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  1. Reporting in on this, it still persists unfortunately. on my livestream this week I had two crashes and generally abnormal frame drops. One I was able to salvage with a quick game restart the other black screened me and effectively ended our gamenight. As other people have stated it seems that generally having a lot of action on screen is what provokes it. I generally am in the spectator camera as Zeus more than other people and this could explain why I get the fps bug and consequent memory crash as I have more on screen both the AI icons object icons rendering landscape at a greater distance and so on. Its almost a given that if I am observing an intense situation I am going to get the fps drop hard. It also seems to happen just as action kicks off, essentially it seems that when you are in a situation where the game will require more memory instead of handling this it seems to spiral out of control exponentially So its still there :mellow:
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi again guys, I posted a little while ago about the AC-130 and a sound issue when you are on the ground. When I am flying and firing from the air all the sounds are just fine, but as a player on the ground instead of hearing the rounds hitting I am just getting a clicking sound or no sound. Several other people who downloaded the USAF mod also experienced the same thing. Here is an image of the error we were receiving if that helps to pin it down. I will note we were not using any other mods to ensure nothing was conflicting.
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    Well in 1.7 you couldnt save unit positions anyway. Thats never a big issue for me I like to put them down separately. If I can get my plan to make a mod which enables my custom assets loaded in the zeus menus though then I might use 1.8
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    I will get this to check it out, my one main question though is under Save and Load, are you using the new ARES 1.8 feature, or the 1.7 In 1.7 ARES (the one which I use) under save and load you had the ability to paste your assets into new locations as well as original. This is currently a critical feature for me. - however I am in the process of learning how to mod the assets so I can use them in game, and then just lay in main missions. So may upgrade to 1.8 once this is sorted.
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    So it's just something that now exists and cant be removed? are we sure on that one? I recorded this video that I put up today, in it you can see the issue i'm talking about. Any idea about the sound issue at ground level? Just for version etc we tested it on the standard build not dev or Apex and the only mods we were running were CBA and USAF
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi first off just wanted to say amazing mod absolutely love it, especially the Auto pilot control for the AC-130 Spectre. On testing though we were encountering two issues firstly I couldnt seem to get the cursor to disappear from the targeting computer when flying in autopilot? Is there a way to disable this or should it be off by default? explored a lot to try and fix this and trawled through forum threads but couldnt find a specific answer? any help to this greatly appreciated. Also we discovered that the rounds when hitting at ground level dont seem to be creating any sound? we tested the A-10 from the modpack and thats fine sounds good, but the Spectre seems to create no ground level sound when hitting on target from the 25 40 or 105 Any help or suggestions on these two points would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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    Arma 3 will not update to 1.00

    Did this problem ever get resolved? I am suffering from the same problem right now, my game is stuck on the 109583 version and will not update further, there is no prompt to update and the game will not allow me to join any Battleye MP servers
  8. Placebo seeing as Rarek as he has stated does not credit Xeno and all code is written by him solely for I&A It seems pretty clear to me that there should be no issue with players being able to record footage from I&A servers for youtube usage. Rarek has given me the go ahead on that, but really I am waiting for word back from you as well as this issue is clearly more complicated than just one person saying - ok yes use what I have created.
  9. As I said before Xeno I do appreciate hugely the time and effort that goes into producing community content, and I do fully apologise to you for my own ignorance. I honestly did not intentionally post the video going against what you as a creator intended for your work I was just looking to promote what a fantastic game Arma 3 is, which is why I came here in the first place to ask if the content was alright to use? If I had no regard for the producer of the work I would not have come to the forum and asked for clarification as I did on my original post. And as you requested I have removed that video deleted it fully from youtube. I apologise also for not understanding your involvement with the production of the domination mission as I am very new to the community only joining this week and so I really had no way of knowing to this point, which is again why I was asking here for more information. I spoke with Rarek and Ahoy tonight so I will stick with just the Annex servers from here on I again apologise for any confusion or inconvenience on my part. LT
  10. Fair enough if you are going to be that way I have removed the video. I need to find out more information clearly before I get into working within the Arma community. This is upsetting and disappointing to say the least I apologise if you feel I have somehow wronged you in anyway but essentially all I was trying to do was to provide good coverage of what is available in Arma 3. I had no way of knowing who created a mission there was no message on joining the server itself. I will look into this further. ---------- Post added at 17:46 ---------- Previous post was at 17:38 ---------- Additionally. If this how the Arma community reacts to new players making understandable innocent mistakes I dont think I want to be involved in it. It seems a huge shame that there is the opportunity for great content sharing and enjoyment by all but instead in my first post which I was very openly asking for guidance instead I get someone straight away trying to shut down my channel. Quite horrible frankly not what I expected at all when up to this point the Arma community had been extremely friendly and welcoming.
  11. Hi mate, thanks for your courteous reply. I think you dont understand that I have never seen that message you say displayed when entering into a game, and I would be happy to record when joining to show this to you. Also I already received replies from BIS via twitter stating that it was ok to post the content, the reason why I came to ask here again was to get more confirmation because of a couple of people who queried it. Not to write off your reply but I think I will wait for some official confirmation rather than someone who seems to resent the hard work that youtube producers do. ---------- Post added at 17:03 ---------- Previous post was at 17:00 ---------- Also additionally if its just a case of getting permission from the creators of mission content thats not going to be difficult as I know now pretty well the guys whos server I mainly play on and I could tell you already they wouldnt have any objections. So I will be talking to them about it. Also just to point out as you clearly arent aware its unlikely that a youtube account would be suspended it would simply be that the video would be flagged as a copyright match and then I could dispute or remove it.
  12. Hey guys struggling to find the right answer here so I hope someone can answer it for me. I am a producer on youtube currently have 22k+ subs and I am obviously very excited to get involved in Arma 3. Now I have searched myself and submitted the form on this thread through to the relevant people. I also already have had my vids retweeted by the official Arma 3 twitter and a couple of Devs following me, so I feel that I have got the seal of approval there from some of the BIS guys thank you for that :D However on posting my latest video to showcase some of the night vision combat on an invade and annex MP server I have had a couple of subs telling me that this content shouldnt be posted? I was not aware of anything saying this was the case and if it is the case and BIS want me to remove that content I would obviously do so immediately at their request. I am really looking for a reply from a BIS mod or dev to tell me if there are any restrictions on specific content from the Arma 3 beta that should not be posted. I always work in a professional way and I have researched before I began making videos but was not aware of any specific restrictions of gametypes or elements in the game that should not be covered in videos. If there are I would really like to know so I can avoid them. As a new player to the game I am still trying to get my head around which gametypes are which and all the mechanics that are going on lol
  13. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to Arma having literally built my new PC rig this week. Downloaded the Beta and the game is amazing so far love it. Im also hoping to cover Arma on my youtube channel this year so maybe on the offchance someone may know me from there lol but anyway. My question - Is there something like a Free Play / Free Roam option where I can just practice my piloting or general combat skills. This is obviously a hugely newbie question but better to ask and get the right info. I could surmount a guess as to how I could do it but you know how it is when you have never tried out something before its all alien until you actually know it for yourself! This was just a really short Q :D but expect more from me around just want to say also hello to everyone and look forward to being part of the Arma Community. Cheers LT Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Luetin09 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Luetin09
  14. Thanks Kylania answers my question perfectly :D Look forward to participating here more