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  1. scorch_052

    SC Custom Faces

    Sorry man, I guess I was in too much of a rush to release the addon. I was actually fulfilling the request of one individual for a custom face and decided it would be better if I just released it as a mod.
  2. scorch_052

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    Cunico, please consider making hiddenselections available for these masks as I would love to be able to make some custom masks. (I believe Mr. Keegan can guess what I'm on about)
  3. scorch_052

    [wip]updated vest mod

    He probably took the files down. He was banned awhile ago so dont expect to get another link.
  4. Im assuming you guys never found a solution to this. Really need to be able to disable this.
  5. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Unfortunately, the "Worn Clothes" uniform doesn't have hiddenselections set up in the config. Whats strange is that it DOES have them set up in the model, and they simply arent "activated" in the config. Why BIS would config them like that is beyond me. Luckily, CAF Aggressors solves this issue by adding hiddenselections through their African Rebels configs.
  6. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Writing the config for v0.1 now. Click the See More link to see all included retextures. Actually I'm going to work on implementing more textures before I do my first release. Sorry guys.
  7. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Nice! Perhaps change some of the shoes though.
  8. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    I can release what I have this week.
  9. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Sure thing, man. I'm not at home tonight but tomorrow I'll upload my templates in .xcf and .pdn files (cant afford Photoshop). All I ask is that if you make some nice retextures consider sending them my way to be included in the pack. (with you receiving credit for them of course) EDIT: Cant figure out how to port my work on GIMP to Paint.net so just .xcf for now. Here ya go To change the colors, use the xxx_T layers and the Fill tool with "Fill only similar colors" selected. To apply the Jeans texture to the pants, select the Jeans_T layer and then right click on the pants. Select Filters > Artistic > GIMPressionist and then select the Paper tab and choose canvas2.ppgm. Check the Invert and Overlay options and set the Scale and Relief as necessary.
  10. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Sorry about any inactivity this week, just picked up Titanfall so thats taking up most of my free time ;).
  11. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    I'm going to try and port the suit and hoodie insurgent outfit over and use those if possible. Also, I plan to retexture the rangemaster suit as well with more business/casual clothing.
  12. scorch_052

    MRAP Maxxpro-Light armoed Vehicle

    I could take a look at it for you.
  13. Who cares? Just dont join these milsim groups. I get youre trying to help out or warn people, but really who cares? If you dont like specific rules but want to be in milsim, just dont follow those rules and see if they kick you out. If they do, oh well you werent meant for that group. If they dont, great you can play games with them. You are making a big deal out of a problem that is literally non-existent. People choose how to play games. Noone is forced to join a milsim group and there are MANY better alternatives (UO, Shacktac, RIFM, etc.) that arent as anal about out-of-game behavior. Personally, I'm never going to say "Attention!" or "Sir!" to someone over the internet as thats just downright silly. Noone deserves to be addressed in such a manner just for sitting a computer longer than I do. Other than that, I see nothing really wrong with milsim groups. Maybe the swearing thing comes off as a little ridiculous, but try to look at things from a perspective besides your own. Perhaps there are people who just generally dont enjoy hearing swearing and feel it creates a hostile/offensive atmosphere for them. I mean BI forums chastises excessive swearing and I'd say that that rule sort of decreases the hostility of the environment. tl;dr Dont do milsim, or do do milsim. Either way, noone should care but you.
  14. scorch_052

    SC Urban Apparel

    Made a little progress today. Click the "See More" link in the first post for more.
  15. scorch_052

    MRAP Maxxpro-Light armoed Vehicle

    Is it still as strong and fast as before? I really hope so because the thing was so damn fun that way. Also did you setup a PhysX LOD? It would be interesting to see the top-heavy-ness of the MaxxPro be properly simulated.
  16. scorch_052

    Community Game Developers -=[WANTED]=-

    Why not seek out the devs of ArmA 3 Life? AFAIK they've made some pretty impressive progress so far. I'm sure they'd appreciate assistance.
  17. scorch_052

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    I agree. Why not keep tactical hoods? Perhaps remodel them so that they fit around the african heads though.
  18. Assuming the mission spawns enemies dynamically, meaning you'd have to edit the mission's scripts accordingly. Otherwise, just change the units in the editor. Also, pretty sure this goes in Mission Editing & Scripting.
  19. scorch_052

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    Are you planning to make it possible for players to cut their chutes? One of my biggest complaints with vanilla parachutes is that you always have to wait until you land before moving around.
  20. Apparently there were issues with this system that BIS couldnt/didnt have time to fix. Shame really. :\
  21. scorch_052

    Map Markers

    No. Unfortunately, you cant shift or turn markers as you place them. However, FHQ Map Draw allows you to draw on the map in real-time and have it sync'd across all MP clients.
  22. Yeah, as Polymath said, try using .PNGs and skipping .TGAs. In my experience theres no negative effect of doing things this way.
  23. Strange. Assuming you arent previewing a mission in the MP Editor, make sure the init of your mission does not have enabledebugconsole = 2; in the init.sqf.
  24. scorch_052

    @A3CS - ArmA 3 Combat System

    Awesome! Will the flare be throw-able as well?
  25. I'm also jonesing for some gas masks. ;)