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  1. Good Evening, i want to bind the option "activate collision lights" of my chopper to a key or button. I didnt found any possibility to bind this option to my input devices, so how can i do this? regards
  2. feldmaus

    Bind ingame Options to shortcuts

    But i am not the Mission developer. In this case i am only client. How can i bind it without changing the Server Side? regards
  3. Good evening, to simulate a perfect sniper Training area i Need to setup the temperature. How can i set the temperature to a specific value in my mission? regards
  4. feldmaus

    change temperature

    I can not spell this, but i can give you a link to a ballistic table of the 408 Bullets http://www73.zippyshare.com/d/9476652/25183/.408_CheyTac_1013.25mb.pdf Have fun and enjoy this table. :cool:
  5. Hello All, i have a Trigger area, where if my Player goes into this area, an object shall be set from unavailable to available. How to? The object is a simple sniper Training range target. It shall only be available if my Player stands at a specific Location. regards
  6. feldmaus

    set objects to available

    I mean the Attribute presence. I can set it up in object properties. I still set the presence atribute for all my target objects to false, so that they are not shown, but how can i reverse this?
  7. Hello all, i want to add earplugs+Kestrel to my Player, but cant find the classname for it. How is it called now? Do i have to use <additem> and <assignitem> for it or <addweapon>? regards
  8. Hello, i want to place a simple sign in my mission in front of my training Shooting range and put a Text on it "100m" . How to label my sign? regards
  9. Thanks for the good links, i added [player, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, true] call hyp_fnc_traceFire; to the init of my player and it doesnt happen anything. Is hyp_fnc_traceFire a script i have to download? EDIT: I found the Link to the Script, but where do i have to save this? In my Mission Folder? YES And do i have to rename it to <init.sqf>? YES
  10. Good evening, i am a total noob in making Arma 3 mission. However i try to make a single player mission, where i can make my own sniper rifle range tables. Therefor i want some sniper stations from 100m to 2500m. I want some simple training range targets, where i can see my shots. I tested some simple training range targets, but they dont show me where i did hit plate. Further on i need to see where my bullets are flying. In some scenarios i played there were a red line showing the flight path of my bullets. And i need a camera which is showing me my simple training target from close, so that i don't have to use my binocular. Any hints or good links for me? regards
  11. Good morning, i want to make a script for a client, which checks if there is an intersection between two players. Therefore i want to use the function<terrainIntersectASL> on my Arma 2 client to check this case. Does this function use my internet connection to ask the server or will this case be checked by my client only? regards
  12. Hi, is there a way to trigger self-made functions/scripts on my Arma 2 client by external programs? Howto? Hints? Links? regards
  13. Functions i would love to see: 1)Radio functionallity. 2)AI's react on nearby conversations, so it should be better to use hand-signs in danger zones or stop talking. The 1) should be possible without touching the performance of the server, but i would love to use the arma functions <lineIntersects> or <terrainIntersects> to check who is in direct sight of the transmitter-radio, the problem is probably that i need to communicate with the server. Another solution would be to calculate on the client by mumble(addon) which object is in direct sight to each other. Therefore these Arma functions(<lineIntersects> or <terrainIntersects>) must be exported to mumble. I need to know if these functions need to communicate with the server? The 2) point needs surely a connection to the server. This means also an mod for the server. But this would be just fair in opposite to non mumble-ACRE users. Also i need to collect some informations about the radio-range. regards
  14. Thanks zsawyer, i got your code by using the command <git clone git://git.withsix.com/mumblelink.git>. Dabei habe ich folgende Daten erhalten: . └── mumblelink ├── doc │****** └── screenshots │****** ├── mumble_settings_optional_1.png │****** ├── mumble_settings_optional_2.png │****** ├── mumble_settings_optional_2_short.png │****** ├── mumble_settings_required_1-3.png │****** └── mumble_settings_required_4.png ├── LICENSE.txt ├── natives │****** ├── apiExportHelper.h │****** ├── build_WINx32 │****** │****** ├── MumbleLinkExtension.dll │****** │****** └── MumbleLinkExtension.lib │****** ├── build_WINx64 │****** │****** ├── MumbleLinkExtension_x64.dll │****** │****** └── MumbleLinkExtension_x64.lib │****** ├── LICENSE.txt │****** ├── LinkAPI.c │****** ├── LinkAPI.h │****** ├── make.bat │****** ├── make_osx.sh │****** ├── make.sh │****** ├── MumbleLinkExtension.cpp │****** ├── MumbleLinkExtension.h │****** └── README.txt ├── natives_test │****** ├── build_WINx32 │****** │****** ├── RVExtensionTest.dll │****** │****** └── RVExtensionTest.lib │****** ├── build_WINx64 │****** │****** ├── RVExtensionTest_x64.dll │****** │****** └── RVExtensionTest_x64.lib │****** ├── make.bat │****** ├── RVExtensionTest.cpp │****** └── RVExtensionTest.h ├── release │****** └── @MumbleLink │****** ├── addons │****** │****** ├── mumblelink.pbo │****** │****** └── mumblelink.pbo.MumbleLink_b3.bisign │****** ├── keys │****** │****** └── MumbleLink_b3.bikey │****** └── MumbleLinkExtension.dll └── sqf ├── LICENSE.txt ├── MumbleLink │****** ├── config.cpp │****** └── scripts │****** ├── fnc_initMumble.sqf │****** ├── fnc_start.sqf │****** ├── fnc_updateMumble.sqf │****** └── init.sqf └── squint └── mumblelink.sqt regards
  15. I tried to receive a copy of your code, but got an error message: git clone git://git.withsix.com/mumblelink Cloning into 'mumblelink'... fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /mumblelink OR git clone http://git.withsix.com/mumblelink Cloning into 'mumblelink'... fatal: http://git.withsix.com/mumblelink/info/refs not found: did you run git update-server-info on the server? Any idea? As it is written on your side, Anonymous have sometimes the right to just read from git. Can you check this? regards
  16. Hi zsawyer, can you give me your source-code and structur? I wanna make a "@MumbleLinkAcre" Addon, so that the needed informations for radio-communications are ready to use for mumble. regards
  17. Good afternoon, i am playing Arma 2 Ace and don't understand how the MK82 and the GBU's in Arma 2 Ace are working. Can somebody give me Documentations for the CCPR and CCIP System which is used in Arma 2 Ace to aim the targets? Or just post detailed information's here to understand how its working? When i switch to Mk82 or GBU's i get a vertical line with 2 circles at both end's. What do i have to do now to hit tanks? regards