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  1. Chaz GELF

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Tried it, but it's fairly temperemental - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Right now it doesn't work. Tried -nomap and -nosplash (and both at the same time) but it doesn't work. It's not too big a deal-breaker for me though, I've been enjoying the later titles in the series just as much, if not more, and it looks like the modding community's already been bringing back the older ArmA islands to the ArmA 3 beta! Thanks for the offer of help, though :D
  2. Chaz GELF

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Alright, hello there! I've had a store account for a while but I finally got it made into a store-and-forum account, so I'd like to say hello! I ended up getting introduced to ArmA II through the DayZ mod, so I bought Combined Operations on this store, gave it a try, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Curious about the rest of the series, I ended up picking up Cold War Assault (Which I've been having trouble running due to Out Of Reserved Memory errors, even after installing the ECP mod) and ArmA Gold! I am terrible at all of the ArmA games, and I die more often than not, but I have a bunch of fun regardless! Just yesterday, I finally caved and bought the ArmA 3 beta on Steam. I'd played the Alpha Lite build a while back but my old card could barely play it on minimum settings, since I've just upgraded my graphics card I figured I'd give it a go again, bit the bullet, and bought the beta. I'm happy to report that it's performing admirably on Standard settings (With a couple of tweaks), and that's good enough for me! I figured I'd come check out these forums to find some user-created scenarios, and maybe figure out how to make my own sometime, so I hope to get to know you all better soon!
  3. Chaz GELF

    User Mission Request Thread

    I just picked up ArmA 3 last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed the nighttime showcase mission! Something about sneaking behind enemy lines, causing a ruckus and then getting out is fun (Which is why I had a bunch of fun with "Eye For An Eye" in ArmA 2 as well!) Does anyone have any recommendations for similar nighttime missions? Covert or noisy, small squad or lone-wolf, I'd love to try out some new night missions!