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  1. does this tutorial assume you have a gui installed before you start? think ive spent around 4 days now trying to get this working and still with no joy... the steps up to apt-get install wine1.5 winetricks (which I had to change to sudo apt-get install wine1.5 winetricks because you say I have to use the user account and not root) all work fine and I can log in to vnc fine too. after that its all a disaster every time!
  2. and I quote them : We provide top quality 24x7x365 technical support via Helpdesk and 8x7x365 by Phone. If you contact us via any of the options we choose, your issues can be solved within minutes. Even the most complicated of technical issues are guaranteed to be back online and running within no time at all. - well ive sent emails tickets and phoned numerous times with not a single reply and the server details they sent me dont work?
  3. well i have been ripped off - there website promises the world and you get ripped off instead.. great start to the weekend.
  4. According to their website the server will be up in 35 minutes and you get 24//7 support. I finally got an email from them this morning saying the server was set up and live. Granted it is set up and live but they have sent me all the wrong passwords to access it plus none of the server tools in their control panel work as they all say connection refused! I have tried to phone them around 20 times in the last few hours with not a single person picking up the phone! I also emailed them, set up tickets (last night and this morning) and not a single ticket has been answered. I went on there teamspeak channel where two admins are like there and not one will talk to me! I have used many game server rental companies over the years but this shower of scammers need to be avoided!
  5. I am trying this on a dedicated server and it simply is not working. I dont follow the instructions? When I get to the parth where I have to install the files on the server and try to run the ArmA3_Steam_updater either via SSH or in the tightvnc veiwer it says bad EXE. I cant get past this stage! Please help. I have rented a remote server which is running ubuntu btw op if I could pm you the server details can you please try to do this for me?
  6. Do You Play ARMA3? If you do and you are scottish maybe you would like to join our clan/group and play on our server. We are not mad competitive and are playing for fun! We are making maps etc for arma and are playing them on our server. If you join the clan we will be playing regular games on our server for training and on other peoples servers for fun and some glory! You must be: Over 18 Have arma 3 like to play regularly post here or pm me for details!