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  1. Map symbol interface menu with save slots for custom and commonly used symbols. This is my suggestion for the map symbols, I'll be adding a sweet picture I drew using MS Paint to show you what I'm talking about in my next post because I'm not allowed to add the link. Basically you would have 12 save slots for your most commonly used symbols. Along with the symbols you can also save what color and what text are accompanied with them by simply typing in the text, picking the color and dragging the symbol to an an empty slot WITHOUT hitting OK. (I'm shooting for something similar to the drag and drop inventory menu style.) OPERATION: Open the map and double click on the spot you would like to mark just like normal. Simply use the up and down arrows like normal to change the symbol. Choose the color by clicking on it with your mouse cursor. If you'd like to save text with the symbol, then type what you want in the text bar. (If you don't want text then just leave the text bar empty.) Once you have everything set up, simply move your cursor over to the big symbol and drag it to an empty slot. DO NOT HIT OK unless you also want to place that symbol on the part of the map you double clicked. on. If you only want to save symbols BUT not place a marker on the map at that time you would simply hit cancel to close the window after you've dragged your symbols to the save slots. To clear a save slot you must move your cursor over the slot and press the delete key on your keyboard. Simply dragging a different symbol over a filled slot WILL NOT replace it. This is to prevent accidental replacement during "Oh crap I'm getting shot!" combat. ---------- Post added at 21:51 ---------- Previous post was at 21:49 ---------- Map symbol interface menu (Not sure if this will work.) http://i42.tinypic.com/20sxdsn.jpg