    If you actually read the interview: "It may be weeks or months - not before it’s ready!" as in its not ready yet.
  11. Hey, any plans on adding support for FHQ Accessories? Check Shamwill's M16 Pack if you want to avoid creating dependencies.
  12. scorch_052

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Do you think you could try to separate the mask from the face a little, or make it thicker? I'm trying to make a mission with the characters from the game, but I cant use a black face because of the clipping issues.
  13. scorch_052

    Third-Person Limiter Thing

    I beg to differ. (though master might be being a little generous) ;)
  14. scorch_052

    Third-Person Limiter Thing

    This sounded good from your description but the video makes it look 1000 times better. So long as you make it MP-compatible and iron-out any gamebreaking issues, this could become a must-have mod.
  15. scorch_052

    Fun with User Textures

    This is amazing. My only request is that you give us the option of using an addon or mission file.
  16. scorch_052

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Well, I assume he's using some sort of addaction command for them, so he could integrate it to where if you like middleclick it will do the action or you can use the menu.
  17. scorch_052

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    How do you restrict specific items? Nevermind, its in config.sqf for those wondering.
  18. scorch_052

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Hey is this going to get updated for the beta? Or are you guys waiting for release to release some huge pack with vehicles and all?
  19. scorch_052

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Honestly I dont understand why nvgs dont just go in the goggles slot now, but i guess thats offtopic.
  20. scorch_052

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    I went to disney world. Okay I see what your saying about the maps and radios and such, I can take a look at that. As for getting individual items, just do additem "sc_x" where x is the item (i.e. sc_bandage)
  21. scorch_052

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    Just got back from vacation, and unfortunately my laptop(main pc) is broke. I'm in the process of try to transfer my data to my secondary pc. However, this pc does not have a DX11-capable GFX Card so i'm unable to continue work for the time being on this project. Sorry guys :(
  22. I have a suggestion for a feature. Make it where mission makers can put down a module and define variables within its init to determine its dimensions (height, width, entrances, etc.) and make it build a building based off of those variables. Plus, if the mission maker doesnt define any of the variables or some of them, they will be randomized. Maybe also make editor objects for templates like a wall segment or a small, one-story cabin.
  23. scorch_052

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    A video of my most recent script for the items http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JJEc7mp38U&feature=youtu.be As you can see, its still pretty wip. I may release a little beta version if people want it. Also, I'm using some pretty ugly dialogs, as you can see. Thanks to Drongo69 and Larrow, however, I may be able to utilize a better system.