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    Constantly crashing since the update

    Same problem here. :( After the update I could get on King of the Hill and play from 2-20 minutes before it would hard crash and I'd have to Ctrl-Alt-Delete out.... "Arma 3 has quit in an unusual manner.Info: Exit code: 0xCFFFFFFF / -805306369 Reason Unknown Time Running: ~ 00:11:09.1 seconds The game was started with the following parameters." ...... Today I played King of the Hill for over an hour and everything seemed fine... Turned it off an came back 2 hours later.... I can make it to the King of the Hill Server lobby but as soon as it starts to load the game it makes a "Thwang" sound and goes black, leaving me with this message when I Ctrl-Alt- delete. "The instruction at 01000101c referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate program." And then this message....... "Arma 3 has quit in an unusual manner. Info: 0xC0000005 / -1073741819 Reason Unkonwn Time Running: ~ 00:13:50.05 seconds The game was started with the following parameters."
  2. So lately I’ve been reading a lot about how the Arma 3 engine is so out dated and that’s why it can’t do this and that, so on and so forth...so now I’d like to know … What engine should BIS have used to create Arma 3 in order to give players what they want? Also, what would be the best method of finding the best suited game engine when it’s finally time for Arma 4? Here’s just a small list of what I’ve seen people asking for lately... Realistic: Graphics Physics Lighting Models Textures Animations Movements – (Inertia and what not…I guess) Open world Terrain – (Air, sea, land, and under water.) Accurate Collision detection Accurate Hit registration Completely destructible and interactive environment- (Moveable, breakable, burnable furniture in every building and outside. (Couches, chairs, tv’s, beds, cabinets, radios, pictures, pots, boxes, signs, and AI) Realistic damage - (People, vehicles, buildings, animals.) Realistic and customizable AI both human and animal Realistic and customizable weather Utilizes multi-core processors and crossfire Better server architecture to ensure high frame rate Accurate ballistics, weapons functions, and characteristics. Ability to shoot out of any vehicle Ability load inside a vehicle and be transported without having to take an assigned seat. (I know BF2 had this capability… The pilot could drop the ramp on the Ch-53, players would walk in, close the ramp and fly away. The people inside would all slide to the back but they would be alive.) Complete and easy to use MODability and customization – (Make your own various factions, units, uniforms, weapons, vehicles, buildings – Change this feature, leave that feature on but turn this part off… take this out and do this instead.) The ability to handle massive amounts of players, bullets flying, vehicles moving, buildings getting destroyed, fires burning, weather changing, and AI all doing different things at once while still keeping a high frame rate but also not making the game seem too gamey and Call of Dutyish?? O_o
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    ArmA 3 Menu User Interface Discussuion

    Yep, the server browser is the only thing I would care to see changed. (Don't think it counts though.) It would be nice if there was a multiplayer lobby where all my friends could join and then once a game was found, depending on the game mode/mod we would all join the same game on the same team.
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    Vehicles radar system

    Yeah, and like I said in my wish list, I wish for that Passive Detection Hub to be vulnerable to higher caliber rifle fire, the same as I wish the optics were. If it were vulnerable to anti-material fire then that would be an easy way to defeat the Active Protection System too.. ...Or if it had APS scanning hubs on each side...That specific side would need to be disabled before a rocket/missile would get through on that side.... At any rate the APS shouldn't have more than 2 protective rounds per side. In regards to air threats…. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing is if they implemented a stationary Radar array trailer or truck…. Basically a HEMTT or Kamaz with a big radar on the back… It has to be stopped and deployed….. When deployed, vehicles like tanks and APC’s are able to see air threats on their Situational Awareness Screen because the information is being sent from the Radar trailer to all friendly vehicles within….1km? The radar trailer or truck would have a limited detection range (Not sure what the range of the AA is but it should be more than that I think..) and it would be vulnerable to attack due to being a big radar that’s emitting waves and has to be packed up before it can be moved… (Not so much packed up, just lift the stabilizing legs, secure all the wobbly things that might snap off, and then go,) It would also be cool if AA vehicles could relay that information to vehicles too but in a much smaller radius, say…. 500m - 300m? Without either of those systems in place, Tanks and APC's shouldn't see any vehicles except what they find through their optics.... Or maybe friendly vehicles thanks to the BlueForce tracker style systems. (Makes me wish I had a couple million dollars so I could hire some game developers and build my own.... I'll call it CARMA 4 "Including all the cool things that others had to leave out.")
  5. squirrel0311

    Vehicles radar system

    Yep, that’s what I asked for on page 2. (It's buried in the middle of my post though.) :/ I would like to see a Passive Detection System and an Active Protection System if they could make it work right. ....It could even be magically contained in one sensor hub, I don't care. The Passive Detection System just alerts the crew when they are being radar scanned or laser designated/targeted…. Sounds an alarm and something that shows the general direction of the threat on their situational awareness screen. The Active Protection System would Track missiles and fire an interceptor countermeasure to blow up incoming missiles as long as they are within the parameters of its capabilities. (Not fired too close or traveling too fast... Cant stop tank rounds, that sort of thing.) e.g. Trophy or Arena systems
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    New CH-67 Huron

    I can’t tell from the picture of it but I’m not against stealthier looking features. I don’t know if they can improve the Arma 3 sound system but…. I hope it has Airbus Blue Edge rotors.
  7. squirrel0311

    Anyone seen facial armor systems yet?

    Here’s a video of the FAST M3A mask that the Army is or was looking into. Yes it does stop 7.62mm x 39 round at 25 feet or further but like he says in the video, it’s going to hurt and at that range you’re not going to just get up and walk it off. It’s also important to note that in the video the face mask actually flexed and popped off the helmet… This is a bad thing but in real life it probably wouldn't happen since they were shooting a bolted down mannequin head. As for injuries sustained, I don’t think you’d snap your neck from the force simply because as I stated above, everything from your shoulders down isn't rigid…Unless you’re leaning against a wall with only your head and neck sticking up. . When you head is hit, it snaps back, once it goes back to a certain point the next thing to move back is your torso, eventually throwing you off balance and putting you on the ground. More than likely the injuries you can expect to see are going to be broken facial structure bones, missing teeth, deep cuts, possible torn muscles, bruises, and MAYBE neck fractures but I doubt it In addition there are a few companies that make Ballistic face mask or ballistic face shields… Some of the more notable ones are the type seen in Army of Two. http://www.interamer.com/ballisticfacemaskleveliiiafull.aspx (Ugly in my opinion) As others have said, in most cases you sacrifice visibility, breathability and ultimately operational stamina in return for more protection.
  8. squirrel0311

    Dsync 100000 after update 1.26

    I started having terrible dsync after 1.24 …… :/ I usually only play on low ping servers, some as low as 23 yet regardless I have almost constant yellow and red chains. I’ve only played King of the Hill servers recently so I’m not sure if that’s part of the reason why since some say they’re more demanding with the 80+ player count, still I've never had this level of problem before.
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    Favorite conflict setting poll

    LIBERIAN CIVIL WAR ...Jump around...
  10. squirrel0311

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    This is something I have been wondering about too. How much processing power does it take to have the ragdoll effects vs just a simple animation? Would it be too demanding to have a variety of animations for certain ranges of calibers depending on where you were hit and from what direction? (E.G. 9mm-.45, 5.56mm-7.62mm, .408-.50 cal, 20mm-40mm, HE rockets-cannons…. Etc.) That motion capture studio they have looks big enough to do wounded animations while running too. Although it may be a bit gruesome, if they took the time to study how the body reacts when being shot from different directions and while in different stances via real videos I’m sure they could do a lot better than what we have now. Of course this would definitely be a time consuming task and everything would need to be thoroughly thought out, documented, and practiced beforehand. Instead of the odd flailing limbs twitch that we have now, what if we had animations that for a very short period of time restricted movement much like the shock of being struck does in real life for certain wounds? These are just crude examples but imagine… Standing Still: Headshots - (Top of the head to the nose) – The head would snap in the direction of travel from the bullet and the solider would drop instantly. Mouth/Upper chest – (Depending on caliber/severity) The soldier would flinch, maybe bringing his hands up to the wound as he staggered and leaned (forward usually) before falling. Arms/hands – The soldier would flinch by pulling his arm in close to his chest as he hunched forward and rocked back and forth a bit… (And maybe other stuff… Wiggling his arm? Cradling it? Jumping up and down?) Mid Chest/ Abdomen – The soldiers would pull his shoulders up and stagger back or to the sides (No more than 2 steps usually) as he hunched over towards the pain, stumble and or fall then scramble to get up. (This would be dependent on caliber, direction but usually even with body armor people fall when they’re not expecting to be shot. Stance is also a factor for just about all these.) Hips to Knees - The soldier might flail his non firing hand but he would probably drop to one or both knees and catch himself before going all the way down or just fall flat… From there he would scramble to his feet and limp away where ever the player directs him to. Upper shin to Ankle – (Depending on severity) The soldier would more than likely fall, maybe roll on his side and grab his leg before scrambling to his feet or maybe even staying prone… Feet? – The soldier would more than likely fall but I think it might be cool to see him jerk his leg up, hop for a bit then fall… Scramble limp… repeat. Moving: As others have said, imagine watching a player running across a street and being shot in the back right side… His torso might flinch slightly in the direction of the pain as he takes a few more steps before his legs give out… Or Imagine someone sprinting and taking a head shot or upper chest shot… Running and all of the sudden dropping like someone tossing a sack of potatoes… maybe add a bit of dust flying up or depending on if they were on a slope… Maybe the ragdoll effect could take over and cause them to flip/roll over from the momentum of their gear. (The headshots, neck shots, and death by explosions would look much better if there was gore. (E.G. Pink mist, chunks of skull, torn limbs.) If another medical system was introduce say something like DAYZ where you bleed out, it might be cool to have wounded that writhe depending on if they received a non near instantly fatal wound. (E.G. Slowly rolling from side to side, bending their knees, putting their hands on their face, rocking, sitting up to check themselves before flopping back.) Even with these examples I say there should be at least 6 possible animations for each area of the body also depending on whether they're wearing armor or not. Not sure if that's possible but it would be neat.... Also falling from ladders and stuff too.
  11. Well first let me start by saying that I am fully aware of the gap between reality and games that can never be fully closed, hence why I said some of this stuff can’t and shouldn't be added or attempted. I also understand why some might favor the somewhat added difficulty or “skill†that is now required due to the new features and therefore prefer the new system over the old. I am also completely aware that you can simply wait for the sights to sweep over the target with little to no adjustment. I do not claim that this patch makes shooting impossible or that it’s even overly difficult to put rounds on targets. However, with that being said… as I stated in the beginning… Personally I don’t like the new system. It doesn't feel or look natural to me. The natural respiratory pause has its place and without it, the aiming just feels clunky and non-immersive. I’m not saying that it’s all bad, just that it feels broken and incomplete. You might compare this to how some people hate that the MI-48 interior is a copy and paste of the Apache. While I can look past the pasted interior, the sway and pause are harder for me to overlook and it leaves something else to be desired for me. As for holding your breath for 10 seconds fully rested… It’s all about conditioning... I’m not sure what kind of PT the CSAT and Altis guys do but I think I heard that the BlueFor guys are supposed to be something along the lines of SF which would generally mean they’re probably in pretty good shape. In real life we used to do breath holding drills all the time. It’s more of a way of measuring conditioning and adding additional stress than it is an actual marksmanship tool. You would start at the 1000yrd line, load your weapon, get online and everyone would take off to the 500. (We said sprint but it was really more of a fast jog, you want to be one of the first 5 there but you don’t want to be so tired you miss.) Hit the 500yrd line and set up and make ready. Drop your hand when you start holding your breath while your buddy counts out loud. You hold it as long as you can and then squeeze your shot off… If you hit your target then you’re good if not then get to do it again. :/ I could hold it about MAX 8 seconds and still hit a silhouette center mass at 500yrds and that’s using a Mk11 or Mk12 which are heavier than a standard M-16A4. For game purposes though I would be happy with something more along the lines of 6 fully rested and 3 when fatigued.
  12. Personally I like the old system better because the prone and lower stances felt more realistic in terms of weapons sway and breathing. It seems like every weapon uses the same amount of sway instead of being relative to the weight. (Haven’t tested that other than messing around with the Lynx, MX, and Zafir in the Virtual Arsenal) Add the new sway with the new fatigue system and it just makes it hard for me to accept. I play a lot of PVP and if I had that much trouble with weapon sway and fatigue after running 15m in real life I would just desert. Haha I’m seeing a lot of people talking about countering weapon sway via movement or “handling.†– At higher stances yes you should have more sway and have to counter the sway but as you get yourself lower to the ground you SHOULD through good technique become more stable which means less to ultimately no need to “Muscle your weapon.†This is why the prone position bothers me so much. Prone: When the Marksmanship fundamentals are applied, even with gear on, prone remains the most stable position and for that reason we teach that there should be NO MUSCLING of the weapon. In fact once you’ve improved on the basics enough and everything becomes tight, a new element is introduced…Shot Timing. When you snap in correctly and tight enough you can see your crosshair jiggle in pulses thanks to your heart beat. (I’m sure many have already mentioned this.) Obviously in game a lot of this stuff can’t and probably shouldn’t be simulated but what I saw last night shooting prone was nowhere near what I would consider realistic. When aimed in through the scope on this new patch it feels like the sensitivity is turned way down and fighting the sway even while holding my breath is nearly impossible. It seems like you have to really drag your mouse in the opposite direction to even slow it down enough to wrangle a shot on or near target. In real life, at distances of 500 to 1000m simply moving your foot could cause you to miss. I’d much rather see a system that is sensitive and easy to over correct if you move your mouse too fast. In addition, when in the prone you can only move about 15 degrees from center line of where your body is pointing. If you moved further than that the scope would jolt upward and bob once or twice as your body shifts. There should be a little bit of sway but when you hold your breath it should drop to almost nothing but… the little heart beat jiggle would be a nice touch. You should also be able to hold your breath for 10 seconds normally to 6 seconds fatigued. (I'm sure someone already threw this in too but just for giggles.) Marksmanship Fundamentals: Your stable shooting position is built on a few basic things… Natural Point of Aim – This means positioning your body in such a way that your sights do or almost rest naturally on your target. There should be no twisting your body or constant fighting to keep your sights pointed where they’re supposed to go. (This is mainly for longer ranges in the prone but it’s still important.) Bone Support – Muscles are twitchy, therefore you want to rely on them as little as possible. Instead you want to find a way that allows you to relax and let your bone structure or something else support the weapon. (Prone to low kneeling stances) Weapon cradling – This is all the things that have to be done properly with the weapon itself including buttstock in the shoulder pocket, steady and naturally comfortable forehand support, high firm pistol grip, proper cheek-weld, proper eye relief, sight alignment, and sight picture. (Pretty much all done for you in the game.) Breathing Control – Natural Respiratory Pause – This means waiting till you naturally exhale and holding that pause at the end when all of the air is out of your lungs. (Done by the hold breath key) Trigger Control - Slow steady squeeze until the shot breaks. (Done for you by the game.)
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    gm6 lynx range

    Sorry I can’t help you, there might be something in player settings that I don’t know about. Type your question over global or jump on Teamspeak. With that said…. I think this is a question that should be in the ARMA 3 – MULTIPLAYER Forum or maybe the MOD DISCUSSION forum. Better yet, you should make an account on HostileTakeoverclan.com and ask them there.
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    Abort treating yourslf?

    This is just one of the many reasons I want actions bound to number keys. The way I’d like to see it set up is with a medial rose/menu set to the #4 key. (Personal preference) You would have to hold the key down to bring up the menu; this would simulate using both hands. If you release the button the menu closes and you bring your weapon back up. Similar functions would work for selecting certain weapon attachments and so on… I went into more detail in my wish list but I just feel that would be a much better way to do it. I remember an abort healing option on the scroll wheel as well but that was on King of the Hill so I don't know about plain vanilla.
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    3D Scopes - This can't be right

    I’ve never had this problem yet I still get stuck aiming in when I hit my map key. Another thing is how do you get your scope reticle so clear?! I’ve tried turning off post processing but it’s still blurry/ halo’ed.
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    Controlling and aiming with the A-164 and Neophon

    Yep that's what I mean... I didn't go to JTAC school but now that I think back, during our CAS Courses before work up I'm pretty sure the term used was "Wings Level" Basically it's saying, "OK I see the target, you can stop describing it to me now. I'm setting up for my run, listen for and double check my heading." Like I said if you're not an actual JTAC you don't have to know all the fancy attack controller lingo.
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    Controlling and aiming with the A-164 and Neophon

    Yeah I was talking about how easy the HUD is to read, not what information the HUD displays. I was kind of hoping for a helme mounted display but I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. As for “Wings Level†it depends on the pilot you’re talking to. When you start out with “Be advised, I AM NOT A JTAC†lots of pilots tend to talk to you on a more personal and sometimes even Barney Style level. I have experienced two calls in which the guys flying for us said “Wings Levelâ€â€¦ Could have been the same pilot both times though, I don’t know. 2nd Platoon’s JTAC apparently caught pneumonia. I wasn’t the one talking to the pilot but we were listening in on our radio from a little ways away. I believe it went something along the lines of… “Ok. YEP I see what you’re talking about. I got wings level. Stand by….. I’ll be coming in Northeast to Southwest†Blah blah blah…. That was over 4 years ago so I don’t remember the whole conversation yet I do remember them both calling Wings Level shortly before showtime. Could just be a unit/squadron thing. At anyrate I don't think the jargon really matters so much as long as everything works properly. It would be neat to use voice commands and call in 9 Lines to AI pilots on a JTAC level using proper terminology but I kind of doubt that's going to happen anytime soon.
  18. Well allow me to explain… Light Attack: The Dhruv Hal – Rudra was originally intended for the thread about attack choppers but I don’t see it anymore. However I didn’t see the Attack chopper exclusion anyway until now. I simply pasted it to the top as a partner for the Care flight helicopter. If you’re going for Real world CURRENT UTILITY ONLY… it might help to put that directly in the title to help cut down on confusion…. “Possible High Quality†seems like something else entirely. Fixed Wing: I added the CH-701 because of its civilian use and STOL capabilities. If you’ve never seen one in action, I highly recommend looking it up. The A400M is only there to stop others from wondering what the AAF would be left with hence why I didn’t add links. SCI-FI: As Odie said, while the picture I posted of the V-44 looks futuristic…It’s no different than this one… http://www.gods-inc.de/macavity/shad...boeing_qtr.jpg other than looks and wingtips turning. Both are of a concept which is currently being explored. To a degree, the same can be said for my wishes to see an An-70 Tilt-Wing… There is no such aircraft in planning…but one has already existed.(XC-142A) (No sling capability though.) I’ve already covered the V-22 Osprey, the Valor, and the X3 in my wish list, plus they’ve already been mentioned here. In addition… China is looking to build a new Heavy Lift helicopter. AC 313 - http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/ainalerts/2012-01-05/china-certifies-avics-heavy-lift-ac313-helo Also the Kmax is pretty neat, especially the drone feature even though the drone part wouldn’t be necessary since we have AI pilots… The Eurocopter HTH program comes to mind as well. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=125238&d=1276160098 (Notice the "Strider" coming out the back.) The Sikorsky X2HS would be neat too but it's awfully big. http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll31/DemonLordRazgriz/3View.jpg
  19. The Dhruv Hal - Rudra would make a good light attack helicopter for AAF or CSAT as well. http://imageshack.us/a/img801/3215/mysv.jpg The Dhruv VT-XLH version would make a good civilian or Care Flight helicopter for Altis too. http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=102253 I would also like to see… Westland Sea King (Altis Coastguard?) KA- 226 (Civilian) KA-62 (Police or Civilian) –This is almost the same as the Ka-60 though :( Bell 525 – (Executive Business or Emergency Services) Flying CAR - PAL-V One and http://i57.tinypic.com/wc24nm.jpg (282 kB) Zenith Air CH-701 http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/pic03/stol-air2air.jpg (Not a helicopter but wanted to throw it in there.) The Future Heavy Lift Chinook looks pretty cool. Might make a good heavy for AAF or PMCs http://media.popularmechanics.com/images/advanced-tandem-heli-0108.jpg I’d also like to see the KA-52 and KA-58 but I’d like those to be saved for the Russians if they ever jump in. Also I have to mention the Transport Aircraft… I suppose they could fill the Heavy Lift gaps for CSAT and NATO.... NATO: V-44 http://i39.tinypic.com/5fkpl3.png CSAT: Tilt-Wing An-70 :D http://i41.tinypic.com/2njhnpe.jpg (This isn’t doesn’t look like an An-70 but it gives you an idea.) AAF: A400M (I guess if the AAF got this they could still use the future chinook or the Eurocopter HTH helicopter I posted eariler.) That Metal Gear solid Helicopter is kind of like the one I dreamed up. Here’s my awesome drawing. Haha http://i39.tinypic.com/2ntysk.png I want something with big doors on each side for guns and so the crew can kick out ammo crates and junk. :P …Oh and Coaxial rotors of course.
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    Field Manual - Weapons Info: Titan MPRL

    Ah, I guess I got it backwards. I could have sworn it was the other way around in the Alpha....heck I don't even remember seeing the AP missiles until recently. I usually just pick up a new lancher, haha
  21. squirrel0311

    Field Manual - Weapons Info: Titan MPRL

    Well something might have changed but I know for certain in the earlier versions you could load AA or AT. It has to be the FULL SIZE Launcher, NOT THE COMPACT.
  22. squirrel0311

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Ok so this is basically pulled from my wishlist…. NATO Heavy: I would really love to see a Coaxial Rotor CH-53 http://i44.tinypic.com/n5geww.jpg …(The CH-53K is ugly in the front so hopefully it won’t be modeled after that.) Medium: Ghost Hawk (In game) Light: Hummingbird (In game) Light/attack: Pawnee (In game) Hellfire variant would be nice too! Attack: Blackfoot (In game) - I agree the Blackfoot needs an actual Attack Variant http://i59.tinypic.com/2cxw36r.jpg or they need to bring in the AW-64 or some other highly upgraded version. CSAT Heavy: Mi-38 (Although it’s a medium helicopter) Unless we wanted to go bigger then maybe… Sikorsky X2 HS? http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/l...griz/3View.jpg Medium: P-60 Orca (In game) Light: I feel the Mi-48 handles all three of these roles so I’m not sure there is a need for something more. Light/attack: Attack: AAF Heavy: Eurocopter HTH Program http://i959.photobucket.com/albums/a...ect/HTH2-1.jpg Or Mohawk even though it’s really a medium helicopter. Medium: NH-90… or Mohawk (In game) Light: Hellcat (In game) Light/attack: Hellcat (In game) Attack: ToH Super Hind or Rooivalk MK2? I’d also like to point out that for this being the future, I expected to see more helicopters with FLIR since it’s a very valuable and helpful tool no matter what the mission. I would have liked to have seen all the Transport helicopters (and pawnee) fitted with a FLIR hub on the nose just like the Lynx/Hellcat. There are a lot of other helicopters I would like to see as well if they add more factions. KA-52 Black Shark (Russian faction?) KA-58 Ghost (Russian faction?) UH-1Y Venom (NATO or maybe a civilian version?) EC 725 Cougar MKII (PMCs?) Z-10 (China faction) Z- 9 (China faction) Tiger Helicopter (Some Euro faction)
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    Guide on what to do/play for newbies to ArmA

    I would say that if they’re just now coming onto ArmA then the best place for them to start would be the EDITOR. As you stated watch some videos to learn how to place units and whatnot. They don’t have to learn how to make missions, just place some empty vehicles so they can get the feel of the basics and learn the controls. Start off just moving, shooting, and driving vehicles around to get a feel for the game and more importantly…. Change what you don’t like. (Keep in mind that there are a ton of controls and it will more than likely seem overwhelming in the beginning. Take your time and think about what’s easiest for you to reach and how often you will need to use those functions. Here is a list of functions that I consider necessity and therefore need to be kept close so they don’t require you to move your hand or at least have to look to make sure you hit the right key. Movement keys, Lean keys, Stance keys, Reload, Grenade, Inventory, Compass, Crouch, Prone, Push to talk, and switch channels. In addition I would suggest putting the zoom/lock feature on your mouse if you have an extra button…Also freelook… The main point is make yourself comfortable and don’t forget the functions above…try them in the editor. Once you do all that and you’re comfortable with your controls, then you’re free to try out single player missions and showcases… and like the original poster said…then multiplayer… Might be best to stick to Co-Op missions for a while till you learn the basic mechanics… Here are my own multiplayer pro tips…. Please please please! DO NOT TRY FLYING A Chopper with passengers if you’re not completely comfortable with flying in and landing on a dime while underfire! DO NOT USE AUTO HOVER! Do not try to land in a “HOT LZ†this isn’t Vietnam and even then it rarely worked out well for the troops and crew. (I see this happen all the time!) A helo pilot will clearly watch two helicopters and the troops their carrying get ripped to shreds and the first thing he says is… “DUH… okay guize… we’re going into a HOT LZ!†…..Then everyone dies. Before you even get to the AO you need to be asking friendlies who are already there if there is any armor in the area…. If you see something where you’re about to land…FIND ANOTHER SPOT. Also don’t try to land in the AO unless you’re absolutely positive it’s clear! USE YOUR MAP! Find a safe spot, mark enemy locations, and then communicate/relay that to your team! (Be careful though because the enemy can hear you talking from 30m away.) I agree that if you’re alone and being suppressed it’s good to call for help… HOWEVER, if help isn’t already nearby and you CAN get out of there… DO IT! …. Waiting more than 1 minute for someone to help you is just asking to be flushed out. If you’re exchanging gunfire with someone then leaning is good but…try not to use the same corner, doorway, or window twice. Also stay away from the dang windows! You don’t need to get right up on the windows to see out, that’s how you get spotted/shot. If you have to move up next to a window then lean and peek out, don’t stand in front of it. (I still catch myself doing this.) Keep the doors closed too! Treat AI as Terminators… If you don’t have good HARD COVER….then don’t even try it. (I’ve been meaning to finish my ground combat guide that I was making for a friend…haven’t heard from him in a while though… maybe I’ll do it anyway and post it.) In the end the main rules still apply… Head on a swivel (360 degree awareness) Try not to give your position away until you know you have the upper hand. (Don’t shoot at enemy if you can’t hit them... don’t silhouette yourself.) Don’t hold one spot too long, switch it up a bit. Shoot + Move + (Communicate) = Conquer Some great PvP multiplayer games that I enjoy are King of the Hill and Tactical Battlefield. Tactical Battlefield is a mod though and I don’t see a lot of people playing it mainly because I don’t think many people know about it.
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    Well just like with everything else, the situation always dictates. It can be a chemlight, smoke, or even a flare. And it doesn't even matter what color it it is as long as you let everyone know what it means. I always see people getting so stuck on "Red means enemy!"
  25. squirrel0311

    Realistic vehicle damage video

    It's an old game but has anyone here ever played 1nsane? That's the kind of damage model I want! :P and this one...