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  1. From what for a variable name are you talking about? What does this variable consists of? How is it called? How to target what? However i searched for cursortarget and found this page, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cursorTarget Is this related to your answer? And another interesting related topic i found, Are you talking about a variable which consists the linked object name to my vehicle? How can i check this in my script? With the command, linkedobjects=cursortarget; Can it return more than one linked object? regards
  2. Hi @pierremgi, thank you for your help. i have the <createvehicle> command in my script at it doesnt place the vehicles on the top of the career. The respawn module doesn't too, even with respawn position module. So i need at least the setPosATL command. And because of the limited place on the career it has to be respawned at a specific place on the deck. If this place where the vehicle will respawn isn't empty then it jumps up and get damaged or will be destroyed again. When a vehicle on my ship explodes, it will stay there as wreck, when a new vehicle respawns their where the wreck is, it explodes again. If i clean the ship deck with the clean module it deletes the vehicle object, so that the vehicle object can not respawn again. But despite these facts, my code gives me some more realistic features. + time dependent service request. After getting destroyed it will take time to get the service again, depending on the aircraft type. Each aircraft has it own respawn time. + Animation of the pilots, when they go to their vehicle and then get in to it(maybe future), this takes also time. regards
  3. I would like to optimize my code, any hints? Is it possible to replace my while loop and the sleep commands or doesnt it make sense? Is my code MP und SP able? unit_respawn.sqf vehicle_respawn.sqf regards
  4. Thanks to all, got it to work. Problem was the script was fit only to my initialization but not after the first respawn. I post my new script in the first thread at the bottom line. I am not sure if i should make a new thread, because now i try to inherite the syncronization from my first vehicle to the new vehicles. regards
  5. Hello, can someone explain the differences and their main application? I have problems to use them in nested conditions. Thank you
  6. Thanks, the Object which was passing my if conditions was called <L Modules:1>, i dont know it, but there must be some wrong with my code, because this modul has no vehicleVarName. Ich checked the variables. Because of this fact my code in Line 59 must be wrong or the _vehName was not defined. (vehicleVarName (_nearObjs select _i)) == _vehName The vehName was defined in the top of my sqf file. cheers
  7. Good evening, would be very glad if anyone can check my Code, _nearObjs = nearestObjects [_vehPos,[],30]; for "_i" from 0 to (count _nearObjs - 1) do { if ((vehicleVarName (_nearObjs select _i)) == _vehName) then { if (!isNull (_nearObjs select _i)) then { if (alive (_nearObjs select _i)) then { _vehicle = _nearObjs select _i; }; }; }; }; It gives me a wrong object. Any hint or idea? Further on i will be very thankful over every optimisation hint. You get my actual Code in my first thread at the bottom or, unit_respawn.sqf
  8. @Grumpy Old Man, just one reason is that my Base is on the USS Nimitz career and the spawn modules doesnt work as well on ships. Then i can not differ between units. Player units shall not respawn in my mission. And i worked a hole day on the respawn module and the Garbage collection but didnt got it together to work. If the Garbage collector deletes vehicles and units, then these units/vehicles can not respawn, because the dead units dont exist anymore?! Means i can not use both together? And when i get the respawn module without garbage collector to work the dead bodies will lie on my ship deck until they gets deleted, but how can the new units spawn on their last position, when the dead units didnt got deleted before?
  9. The following piece of Code does work but is performance side a nightmare, _nO = nearestObjects [_vehiclePosition,[],100]; for "_i" from 0 to (count _nO - 1) do { _xy = _nO select _i; _xyV = vehicleVarName _xy; if (_xyV==_vehicleName) then { hint "interessant!"; }; }; Anyone has hints for me to get my code optimized?
  10. I got a bit further. After the vehicle and my Pilot respawns, he will start to search for his vehicle with the command <nearestObjects>, _nO = nearestObjects [_vehiclePosition,[],100]; for "_i" from 0 to (count _nO - 1) do { _xy = _nO select _i; if ({vehicleVarName _xy}==_vehicleName) then { hint "interessant!"; }; }; It doesnt work, because of the wrong bracket syntax. Need Help. :-) Does somebody know how i can optimize my code. I dont wanna create temporary objects if not needed. regards
  11. Hi all, for my firing range i need targets where i can see the impact of my bullets. Human virtual targets would be cool(with endless revive), where the hurt body zone got red, but a simple target(bull's eye)would be sufficient. I still found the virtual Targets in the editor. Any hints? How can i see the impact? regards
  12. Hi Ruthberg, dear greetings. I playing around with your mod and got to the limit. :-) I wish you add multiple coefficients to the next version, the approximation of your software has it limits to big rifles. About 5 coefficients, depending on the distance, would be great. Currently only the middle distance rifles(500m-1000m) are accurate enough. regards
  13. @R3vo this was the Problem, so i inserted the ace_weather_ModuleSettings(disabled all settings in this module) and it works now. Thanks. regards
  14. Hi all, i cant get the wind strength and direction to work in SP/Editor. I need it for my firing range. 1.) I setup the weather conditions to autmatic/manual and execute <setwind[4,0,true];> nothing happen. 2.) I setup the weather conditions to manual and use the Editor functions nothing happen(wind direction 270°/9 o'clock with wind beginning 10%). http://imgur.com/Z9L6jLr http://imgur.com/6elsCFo Any suggestions/hints? regards
  15. Ok i got further, PCT is the Shortcut for Percentage. Here one image of your Table, https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd8194r9roiy9zv/arma3%202016-05-27%2019-06-17-47.png?dl=0 Is it correct that the Range Wind correction is applied on the distance in meter directly not the elevation? Why do you list the temperature separately? As i know the air density includes the temperature. The temperature influence the air density. Is there another effect of the temperature on the bullet.
  16. Question to your Mortar MK6/ACE Table: Range Wind Column) Is the Unit of the value in meters and how to apply this value? Air Density) What is the Standard Air Density? What is PCT? The Unit of the value for correction is in [m] i believe you mean meter, but how to apply this? regards
  17. Hello all, i am currently working on setup my speech recognition program "voiceattack" to coordinate AI's. Its quite cool and working still good. I am using the Headset "BEYERDYNAMIC DT-234 PRO"(good one) and an external USB Soundcard "AUREON XFIRE8.0 HD"(not the best choice, but its ok and cheap). I invoke Bohemia to support speech recognition, so that we can handle the AIs better. Especially the combination of commands are a bit complicated, like, "all" "advance" "200m". The normal advance command let the AIs only move 50m, so i have to execute my macros several times and get for every execution ingame one sound. Or "all" "save all around", should let the AIs make a circle, where every looks in a different direction. To get this to work i have to construct awkwardly voiceattack. Further example for a complicated macro set, i often like to have a lieutenant under my command to part the work. "Lieutenant" "secure the house NE 100m". Then the AI Lieutenant should manage this by himself. regards
  18. feldmaus

    different ARMA 3 Client configs

    My pedals are the problem, because they are new developed. MFG Crosswind. They are accurate, but i would still like to have multiple settings for the pedals. Currently the only one setting is saved in the pedals. @Bohemia Please develope a config load function ingame. :) regards
  19. Good evening, i need to have different configs to setup different sensitivities for my Input devices. I am using my joystick/throttle and pedals for all ground-/air- and water vehicles, and because i am using input devices with limited controller software it would be cool to load different configs with different sensitivity setups depending on the situation and vehicle. In combats i need a more fast response and for lifting with chopper i need more accuracy or for landing with jet. When i am driving with high speed over road with car i need a hard limited steering, but while driving with low speed for example for parking i need a non limited steering. I dont want to restart the Game. Maybe i can activate a command ingame over communication menu which load the config i want to. How to do this? Any hints? regards
  20. Hi all, i have a comprehension problem. I am trying to setup my controls for jets, but dont know what differ the options(Options --> plane-movement, sorry i have the german Arma 3 game) "thrust" and "accelerate"(or is it called throttle in english, dont know)? The 6nd option from the top of the list and the 2nd option from the bottom of the list. Both options give the jet speed, but what is the difference? regards
  21. feldmaus

    difference thrust accelerate for jets

    Thanks for the answer. As i recognized, the "increase thrust" is also analogue. I am using a flight controller set(Logitech G940) and didnt notice any difference in the realization with except for the intensity. The "throttle(analogue)" is little bit more smooth as the "increase thrust". If there is no further difference, why does Bohemia add 2 buttons for the same function? regards
  22. feldmaus

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    The Trim Function doesn't work like in real. I compared my flight-style with videos(showing choppers landing/starting during heavy weather) on Internet where the weather/wind was rough and the pilots could handle it really easy. You(Bohemia Developers) should decrease the force of the wind and ground effects which are affecting the choppers. Since i bought ARMA 3 i am flying/training every second day after work with AFM+AutoTrim(deactivated) and i can't handle the start and landing like in real. I have round abouts 200-300 flight hours with different choppers. I am using joystick/pedals/throttle(Logitech G940). regards
  23. Hello, i wanna buy the Saitek pedals and have some questions about these pedals. Are they precise? Does Saitek have a controller-manager-software to save different profiles? Can i load different profiles during playing? Which pedals are the better choice, the "Saitek pro pedals" or "Saitek combat pedals"? Is there an independent controller-manager-software working with the Saitek pedals, where i can setup my X-/Y-/Z-Axis non-linear? Currently i own the Logitech G940 Flight-System(Joystick/Throttle/Pedals) and all is working fine, only dislike i have is that i cant setup my controllers non-linear and further the pedals are imprecise. Any further hints? regards
  24. feldmaus

    Saitek Pedals in Arma 3 with AFM

    Ok, this means you have only one controller-setting for all vehicles(ground, air and water)? Or is there a way to change this setting on the fly during playing?
  25. feldmaus

    Saitek Pedals in Arma 3 with AFM

    But if you can not do much with the controller manager software how can it be good? Is it possible to configure the curves for your controller/pedals? At least to setup the pedals/controller non-linear like y=x^2?