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  1. Not sure about that at all, but considering all the variations of chernarus on A2, i don't see how you couldn't atleast alter then maps good enough to make them post apocy :) Making an entirely new map from scratch and at the same time keeping the detail as high quality as his assets is going to drain him dry! :) (no idea if he's alone in the project or if he has a team).
  2. Might aswell "re-do" altis & stratis once the both maps are out with the assests you're making, going to be a crapload of work if you mean to do the island from scratch ontop the assets you're making, if you wan't to make it as detailed and varied as your assets :)
  3. Eagerly waiting for a proper post-apoc mod! If i knew how to mod, id've started on one long ago, kinda like dayz, without zombies but instead roaming npc scavengers, survivors, bandits etc :) STALKER-MP on roids :cool: Keep up the great work, can't wait to see these in action :)
  4. Char-saves should be on all wasteland servers, it'd make the game more "persistant" feeling, rather than a 'quickmatch-shoot' em up"