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  1. Im on stable and dev both cause crash's with or without mods. I've tried both.

    And also it happens in large groups like we will all be running around and bam everyone without 200m of us will crash. idk if its 200m exactly just viewing distance i guess... idk games weird sometimes. again with and without mods... I'll pack up all my dumps for you to look at.. i have a lot. some are mod related some arent as i test mods working together before i allow them on my server.

    Here's all my thingy's. I know some crash's are mod related but it happens even without mods.


    I also run a server so i could give you those logs too if you need them.. but they are super large like 14 gigs.( should i just delete it) i could just do a search through the log if you tell me what to look for.

    I think its the Bone Structure errors since my buddy mentioned he gets the same errors when his game crash's when he joins a server.

  2. windows 7 64 bit.

    this also happens every so often with everyone i play with... i just tell them to start there own server/ load a showcase etc. that fix's it. almost like it refreshes something i guess idk

    edit: also it only does it with 1 server(not 1 server in particular just the you've been playing on for a couple hours) it'll crash over and over until i join a different server or do the above

  3. Does the HC have to run off the same pc the server is hosted off? My server is hosted a few states over but i get about 16-25 ping. Would running the HC off my pc be effective? I have 6 cores 12 threads.

    And i also have 2 copys of the game but since the game requires steam would it kick one account off if i were to log off and log in with another account or would i have to use a Virtual Machine?

  4. I've been using INS revive and i've used it for a pvp mission and i cant seem to figure out how to turn off the spectating once the player is dead, they are able to zoom all the way out and see all around them. this is a problem. anyone have experience with this script?

  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zs9eo2u2d4up89a/arma3server_2013-08-02_19-05-39.rar

    thats the error log.. any idea why this is happening.. its starting to annoy me :/

    Also I'm starting to notice bad server lag.. like 10 server fps. The server is running Domination. any idea on how i can fix it a bit?

    so i just hosted a dedicated server off my pc and it gets a solid 50 fps with the same mission... so i guess my provider sucks..

  6. there are so many files in this mission its complicated to find how to increase the intro speed so it doesn't take so long and reduce the spawn time. where would i find it in the labyrinth of files.


    also there seems to be a bug when you die your hat doesn't save, i cant seem to find where to edit that to fix it.. also is there a way to switch it so we fight blue4 instead of op4?

  7. thanks it did help they need to fix that i looked on youtube this guy had a 3930x and 2 gtx 680s in sli and got only 35fps u cant play a fps game with very low frames

    ---------- Post added at 21:28 ---------- Previous post was at 21:14 ----------

    well a lot of newer games are said by a lot of people should b able to use 8 cores. plus 8 cores would be graet for me because i own a lot of simulators like xplane 10 and the makers say it will use every core, plus i use designing software so 8 cores wont b overkill for me i was just wondering how this game would use 8 cores.

    are the game makers planning to fix that?

    here it shows the 8350 beating intel in all the benchmarks except for Cinebench R10 32-Bit and the ones that test single threaded performance http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-4670K-vs-AMD-FX-8350

    I find AMD usually wins or comes close to winning with benchmarks but with actual gameplay it doesn't seem to do so well. that's just what i've seen.

    and i currently have a 3930k 4.5ghz and 2 670 ftw's sooo they have the same pcb as a 680. so i pretty much have 2 680's. i my fps ranges from 20-30-60-80. it really only drops under 30 if there are just way to many AI. My average is probably 40-50 but i have seen it peak at 80, again it all depends on the AI count and the mission from my experience. BUT my graphics cards are only ever peaked at 50% usage i've never seen them go above that. Average useage is about 20-30%

    So raw speed will be best for this game right now get the highest clock you can. unless things change and the game uses the full power of what you have.

    Edit: also PIP kills like 15-20 fps i usually disable that. but everything else is on ultra

  8. intel is stronger than amd in most situations... intel hasn't even released an 8 core(non server cpu) because amd's 8 core is weaker than intel's quad core and 6 core. 8 core is pretty much overkill.. unless you are video editing etc. a quad core with the hyper threading is the best right now imo.

    But i do own a 3930k 6 core 12 threads and i've only seen battlefield use 80% of it. As of right now arma 3 only use's 1 core at about 70-75% while the other cores are about 20-30%. I overclocked my CPU to 4.5ghz in these slow cpu utilization applications the highest clock will beat more cores. My suggestion is to get intel with a good cooler get a 4-4.5 ghz clock out of it and you'll be fine. Also maybe a SSD? i know that helped with arma 2.

  9. http://s21.postimg.org/3rf1fm453/steam1.png

    I don't even think the code activated. I put it in again to see if it would give an error and it just gives me this soo maybe it won't let me activate it since i already have arma 3 and i didn't get the gift copies of Arma X etc.

    i guess my question is since i bought it on BI's website will i get DLC codes on there as well (if there are any) or are they attached to that 1 key. Thats pretty much my only concern.

  10. You didn't buy the supporter edition from Steam you bought it from BIS. You can't buy a pizza and desert combo from Pizza Hut and expect the pizza to be free just because you already ordered a pizza from Dominos.

    thats why im asking here and not on steam? and pizza has nothing to do with this and it really doesn't work for this situation, from my past experiences steam gives you giftable copies of games you already own if you activate them.

  11. i just bought the supporter edition and well i already own arma 3 so i activated the cd key on my steam account assuming steam would just give me a giftable copy but it didn't... i wanted the supporter edition benefits to be on my account while i give a friend the extra. i kinda feel like thats a rip off. maybe this isn't the right place to ask but i thought i would ask here first. i did pay 100$ i think arma 3 should be giftable..