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  1. 9 minutes ago, fingolfin said:

    European or not, as long as nobody makes a model for it and it is seen in US service, it won't be in the mod. But more MCX variants will come as soon as certain models are available.

    Yep, my point was that it wasn't an european thing either so I don't know where he pulled that out from. Good to hear that there are more MCX coming though. The hk rework looks sweet, thanks a bunch for the hard work you put into the mod. 😁

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  2. 2 hours ago, da12thMonkey said:

    Mk48s do accept the side-mounting M240 50rnd cloth nutsacks and the old M60 100rnd cardboard box holder, using a side-mounting bracket


    Same setup the M240 has but with a different mounting bracket AFAIK. It's just that since the Mk48 has the benefit of being side-ejecting rather then bottom-ejecting (like the M240 is), they were also able to make Minimi-style pouches that hang on the underside of the gun.

    That's interesting, thanks! I guess I'm not used seeing it that way. 😏

  3. 16 minutes ago, fingolfin said:

    I have released two small updates in the last hours: EXPS3 and Micro T1&2 aiming should be fixed/better now, Larue riser replaced the old ones on some models and there are now two ammo belts for the Mk48s. Also, I have darkened the HK416 “tanodised” textures. Unless any game breaking bugs are found, do not expect the next update to be so soon.

    Thank you so much for the ammo belt, the MK48 looks so cool now! The clipping is minimal (I don't mind, it's not an issue) and it looks good. 😁 
    And yes, when I replied to the thread the idea was to have a mag that doesn't clip with the arm, I wasn't complaining about the mag size and all that.

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  4. Played around with it a bit, what can I say? It's great! 😁
    Can't wait to see what's next, both here and in your cag/delta mod. I have an idea/suggestion, I don't know how doable it is or if it's possible but I'll put it here regardless. The MK48 is currently using the m240 mags from rhs and it looks a bit weird (also clips through the arm), since it's a first release I'm sure it may be a temporary solution and it'll eventually change when you update the mod. My question is: Would it be possible to make a custom mag or an ammo belt for it? Pictures for reference:




    As I said, just an idea/suggestion, not a request. In any case, keep up the good work!

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  5. 1 hour ago, Siege-A said:

    Once all the standalone modules are released and updated, then we'll push an updated version of the all-in-one pack. The standalones will be updated more frequently than the main pack, so its still always best to compare versions.

    Thank you for clarifying, can't wait for the next releases! 😀

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  6. 11 hours ago, Siege-A said:

    UPDATE! Our first updated standalone modules have been released on Steam Workshop, with further releases which will follow up as they are ready. Been a long time coming but we're finally winding it down to the finishing stage. Stay tuned for further releases.


    USP Gear Core v0.8.0: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2044374502


    USP Gear NVG v0.8.0: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2049719091

    Very nice! Quick question, will you still update your "old" all in one version or you'll just release it in modules and keep updating those ones?

  7. 11 hours ago, Predator14 said:


    And why don't you buy licensed models that you can wear in A3 will go faster and RHS has already done so many times?

    How about you do it? I mean, if you're that impatient...


    57 minutes ago, Synchronized said:

    I cant believe he is still here, just ignore him.

    Yeah, let's just drop it, he'll give up eventually.

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  8. 14 hours ago, Predator14 said:

    patience it's been years since i hate them please thank you and arma 4 will be released by 2020 -2022 that it will not even publish everything and that everyone will go to arma 4 ....

    Making things may take time (sadly) and writing posts like yours isn't going to make them work faster or harder. Try to create a mod yourself and you'll understand how time consuming it can be.

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  9. It's such a shame, I hope you'll reconsider your decision one day. No hard feelings though, I understand how you feel, I just can't understand why people can't respect intellectual property. Like, what are you going to gain from stealing a mod? I'll still continue enjoying the mod (and shed a tear everytime), thank you for your hard work and dedication. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Delta Hawk said:

    The M65s should appear more puffy than the normal BDU blouse, so there will be some clipping with certain gear.  I've already had to slim down the jacket a lot so there's probably not much more I can do.


    Not sure what is up with the vest.  I'll have to take a look at it.

    I mean, it's not game breaking and with woodland/green uniforms it is much less noticeable. I think it's normal since, as you said, the M65s are more puffy and overall bigger than the standard gear. The jackets are already looking great and all the other alice webbings don't have issues with them. The vest fits perfectly if you put it on when you use the standard BDUs or the t-shirt variants. If you manage to somehow figure this stuff out it would be great, otherwise I don't think it's that much of a bother (not for me at least, can't speak for the others). 

  11. On 7/1/2019 at 3:11 AM, payne2010 said:

    I noticed when you use the grenadier vest with the M65 jackets it clips in the back (https://imgur.com/ITdPjFi) other then that I'm still loving the M65's! I've also been wondering if you have thought of adding the netting fabric to the helmets, I think it would look really good with your 4k uniforms. ( here's some examples: https://imgur.com/a/RTjycUp)

    Noticed that too, the cause might be the M65 model being larger than the normal combat uniform (as it should be). 

    I agree with payne here, the helmets with some netting would be super rad! 😉

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  12. 9 hours ago, Delta Hawk said:

    @Laqueesha That blouse would have belong to an officer since it has a "branch" rank insignia, right?


    8 hours ago, Laqueesha said:

    The 4K textures look good; file size doesn't bother me much.



    I think so; army nurses are all officers from my understanding.

    An officer, huh? That helps, since the rank on the collar is missing too, it only has that nurse symbol (which is not equivalent to a rank of some sort, is it?).

    Going back to the main topic, yeah I agree, the file size doesn't bother me too. 

  13. 11 minutes ago, Laqueesha said:

    Kinda looks like the shape of the 11th or 13th Airborne, but those units haven't been active in decades. My guess is it might be some unit patch with a Ranger tab above it.

    Hmm, it might be the last one, I'll probably have to do some digging. I thought it was the 101st because of that tab, but I actually forgot that they're not the only ones that have a tab over the unit insignia. Thanks for the input mate, I'm afraid it's gonna be a long search.
    The nurse patch can actually narrow it down a bit? Nice. I still have no clue where to look, but that's a start for sure.

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  14. 18 minutes ago, Laqueesha said:

    Since that particular jacket has desert nametapes, I'd go with a desert-colored patch. That said, I don't think it was a 101st patch. The shape is different.

    Hmm, what can it be then? I know there's like a gazillion different patches (the US army is pretty big) but... anything particular in mind? 

  15. 3 hours ago, Delta Hawk said:


    In the 90s and going into the early 2000s it was common to see service members wear subdued OD green patches, ranks and nametapes because it may not have been possible to get desert patches, ranks and name tapes sewed on for the whole unit.  Everyone in a unit had to be the same and since they already had subdued OD green that was what they generally went with.

    Thank you very much, I'll go for that then. This one has tan name tapes and medic/nurse (dunno) insignia sewn on the collar. I'm posting some photos of it just to be sure:



    Was it a 101st patch? I'm not seeing things, right? 😂




    Sorry for derailing the thread a bit, I just want to be extra sure before I mess it up. 😅

    So, green patch? Is it a go?


  16. 1 hour ago, payne2010 said:

    The m65 looks beautiful, not going to lie the 4k looks way better then the 2k. The file size wasn't bad for me I think it wouldn't effect anything if the rest of the uniforms were 4k. But then again some people can run the game at its highest point, other then that I love it keep up the good work!

    Agreed, it looks super cool. Gonna play around a bit more to see if there are performance issues but I've noticed none so far. 
    Brilliant work as always @Delta Hawk!

    Ok guys, I'm going a bit off topic here: I've recently came across an original 3 color field jacket and I couldn't resist, I bought it. I noticed that the spot where the patch should be is empty because someone (probably the old owner or the surplus shop) ripped it off. I could recognize the shape (cause it was still visible on the shoulder) and it looked like it was the classic 101st airborne insignia. I'm going to buy a new one to stitch there, the thing is, I like stuff to be as authentic as possible so... How the patch should be? Like the one in the photo? Because I've seen several variations, like the tan one (https://i.gyazo.com/c20fa2e1f06a2a1eae4ce144dc417b6b.png) and I don't really know which one is the most correct.


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  17. 12 hours ago, Delta Hawk said:

    There's a huge difference in texture quality...a huge difference.  To give you an idea, I would say the current helmets are at 4k resolution (even though it's 2k)  My old helmets I would consider to be 2k resolution even though they're 1k.

    4ks still still mipmap correctly to I believe "high" texture quality.  I can't say I've notice any performance issues with higher texture sizes other than a couple poorly optimized mods.


    But Kofeina101does have a good idea.  I'll either upload a few test uniforms or upload a set with 4k textures and see how well that works.  I can reevaluate the decision to move to complete 4k after that.  Maybe I can make three separate steam workshop items, the main one, and one with low res textures and the other with high res textures, or create a new Steam Workshop item that makes then all high res.

    Yeah, that's because of that difference that I would like to see the mod updated to have 4k textures. The only times I've had problems with mods were when they were badly optimized. Mods can become quite taxing on weaker systems (and even ArmA is quite taxing on its own), that's why I was talking about performance. And yes, if I recall correctly the 4k textures are correctly displayed on "high" settings.

    The solution to split the 4k mod from the "main branch" would be good. I'd say the best course of action is to have the current mod as it is right now and make an "update pack" on the workshop that makes it become high res. Or just make two separate versions, the regular (current) one and the high res 4k version. The thing is, that would probably mean you have to deal with a heavier workload, especially when you decide to add new stuff or things like that (which is not a problem if you're willing to do it, we just don't want you burnt out from all the work).

  18. 14 hours ago, Delta Hawk said:

    CUP added some good quality old school Aimpoints mostly seen in the early 2000s.

    Thanks, I downloaded it, I'll check it out when I have some time. 

    Btw, while I know that people can have some issues with 4k textures, I'd appreciate them, because your gear would look even more great. I tend to prefer performance but in that case I don't really know. I'd stay around the 2k mark, maybe?

    Some stuff I did with your gear+some other mods: 🙂







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  19. 20 hours ago, cu3b4ll said:

    They've added some new variants of the M16A2, they might have some old optics, I personally prefer iron sights but the M68 Aimpoints work fine. On the topic of M16A2s I prefer GSTAVO M16s.

    Gonna check it out, thanks!



    17 hours ago, Hvymtal said:

    Yeah, and while I'd normally agree with that sentiment @cu3b4ll, some people are bothered by having an optic on their gun that wasn't released until 2000, or 1993/97 if you want to count the early Comp models (Comp in 93, ML in 97). Then again, from a modeling perspective the 2000, 3000, and 5000 are quite literally just tubes with a battery case stuck on, and adding pic-compatible scope rings is a matter of just finding a pair. Plus Aimpoint's discontinued products section offers most of the dimensions to get the scale right....


    Funny side note, the Comp was developed as a more compact solution for high-end IPSC shooters sticking Aimpoint 3000s and the like on their handguns, hence the name. So Aimpoint not only invented the red dot, but the first red dot for pistols as well, which ended up being a favorite for combat rifles. Huh 🤣

    Heh, I'm an iron sight man as well, especially when I play as the russians. I kind of prefer the russian irons compared to the american ones. Don't really like the ring they usually have, but it's not too much of a bother honestly. The only times I use scopes are when I play in modern era settings, the Acog and the SU-230 are two favourites of mine, the Aimpoint gets the third position, right behind them.
    Who would have thought, a pistol sight ending up becoming a sight for combat rifles. That's a funny fact indeed. 😂

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