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  1. Thanks for the heads up. WIll check my config if i have anything under map_tanoa.
  2. Hi PUDDY300, Have you found the fix for this? I am experiencing this as well. I am able to put units on the map early this week but come Thursday, this error is now appearing.
  3. Hello again, After importing the x-cam template i still get the same error message. However i think i found the issue. when i check out the txt file generated by x-cam, i found this entry. "mil_wallbig_4m_f";245531.546875;65689.03125;180.088;0;0;1;-4.76837e-007 I deleted the line and imported the file into TB and walla, the error message did not appear.
  4. Hi Silola, Aus, Thanks for replying. I already have my own terrain and have been able to use it in arma 3. As i have observed last night, the error appear but was able to import the walls only. I did not load the X-Cam library into TB and i think that's my issue. I will try it later when i get back home. Thanks guys.
  5. Please help, I have exported a terrain builder definition file from x-cam but Terrain Builder says its on a wrong format. i also updated x-cam to 1.05 still got the same output. "Dialog - TxTImport - Wrong file format or source template not found. Operation will now quit."
  6. Please disregard, found the solution. I had 2 @x-cam folders, one in arma and one in my custom mod folder. Maybe i accidentally enabled the wrong x-cam mod.
  7. Hi I need help, i have already added objects on my x-cam project. suddenly today when i boot up arma 3 and tried loading it, my project file is gone, as well as the prefab and faves. Does anyone have any idea or know how to fix this? thanks!