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  1. scorch_052

    EWK EOD Project

    Yep, overlay is done and dusted. Will post pics once im home sunday. We're working on setting up a file structure with one core pbo holding mutual files and separate pbos for the suit, thor, rhino, etc.
  2. Hi everyone. Right now I'm working on a headgear addon and so far the first LOD (1.000) works fine. However, none of the others like 2.000, View - Pilot, etc. seem to be placed properly. The 1.000 LOD appears as it should on the character's head, but all the other LODs appear inside of the character at what I assume is the "point of origin". I'm working off of the character_headgear_template.p3d from the arma 3 sample files so all the LODs were pre-made. Is there some sort of setup I need to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. scorch_052


    I haven't used the mod yet, but, something like _object [url="https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hideObjectGlobal"]hideObjectGlobal[/url] true ought to solve the invisible shadow issues your having, though I don't recall if hidden objects still collide and all that.
  4. scorch_052

    Dynamic Cover System

    In Battlefield 4, every time you are near the edge of a wall, or any other piece of cover, a small arrow appears on the respective side of your crosshair and, when you aim, you will peak out of cover in that direction. As a matter of fact, zooloo, are you planning on adding any kind of UI indication as to what direction the user will peak out?
  5. scorch_052

    EWK EOD Project

    I'd be glad to provide some assistance in the texture and scripting departments. However, ArmA 3's method of tracking placed explosives is rather strange in my experience. I can't find a way to detect explosives with nearestobjects or any other commands.
  6. scorch_052

    Dynamic Cover System

    Sounds awesome! Is it setup using the boundingBox command or some similar PhysX-related commands, meaning it will be functional on all objects?
  7. Yeah, It's all WIP and probably going to change. Soon
  8. scorch_052

    Nomex Coveralls Expanded

    Maybe. I'm pretty new to modelling and using Object Builder. I think, for starters, I'll try making a version without gloves and move on from there.
  9. Hey guys, I'm going to be working with SpaceNavy on this project. I'm going to do my best to help him with whatever he needs regarding texturing, scripting, and config work. That said, I thought I'd show you guys some very early WIP content. These are the most recent textures we've managed to whip up for the UNSC Army units. And the reference (Halo Reach Army and Marines) Obviously, all gear in the screenshots are placeholders and the texture is still pretty WIP, but we decided to show you a little tidbit of the progress we've made. As always, feedback is encouraged. We look forward to providing you with more content as it is completed.
  10. scorch_052

    TMN Defense Budget System

    Nice, but I think it belongs in the USER MISSIONS section since it technically isnt an addon.
  11. scorch_052

    Ka-50 port from ARMA 2

    Looks good man, keep it up. It'd good to see rstratton's stuff still be used as it was really high quality.
  12. scorch_052

    This mapper is a machine

    I guess BI has %-100 percents of life then considering the size of Altis.
  13. Also, let me know if you need any help texturing, scripting, or setting up configs for anything. You can simply contact me on Steam. I'm more than willing to do anything that needs to be done in order to assist with this project.
  14. This is great and I wish you the best of luck. My only real concern is how are you going to design the innies? Are you just going to have them look like atypical insurgents, or are you going to try to base them off of what little facetime they've gotten in the comics/graphic novels.
  15. scorch_052

    The Army Combat Uniform Mod

    Also, it slipped my mind earlier, would you be willing to bring over the tshirt and rolled-sleeve uniforms from OA?
  16. scorch_052

    The Army Combat Uniform Mod

    Sweet! You da best :)
  17. scorch_052

    The Army Combat Uniform Mod

    Hey, RichardsD, can you PLEASE add hiddenselections to these models so that we can customize them to our specific needs?
  18. SC Custom Faces Description SC Custom Faces is, as the name suggests, an addon centered around adding more faces to the game. Thats really about all I can say about it. Feel free to make a request but understand that I'm hardly a graphic designer and might not be able to make stuff as pretty as you'd like. Of course if there is a desire for it, I'm more than willing to release individual texture files to be used as custom faces. Images See More Credits Bohemia Interactive - Providing excellent models, textures, and engine to work with BusStopWilly - Providing an excellent solution to the dull colors of custom faces Keegan - Making the request that inspired me to make this addon COD: Ghosts developers - For making some badass looking masks and facepaint DOWNLOAD
  19. scorch_052

    SC Custom Faces

    You have to set them as your face through the profile menu or do this setFace "SC_Face_x"; where x = your desired face (Keegan, Logan, Hesh, Merrick, etc.)
  20. I just want a ragdoll command. It doesnt seem like too much, I just want to make ai fall over, BI. :'(
  21. scorch_052

    Arma 2 Weapons Project

    Hey Slatts, did you ever finish the SMAW?
  22. scorch_052

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    Nice! You should consider making a replacement config for AAF guys.
  23. scorch_052

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    Yeah the green is a little too bright. Try and subdue it a little more and bring down the saturation. Like CT said, try to take the green from the first camo, specifically the green tint on the "chest stripe", and apply it to the new camo. Once you do that it'll literally be perfect.
  24. scorch_052

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    Alternative AAF pattern looks really good! perhaps make it a tad lighter and add some brownish-tan bits here and there. Certainly better than default AAF camo, which stands out horrendously in pretty much every environment besides dense jungle.
  25. scorch_052

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    He's just more mature than all the other 12 year olds.