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  1. red_spring

    UH80 Ghosthawk ejecting issues

    Looks like you're right, same thing happened here
  2. red_spring

    UH80 Ghosthawk ejecting issues

    Yeah, I was completely still at about 1178m. I don't know why but I always get wounded or killed. Are you sure about the 150 km/h thing ?
  3. red_spring

    UH80 Ghosthawk ejecting issues

    I'll check asap, but I'm pretty sure I didn't With autohover I get wounded, without it I die
  4. Grandissimo massi! Ancora una volta ci delizi con le tue unità :) Hai in mente progetti di aggiornamento vista la beta ? Qualche veicolo o blindato ? Oppure qualche elicottero ? Non dico creati da zero, ma magari ricolorati :) Lo scriverò in inglese cosicché tutti lo capiscano :) Do you have plans for the beta ? Maybe some wheeled vehicles or armored vehicles ? Or some helicopters? I'm not saying to create them from zero, maybe some recoloured vehicles should do the trick :)
  5. Nice addon mate! :) I'm looking forward for the server key, because I want to use your units in my server :)
  6. Looks nice, I'm going to try it :)
  7. red_spring

    Tao Folding Map

    Very useful addon :) Many thanks to the author of this little but useful addon :)